Monday, January 31


Tuesday: Up to ten inches of snow and ice :(

Sunday, January 30

Key to Happiness

I think what I need is a Lenny from "The C Word" -- I think that's the last piece of the puzzle that would complete my happiness. Is that too much to ask?

Saturday, January 29


I never understand why certain things make me laugh as hard as they do. There's a scene at the beginning of episode 4 of "The Big C" where she's sitting in the office of her bank manager telling him that she wants to withdraw all her money from and close her 401K.

He has a cup of coffee and an uneaten danish on his desk. He leaves to go get the paperwork to close her account and . . . she grabs the danish and takes a big bite. Just then he comes back in so she's sitting there with frosting on her face and a mouthful of danish, not chewing, he tells her to sign the forms, sees his bitten danish and says, "There's something wrong with you."  She says (through a mouthful of danish), "Yes, I know, that's why I'd doing this."

I've watched it twice and each time I laugh so hard I cry.

Friday, January 28


One of my Facebook acquaintances is going on and on about how wonderful Charlie Sheen is and how he wishes that he'd get well and back to work. I don't give a flying f about Charlie Sheen. He is a misogynistic woman beater and an addict who needs to get his ass to a shrink immediately.

I think some times it was better in the past when we didn't know what assholes some celebrities were--then we could still enjoy their movies . . tv shows . . whatever.

Charlie Sheen disgusts me.
Mel Gibson makes me want to vomit.
And I can't enjoy Woody Allen's movies since he fucked his own daughter.

Question, My Chicas

So . . . I hate the term "cougar" and will never, ever be one but . . . what do you when a guy that is considerably younger than you are but who is around the age you actually look, (so -- assume he thinks you're the same age) asks you out?

Thursday, January 27

rebuttal of the SOTU

Michele Bachmann. Ah, well. I saw bits and pieces of her rebuttal and it looked like a 7th grade political science project with all the props. Why didn't she look into the right camera? If that's the best the tea party has to offer . . . . blech

Saturday, January 22

Whattup peeps?

Been working all day. Sitting here in a t-shirt and my underwears . . . but I did brush my teeth and wash my face so I'm not a complete slob. Taking a break . . . bored.

It's Saturday night! Are you all doing fun things while I toil away?

Egg Timer Kitty

For the sixth or seventh time in the past two weeks or so, our cat Miss Nesta Kiki Marie has knocked off the egg timer I keep near the computer. The top comes off and just lays on the floor until I get up and put it together. She does this in the early morning---5 or 6 am-- as a shout out for me to wake up. Then she meeps crazily and claws the bedroom door until I get up. Any cat psychologists out there?
I guess that's a small price to pay for being owned by the BEST KITTY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!

Wednesday, January 19

Is it just me??

Chick Lit
I've read my share. I have my favorite authors.
Lately, I've had to stop reading at least two of my favorite authors because the only adjective these particular authors seem to know is....AMAZING!
Do these women not have editors who might edit out the amazingly overuse of the word "amazing"??
In one, somebody takes kids to a mall. "how was it?" someone else inquires afterward.
"The kids were amazing"
"Peter's an amazing dad"
"That cupcake was amazing"
"I know an amazing steakhouse".
You all get my drift.
I am reading a biography of Warren Beatty, at the moment. No "amazings" in sight.
What a relief.

Monday, January 17

ronald reagan

In his new book Ron Reagan states that he believes his father had Alzheimer's--or its' symptoms--as early as his first term. Reagan's older son Michael is now livid that Ron even suggests this, and stoops so low to say that Ron was an embarrassment to his father when he dropped out of college to become a ballet dancer.
That Alzheimer rumor was making the rounds long before Ron Jr. wrote his book. Supposedly in the oval office the President was more comfortable getting lost in stories about Hollywood and his heyday as an actor than talking about State matters.
I think Michael should cool it. What does it matter now? The people who despised Reagan will still despise him and the right wingers who loved him and his Reaganomics and "ketchup as a vegetable" and the "Russians are bombing" will go on loving him no matter the facts.

Sunday, January 16

Free... last, free at last, thank god almighty, I'm free at last.

Yes, ladies, I'm finally able to leave the property! Truly miracles still occur. After I got out yesterday and tried to chip away the ice on the driveway (which, BTW, is shaped like a snake with two curves and two hills on the way to the road, mostly in shadow) I'm made some progress, but today I finally broke down and asked my neighbor if he would come down and check on the ice and see if I could get the heck out of here. Well, he did and I did.

My one and only trip to civilization in seven days was to the Post Office to pick up the mail which had piled up this past week. I'll probably get a thank you note in the box on Tuesday since said box was stuffed and I do mean stuffed full. Only two bills that needed a check-which I wrote sitting in the car in the P.O. parking lot and mailed-but the rest took me about 30 minutes to open when I got home. Tomorrow I plan to go out and I don't much care where to either :)

Friday, January 14

If you want to see Hallie on Winter Wipeout...

Here it is! She is about 4 minutes in (the second competitor)! (She even gave mom a tiny shoutout!)

Thursday, January 13

I love Amanda Palmer

Best Merkin Song Ever


Check out who's starring on Wipeout's Facebook page! (Hint--I gave birth to her....)

Tuesday, January 11

we're surrounded

it's been very cold as we're gearing up for a big winter storm. I have my niece this week and the kids were very good but stir crazy, so after my weekly yarn run, I took them to the indoor McD's play place for lunch and to burn off all that extra energy that middle-aged people would kill to have. Things were fine until my niece came out crying. Apparently some rat bastard kid in the play place told her she was too fat to go down the slide. Boy was I pissed. I got her to tell me which kid it was and I had words with the mom. The mom told her son to say sorry or he wouldn't go to the movies with his friends. then he cried, like most kids do when they're caught being bad, and she hugged him and said he could go to the movies anyway without saying sorry. That woman is going to wonder why her kid will turn out to be a nasty piece of work bully in the future and she'll be to thank for it.

oh and speaking of bullies, that westboro "church" just makes me sick. They've been beyond insane for a long time, but really? At least we know who the church members are so we can avoid them and perhaps openly mock them in public. I wonder how'd they like it if someone started picketing their events? Scratch that, they'd probably love it. media whores.

Saturday, January 8

Feel Good

What about that "Voice" man Ted Williams? That was a feel good story.

Monday, January 3

Dear sweet lord...

Before you click this link, grab some kleenex. You WILL laugh till your eyes water.

(Take particular note of the festive Zombie Jesus Ornament and the Dogs Galore Fleece Caftan!)

Sunday, January 2

I am not a big Larry King fan--I think his CNN talk show was very overrated, but Piers Morgan? Blech to the 6th degree. He's too egotistic to ask other people interesting questions. I hope his show tanks.