Sunday, May 30

Proof of a F'd up World

is this world f'd up or what? South Korean couple starved their baby to death while tending to their online virtual baby.

Friday, May 28


Gary Coleman is dead
The Oil Spill is still spilt
The Indianapolis 500 will be on Sunday

Monday, May 24


Just to let you all know that Gail's husband Dennis died last night it came as a shock as he was making great progress and was due home today.He was a character was dennis and will be greatly missed.

Saturday, May 22

Best wishes to Lori

Wishing our friend Orbie a quick recovery from her surgery and better days ahead!

Thursday, May 20

Lost Spoilers


I don't watch Glee, but this morning I read an article that singing sensation Susan Boyle may play a Lunch Lady on the show. That would be brilliant casting!!! She looks like a lot of the lunch ladies I grew up with. I would watch that episode

Wednesday, May 19

Celebrating a First

Today MissMandolin and I went to the library and she got her first library card. She loved teh joint, well, until the puppt theatre fell on her, but she's fine. they gave her a bookbag that reads "my first lbirary card!" and a sticker that states that she's a "super summer reader." We didn't even go into the playroom, just the baby area and over to the craft book section so i could get somethig to read, so things are looking really good for her future as a reader (not to mention the fact she owns more books than toys).

This one's for Naggy Poo

Naggy, if you're out there:

Mark Souder, a very Conservative Indiana 8-term congressman with those pesky "family values", resigned after admitting to schtupping a staff member

Sunday, May 16

More Dimwit Palin (Posted for Spidey)

"PHOENIX — As calls spread for an economic boycott of Arizona, the state's governor enlisted the help of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday to defend a new law cracking down on illegal immigration.

Jan Brewer and Palin blamed President Barack Obama for the state law, saying the measure is Arizona's attempt to enforce immigration laws because the federal government won't do it.

"It's time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say, 'We're all Arizonans now,'" Palin said. "And in clear unison we say, 'Mr. President: Do your job. Secure our border.'""

hmmmmm, Obama in Office less than 2 years

Bush in Office 8 previous years

Was this dimwit Palin shouting at Dubya to secure the borders? No, she was in Alaska looking at Russia from her house.

Friday, May 14

share my sunset friends

a beautiful sky... good enough to share.

from my blog... cheeky quotes.. i lol'd.

Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you?


Wednesday, May 12

For Verb

This is NOT from The Onion. This is serious shit

miss mimi

some of you old broards who were alive in the 1970s might enjoy mimi here. she makes me laugh and gag at the same time, and that's quite an accomplishment!

the 1980s were rolling when i was born, but i can appreciate the blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes vomit that she puts into this.

Monday, May 10

Tis the Season

Today's mail brought two more high school graduation announcements. At least we're related to these two girls and I'll be happy to send them each a card and a check. The others I've received since May 1st (four) were from friends of friends and people I work with whose kids are graduating.

I refuse to buy into this business of just because someone sends out announcements to everyone and their mothers, that the recipients have to pony up some dough.

I'm sending those people a card and that's all.

Do you dread graduation season?

Sunday, May 9

Happy Mothers Day to all You Old Broards

All I am doing is making rugs and waiting for my daughter to get home, but I hope you all have a lovely day

Saturday, May 8

does anyone

have a NOOK? and what do you think of it?
Set your DVR: Betty White on SNL tonight

Thursday, May 6

nail on the head

so i was watching a kid's show with mandolin today. A little girl and a little boy were building a toy airplane and couldn't get it to work. the little boy kept insisting that he'd read all the instructions and used all the parts, but it wouldn't work. the little girl went and looked at the box and found a rubberband in it and the boy said "well, maybe i didn't read the instructions, and i thought i used all the important parts. it should work, i don't know why it won't work." the little girl then reads the instructions and uses the discarded rubberband to get the plane to work. the little boy then makes the plane fly and gets an award from the teacher for making the plane fly.

i wasn't sure if the cartoon was stereotyping or just playing out a scene from reality.

The Middle

IMHO If you aren't watching this show, you're missing one of the funniest 1/2 hours on TV. Last night's episode about Mother's Day was truly hilarious. I actually Laughed/snorted out loud several times. Goodbye Girl's Marsha Mason guest starred as Frankie's (Patricia Heaton) mother and was great.

Wednesday, May 5

Rent Boy

another anti-gay Conservative bites the Big One


Sun, Jin, Sayid and Lapides.
Get Better: Kate and Sawyer.
What a thrilling episode!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been incommunicado, lots going on...
I found a job up in Santa Maria (I think you already knew that...), I started working there March 1st while Sean was still down in LA packing up the house. I was staying with friends which was nice, no rent to pay and I had lots of fun with them. The fact they are my ex in laws just makes it funnier. Then about a week into the new job I got sick, mostly a cough but it wouldn't go away and I couldn't focus, felt really foggy, was almost falling asleep at work. Finally went to urgent care and found out I had pneumonia. I was out 2 1/2 days, should have probably taken more time off but I didn't have any sick time yet plus when you are new it feels wrong to call out. So I couldn't do much, just work and rest. I was finally feeling a little better the last week in March when we had to move everything up here thankfully. We found a really cute duplex in Grover Beach, we are one mile from the beach and I really like it. It has an attached garage so the boy cats are out there and Monkee is in the house since she doesn't piss on everything. Sean still doesn't have a job but he's already made a couple of friends and some contacts that might work into some freelance work. So that's what we've been doing plus we are leaving for Ireland, England and Greece in about two weeks. We are going to visit Alex and I'm really excited to meet her! Hopefully all the ash will be out of the air so we can fly in like we are supposed to.
Anyway, hope everyone has been good, I'll try to pop in more often now that everything is quieter!

Monday, May 3

Ron Kirkland, Gay Basher

By "taken care of" does he mean beaten up?
Another real humanitarian in the GOP

Saturday, May 1

Oil Spill

"The Gulf Coast spill will have eclipsed the Exxon Valdez in terms of total gallons of oil before the weekend is over -- making it the largest oil spill in U.S. history"

How much loss of wildlife
How many billions of dollars to clean up
How much tainted water.