Tuesday, September 29

carve a pumpkin!


Monday, September 28


Today I was at the aquarium with my guy having a nice "us" day. We do this about once a month. We get a sitter and just spend the day together like adult people. Anyway, there were a lot of families at the aquarium and since i like to people watch, it was like crack to an addict. This one family "got" to me. It was an elderly woman, maybe grandma? a middle aged man, possibly dad? and two little boys, one around 3 and one around 8. What struck me (besides the matching family feax football jerseys for the family team, how tacky) was the fact that both boys were on leashes.

I've never liked leashes for kids, as they're kids, not dogs. However, some people swear by them. I could MAYBE and I mean MAYBE see the 3ish kid on a leash, but not a kid that's around 8. If your 8 year old doesn't know not to run off in public, then you're doing something wrong as a parent. My kid is 2, and i know that if I don't watch her like a hawk, she takes off. So what do I do? I watch her like a hawk and then teach her to stay with me. Why do I do this? becaus tha'ts my job. If she does get away, she's punished (we call them "corrections") and she learns not to do it again. When she's being bad, all I have to say is "Do you need a correction?" and she usually snaps back into good behavior. In public, most people are impressed by this. I'm not impressed because she's smarter than a dog, and dogs follow simple commands.

So, not that i've shared my very biased opinion, what's your opinion on kid leashes?

Sunday, September 27

oh halloween!!!

a web site i came across today.


fun fun fun.

Friday, September 25

Old Man Snoring

It's 3:25 am eastern time. I can't sleep because my guy actually snored so loud he woke not only me up, but the baby too. It's been like this all week. How have you broards survived sleeping with someone else for so long? At least I've finally trained him to never touch me when I'm sleeping. We just need a snoring solution now.

Wednesday, September 23


was fantastic. what a fun show. i love kurt.

if you aren't watching.. you should be.

emma :*(

emma! i am sad. I can't log into your blog. :(

Monday, September 21

The only thing left to do

I have a friend who is about to enter the second trimester of her first pregnancy. This is the blanket I want to make for her. I have no idea if the baby is a girl or boy, and she doesn't want to know. What I do know is that she will probably never make it to her child's first birthday because she was diagnosed with kidney cancer a little over a year ago and recently stopped treatment because she found out she was pregnant. She's heard umpteen opinions but not mine, because I didn't feel it was my place to give an opinion. Instead, I'm giving her a blanket and a blessing.


The Emmys were pretty blah this year. I did like Neil Patrick Harris' hosting though.

The opening song was good.
Ricky Gervais was funny.
Katrina and Maksim's dance was good.
Sarah MacLaughin's singing over In Memorium was good.
I think Steve Carell is adorable

I wish Shirley MacLaine would've won for Coco Chanel.
Enough with Glenn Close winning.
Is Kristin Chenoweth a Little Person?
Jon Cryer? JON CRYER??! really
No dresses stood out as really horrible (where's the fun in that?--are celebrities really that horrified of being called out by the Fashion Police?)

Saturday, September 19

Pardon my French

So today, after the little kid party for my daughter's second birthday, all the adults went out to eat. We had a large party of people and some of them were REALLY OLD so we went to the one restaurant that provides the true test of old age, Old Country Buffett. Just by being in there we lowered the mean age a few decades.

Anyway, there were a few tour buses that came through during that time which were full of French people. Now usually, I have no beef with French people. When I was in high school, my mom's job almost made us move to Quebec, where like it or not, we'd be knee deep in French stuff. However, these French people fit EVERY stereotype given to the French. They ignored lines, pushed people out of the way, cursed in nasty voices, pretended not to understand English (those lying rat bastards, they spoke and read english).

My patience was at an end when I was walking Mandolin through the salad line. My kid doesn't eat meat, cheese, or bread/starch, so the salad line is her mainstay at these places. The line clearly began twenty people BEHIND us, but one specific woman was not into queing up, and pushed my baby out of the way to get to the cucumbers. As a side note, in front of me and the baby was my best friend, who actually spent 4 years getting a degree in French and then went off to France to sow some oats. She was excited that the French were among us, because for years she's been telling all of us that the stereotypes are all false. Well, about the time Mandolin hit the floor, I decided to disagree with her assumption.

I lost my religion and my ability to hold my tongue. I love to cuss and have been so good at not doing it until that woman lost what mind she had. I loudly said "How do you say 'Bitch, Please?' in French?" and then pointed at the woman. I'm sure a few other choice words parted my lips, but I can't fully recall, I just know I loudly lost it. About that time, my other best friend pushed herself through the small crowd and we formed a mini wall blocking the salad bar from the heathen French and just glared until the bitch sashayed away. She's lucky she didn't end up wearing her cucumbers, my little sister looked like she was ready to be on an episode of cops today.

For my entire life it was literally beat into me that when you bump into someone in public, you say "sorry" or quickly say something like "oh, that's alright" if the other person said sorry. These people didn't say sorry for a thing, they groaned and then said something along the lines of "you should be sorry" in French, if they said anything at all. I'm not going to return the favor by being the nasty American tourist in their country, but I'd like to point out that they're not the best tourists either.

Friday, September 18


Anybody heard from her? Based on her last post, I'm a little concerned.

