Friday, October 21

Sad news about an old Bookshelf friend

Had a note from Jaded this morning, asking me to pass along the news that our old Bookshelf friend Bobby passed away on Saturday. I know he had been fighting cancer for quite a long time, and I hope his passing was a peaceful one.

In other news, I got together with Condorblue and Aforallie, as well as Allie's niece from New Zealand, on Sunday. They were all looking good and doing well.

Hope all of you YOU are doing well, too. (Of course, I KNOW you fabulous Broards are looking, well, fabulous. Because that's what Broards do.)

Monday, October 10

The C-Word on Showtime

Do any of you watch it?  If not, you really, really should. It will make you laugh out loud, cry, etc.  One of the best things on tv I've ever seen.

Sunday, October 2


Whattup, my homies?