Sunday, October 31

Chelsea Lately

Do you watch this show? It's freaking hilarious. Funniest show I've seen in a long time.

Friday, October 29

The Other

Sharron Angle is one scary broad--she'll probably beat Harry Reid. I've seen the racist ads she's running. Are brown people truly that horrifying?

I saw Ron Reagan (a terrific commentator--My favorite Reagan!!) on television the other day stating that the new twist in right wing conservative thought is to paint their opponents as the "Other" --kinda like the tv show Lost. The "Others" are not quite the same as white people. . . like that woman who's running in Oklahoma against another woman . . . she said she's more qualified because she's a wife and mother, and her opponent is a woman in her fifties and has never been married. She planted the seed that maybe there's something "wrong" with her opponent.

Whether the Other is a non descript Hispanic- aka the terrifying Brown Illegal Alien, the Non-Christian, the Gay, the Gang Banger African American, whatever . . it's a sad state of affairs.

Call me a chauvinist but . . .

I'm tired of seeing NFL players crying.  I realize they're people too and that they have emotions but . . . I just don't want to see them crying as often as I do lately. It seems like I can't put the NFL channel on anymore without seeing some player crying about something.

They need to put their big boy pants on and man up . . . and stop crying.  Especially penis boy. I can't even stand to watch anything about him anymore.

Wednesday, October 27

Should I laugh, or should I cry?

Or maybe both, at the same time...

Emmaaaaaaa . . .

I need advice. I'm going to treat myself to an Indianapolis Colts game in Indianapolis and . . . need hotel advice. Apparently these hotels are all connected to the stadium via walkways. Can you tell me which is the nicest?

Caterbury Hotel

Conrad Hilton
Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
Omni Severin
The Westin Indianapolis


Tuesday, October 26

Clarence Thomas

'Member him? Pube on the Coke Can? Long Dong Silver?
He's just been sitting up there on the High Court being low key until his wife decides to leave a message on Anita Hill's answering machine suggesting that Hill apologize for her testimony 19 years ago.
Who does that? WTF? Now Thomas' former girlfriend goes on Larry King and says before he stopped drinking he was really into porn:

He's just nasty and his wife is a right wing wackjob. They deserves each other.

Sunday, October 24

Great Footbal Day

Raiders slaughtered the Broncos (59 to 14). They could easily have gotten 70 points or more but they put in their third string players by the 4th quarter to give them a chance to play.

Pittsburgh beat Miami (barely but, it counts).

The Colts had a bye week -- hope they're getting rested and healed.

49ers lost to the Carolina Panthers who were 0 and 5 -- Yay!

And . . . the cherry on the top was the Vikings being beaten by the Packers. I actually like the Vikings and always have (I like the Packers too) but the more I see of Favre, the more repulsed I am by him and I'm glad he lost.

Bitchin Kitchen

This is a fun new cooking show i=on The Cooking Channel. This girl (Nadia G) is funny as all get-out.
On the episode I saw she was talking about being "selfish"--sometimes it's a good thing. She says buy good quality sirloin . . she knows it's expensive but your kid Johnny doesn't need the latest XBox game or . . . expensive sneakers . . . or braces. After all a crooked smile builds character.

Here's her website:

Friday, October 22

Summer Day

Have you heard this song by Sheryl Crow? I love it. It's kinda poppish but I love that it has a little soul feel. It makes me dance around the house when I hear it and makes me think about my youth. Sigh . . .

Wednesday, October 20

Liar liar

I will answer any question, any of you ladies ask me, with a lie. Go ahead, ask away.

Tuesday, October 19

Just Wondering . . .

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was reading that self-help book that was really popular -- the one that preached figuring out what you want and envisioning yourself achieving it everyday and that would make it come true. Obviously a bunch of hooey. I think it may help some people stay focused so they remember to do something about certain issues in their lives but, I suspect that's about all the benefit of the book.

However, just in case it's true, if I start envisioning myself married to Keanu Reeves everyday, how long do you think it will take for it to come true?

Christine O'Donnell is dumb. Real dumb.

O'Donnell: Where in the Constitution does it say separation of church and state?

Monday, October 18

From Perez

Another "Chloe Sevigny" video.

I don't know why these crack me up so much.

Any suggestions?

Lately, I've noticed dark circles under my eyes. I don't think it's a sleep thing cuz I've been trying to sleep more. But, they're getting really bad -- any suggestions for getting rid of them?

Sunday, October 17

Football . . .

Go Raiders!!!!

Go Colts!!!!

Go Steelers!!!!

Thursday, October 14


Thanks for the spider card.

Last week, MissM asked me if she could color the spider. I wasn't the one to get the mail that day, so I had no idea wtf she was talking about and said "sure" so I could finish making supper. A bit later, we were sitting down to eat and I found your beautiful card and was happy to be thought of. Of course, I think MissM's addition of picasso like doodles in classic crayola really complimented your card. She loved the confetti and I'm still finding pieces of it here and there.

Tuesday, October 12

Saturday, October 9

Monday, October 4

Oh, the hypocrisy of the "religious" right...

I stumbled across this today on Politics Daily whilst wasting some idle time on the internet:

"... an essay by Mark A. Smith of the University of Washington titled, "Religion, Divorce, and the Missing Culture War in America," which was published in the Spring edition of Political Science Quarterly.

... Smith writes [that] divorce, which is clearly and strongly condemned in the Bible, was prevalent among conservative Christians. His findings show that 43 percent of evangelical Protestants divorce, higher than almost any other religious group and above the national average of 38 percent. (Other surveys show the divorce rate is highest in Red States and actually lowest in Blue States.)

Smith also notes that 'divorce seems to carry a more direct connection to the daily realities of families than do the bellwether culture war issues of abortion and homosexuality.'"

Well gee, families affected by divorce? Ya think?????

How about you conservative hypocrites stay out of other (gay) people's marriage issues and work on plucking that log out of your own eye, for a change?

Friday, October 1


So I went for my yearly well-woman on thursday and had a great time helping train an intern. We all start out somewhere, right? During the Q&A session we had a chit-chat about birth control, as usual. I explained that I've been off my pill for a few weeks now and she pointed and clicked etc. into the PC and then groaned as a pop-up window appeared. She then explained that whoever wrote their online medical records software options was a moron. If one clicks "No birth control" under "form of birth control," one then must explain why the patient is without birth control. Okay, fine, that's reasonable. What's unreasonable is that the software was pre-programmed with three choices as to why a woman would be without birth control:

a) She's a virgin
b) She's in a same sex relationship
c) She's been through menopause

The Dr has to go into another menu, click several options and then make an option D for whatever reason the patient gives for not wanting to take birth control at that given time all the wile snorting at a), b), and c).