Saturday, September 24

new shows?

I'm not impressed with the new shows.

I've seen Person of Interest, created by JJ Abrams . . a sore disappointment after Lost.
I saw X Factor and was not impressed although Simon is ok.
Saw 2 Broke Girls. It tried too hard to be urbane and witty.
The only funny thing about The Office was the opening "planking."

Anything of interest to you?

Wednesday, September 21

Death Penelty

My state just put to death a man who might have been not responsible for the for the crime. Discuss...

Saturday, September 10

September 11: manana

I don't think wishing everyone a "happy" 9/11 is the right verbiage. But I wish everyone a better 9/11

Saturday, September 3


It's really hotter than Hell in my neck of the woods.
But remember, Global warming is just a figment of Al Gore's imagination