Thursday, April 30

parks and recreation

i want to like it, but i just can't.

it is like the office in drag and not funny.

Tummy Tuck Jeans

By Not Your Daughter's Jeans.  Has anybody ever actually tried these things, and are they worth a hundred bucks?  I got a promo email about them from Nordstrom's today.  I always wonder about them, but some kind of misplaced pride keeps me from ever trying a pair on...

flu pandemic

wash your hands often.

cover your mouth when you cough.(cough into your elbow bend,not your hand)

stay home if you have symptoms.

stay away from areas with huge amounts of people.

don't panic.

Wednesday, April 29

my my

adam lambert in the bottom three. wasn't he surprised?


Check this out.

Monday, April 27

Non-believers not believing together

I found this NYT article fascinating.  Seems that atheists all over the country are coming out of the closet, so-to-speak, and banding together for community service, family activities and just general fellowship with other humanists.

They liken themselves to the early days of the gay rights movement.  Interesting stuff.

some people just never learn

She's at it again you'd think they could find a nice field soemwhere or something

Friday, April 24

plans for the weekend?

got anything good planned for the weekend?

me.... lots of rest and relaxation. soaking in a tub in front of a fireplace and eating whatever the hell i want.

Wednesday, April 22


This is the teapot I received this week. It's so pretty, it must be a dream.

Went on vacation and read a bunch of books. Came home and realized that if we're moving, we need to finish packing. There was a spring blizzard over the weekend; now it's going to be eighty today.

Am deeply enjoying HBO's In Treatment. If you can rent DVDs, you might pick up the first season and get started.

Tuesday, April 21

Anybody know anything about this site?

Bookins I just saw a little blurb about this book exchange site on TV this morning and wondered if anyone had used it?

Monday, April 20

Sunday, April 19

What's new in your world?

In mine, nothing right now and I kinda like it that way.

Friday, April 17


Have you seen the ads for 17 again? Zac Efron/Matthew Perry. A 40-something wants to be 17 again (!). How many age-switching movies does Hollywood think we need?

--The one with Judge Reinhold
--Freaky Friday w/ Jodie Foster
--Freaky Friday w/ Lindsay Lohan
--The one with Jennifer Garner

PS: Am I the only one who hates Zac Efron's hair??

Wednesday, April 15

why i love bigjoe

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.

Oscar Wilde

he has never once treated me as if i was normal.

who do you love?

who do you love?

april 15th

I believe we should all pay our tax bill with a smile. I tried but they wanted cash.

Tuesday, April 14

Regarding My Flickr Blog Entry

I am currently trying to get the feature on Flickr that allows one to get photos on one's weblog working. However, I ended up with a published entry, which I then deleted (what I want is an unpublished entry, which I could then work with). However, somehow, the Old Broads system picked up on the post before I deleted it. My apologies to all, and bear with me, I'm still working stuff out on my new weblog.

Monday, April 13

Ok, so...

Whilst adding Kath's new blog to our blog list, I somehow deleted everyone else's blog.


Bear with me.  I'm putting them back as fast as I can!

Re: crappy year 4 months in

as were about to eat dinner yesterday my guy's momma called and told me that his dad's in the hospital and it doesn't look good. He's been vomiting blood since we got back from Indiana on friday night and yesterday had a blood pressure of 100/21. My sister is coming to get the baby so we can spend the day at the hospital (it's over an hour from our home) and help my guy's momma. She isn't doing well herself. I really hope he's okay. Not only is he one of the baby's favorite people, but without him, Grandpa in Indiana and my guy's momma would be lost. He got a blood transfusion late last night, but we haven't heard if it's helped any.


My blog,, died yesterday, and I seem to have lost all the stuff I had on it. I am now considering what to do now, and I should have something figured out in a few days; I still want to have a weblog, but it will take me some time to figure out how to set things up the way I want. I consider this an opportunity; one door slams shut, and another opens.

Sunday, April 12

Personality Test

I'm like Saddam Hussein? I'm sure that surprised no one.

billy bob thornton is missing a few screws.

Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009

its always nice to see simon Cowell gobsmacked

Friday, April 10

Harper's Island

I watched it last night, but nearly vomited: Near the beginning when the Main Girl (I don't even care enough to remember her name) pulled up to that huge boat via taxi. It takes place in Seattle aand on the side of the taxi was "Seattle, Washingtion" I freaking kid you not! WASHINGTION. WTF? Misspelling Washington?
Oh and the groom is goofy-looking---always smiling.
And Harry Hamlin looked bad at the end, eh?

Thursday, April 9

You have any Easter plans?

Monday, April 6

Donald Trump is an asshole

Yes I am watching The Celebrity Apprentice. Thoughts:
1. I adored Dennis Rodman. Yes, he's crass and an alcoholic, but he has a good heart, even though I couldn't understand a word the man said.
2. I really like Joan Rivers--even though her face is plastic. She's funny and intuitive and very very business-smart.
3. I can see why Sandra Bullock fell in love with and married Jesse James. What a warm guy he is! Kind. Smart. Sincere.
4. Monday's episode Trump fired Khloe Kardashian (or Kardazzeeein, as Joel McHale calls the family) She wasn't fired because she was lazy, or screwed up the task. She was fired because she had a DUI and was honest enough to tell him about it. "I know people who've lost kids to drunk drivers. Their lives were never the same. I hate drunk drivers. Khloe--you're fired!" He didn't fire her when she told hhim about it---after last week's episode apparently--he fired her because he didn't have the balls to fire Clint Black who produced the most assinine, weird, All detergent ad about masturbation of all things!
5. Asshole that he is, he does make beautiful children: Ivanka is gorgeous and "Don" aka Don Jr. is growing into a handsome man.

Saturday, April 4

John Prine

Memories, they can't be boughten. John Prine in Durham, great show. His guitarist Jason Wilber is not only extremely talented, he is a hottie.

Help me decide

I can't decide whether this show is going to be good, or going to suck. Are you planning on watching it?

Indiana Again

I'm going to Indiana this week and will return sometime next Saturday. We'll visit Bloomington, Muncie and some other odd little spots. My guy has many relatives there and most of these people are in their 100's (or are pretty close) and they want to see the baby again. I don't want to bank on everyone making it to summer vacation, so we're going now. This is going to be a great trip because my guy's momma can't come. Sorry Bert, I won't have any great storis of the mentally disturbed to share with you.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter (if you celebrate it).


Friday, April 3

Hello everyone

Sorry this took a while, I got home from the hospital last Saturday and I still had three drains in me plus I was in quite a bit of pain. The surgery apparently went really well, but it was still a 7 hour surgery, I have an incision across my tummy from hip to hip and of course a new boob. It really does already look like a boob too, except there's no nipple, so odd. Right now I have one drain in, right side of my abdomen, and I have to wear this binder thing like a girdle all the time. I finally got to take a shower yesterday after I saw the doctor, it had been more than a week, yuck. So that's where I'm at, just trying to get well, and I wanted to thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers, I'm sure they helped me!

Thursday, April 2

I just love this song

Mademoiselle Opossum

I cannot get this song out of my head :)

Wednesday, April 1


and will be moving to my own private island. it is far away and has no internet access, so i bid you all a fond farewell.