Thursday, September 17

I feel Allanesque

But I feel I must acknowledge the death of Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary. She had such a lovely voice.

Henry Gibson of Laugh-In and Boston Legal fame died too. As did Myles Brand the rat bastard former Indiana University president who fired Cocah Bob Knight


If women are supposed to be less rational and more emotional at the beginning of our menstrual cycle when the female hormone is at its lowest level, then why isn't it logical to say that, in those few days, women behave the most like the way men behave all month long?

Gloria Steinem

I hate the idea of dinner

Yes, this is a boring topic, but I don't care. What are the last three things you made for dinner (where you or a loved one cooked).

My list:

Lemony Shrimp Scampi (from the lady Emma loves to hate, Melissa D'Arabian. This was a really good dinner, served with broccoli and melon)

Stir fry steak (marinated in soy sauce, garlic) served with onion, red bell pepper, carrots and celery, with jasmine rice

Crockpot lasagna (courtesy of spidey. we ate it for three nights.)

I need ideas.


It's addictive like a candy bar. I mean, it's really good. If someone had told me that an odd, dark comedy mixed in with surrealistic musical numbers would be that infectiously good, I definitely wouldn't have bought it. What a strange and wondrous show.

Wednesday, September 16

kanye wtf?


Thursday, September 10


Ellen DeGeneres is taking over Paula Abdul's spot as AI judge. I think the show will benefit, and that she'll be hilarious (intentionally--unlike Abdul who was just hilariously bizarre)


i am dying to know. did you like your lasagna?

Wednesday, September 9

are you listening america?

pres. obama is stating the facts in his presidential address. are you listening america? are you listening republicans? are you listening insurance companies? are you listening FOX? rush?

fix what doesn't work. wow... who'd of thunk it?

Monday, September 7


I just got back from a 4 day camping trip with my guy, the baby and his brother (my second child). 4 days in a tent on the beach wasn't so bad. We went to the eastern shore of VA and stopped at chincoteague island and the part of assateague in VA on the way back home. It was a long drive, but we had fun and i'm a darker shade of white.

Anyway, early this AM on the way home, I saw a mom-and-pop road side stand that was selling firewood. Normally I'd glance at it and away, as we don't need firewood, but I noticed that this place had recently burnt down. I commented that they're not selling firewood anymore. The little brother called me insensitive (this is rather ironic from a guy with two emotions: hungry and tired) so I asked him why. Apparently as I was contemplating the irony of a firewood store burning down, I missed the large spray painted sign that read "KKK BURNOUT."

So yes, I was rather insensitive. I wasn't shocked that an hour later we passed "Dixiland" a store three feet from the MD line that sells alcohol and tobacco at "discount" prices and happily advertises how sad the owners are at the end of slavery and segregation. What really got me was that when we stopped at a red light and looked at the store, most of the customers were black. After I get my pictures sorted, I'll post the sign for you to see.

obama's speech

On the front page of our paper the other day was a story about this speech. The local school administrators were not going to allow the students to see the broadcast of Obama's speech--labeling it too "political." What a bunch of horseshit. They should be ashamed of themselves.


hope you don't mind urbs

i added you to the blog list.

Sunday, September 6

Who Put

Chanting monks in my classical playlist?

Friday, September 4

Irrational Fears

Emma....your doll picture freaks me out. I hate old fashioned dolls. They are the scariest thing ever.

Wednesday, September 2

Hubby Hubby

Ben & Jerry changed Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby to celebrate Vemont's gay marriage. Goof for that company!(Although I don't think Ben & Jerry runs Ben & Jerry's anymore)

Tuesday, September 1


Ever since I was yelled at for letting my white kid have a black babydoll, I've been paying close attention to racism. I can't help it really, it's not like I have tons of other things to think about right now. Anyway, my most recent pet peeve (in a long line of peeves) is pointing out bigotry to someone who thinks they aren't a bigot and having them explain just why THEY aren't a bigot.

For some people, they feel that they aren't bigots because they go to church or do volunteer work etc. My instant response to this is that bigots can go to church and do things that can be considered as good.

Other people play what I like to think of as the "reverse race card." It goes like this "I'm not a bigot because I'm a member of ____________ race." You know, bigotry goes far beyond one race (white) against another (not white). Anyone can hate another person based on race no matter what group the hater belongs to.

Lastly, people try to defend their hate by pointing out that someone else is a bigot too. This often look like this "I can use the 'N' word because so-and-so uses the 'N' word." This misses the point that the "N" word probably shouldn't be used by anyone who isn't a bigot.

I don't want them to explain it, I want them to change it or own it. If you're a bigot, say it, don't hide it. Personally, I'd love it if everyone were open about just what they're a bigot about, that way I know just who to stay away from.

Confession: I can be a bigot at times, I admit it. I dislike religious nuts and have no tolerance for them. I don't care what the religion the nut favors, I dislike them all equally. In fact, religious nuts are some of the biggest bigots out there, so I'm sure our dislike is mutual and this really helps limit my exposure to the group I'm biased against.

the duggars are at it again

baby number 19 on the way. what are they thinking? jim-bob looks like the guy on the enzyte commercial (isn't his name bob too?) with that smile on his face. "i did it again". how does that woman even have a uterus left?