Tuesday, April 9

Holy Moly

I saw a Christmas post and I just had to post something new. Where are you broards? What's new? What's old? What's blue?

Monday, December 31

Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

Hello you all,

Thank you Tree & Orbie for the Christmas cards! Hope you all had a good holiday season.

May you all have a happy healthy and prosperous 2013!

Saturday, November 3


In 2008 I was a Hillary girl. But when Obama got the nod I supported him and will vote for him on Tuesday. Here's why:

Like Lincoln he brought together “team of rivals” to lead the country. Bush left this country in a horrible shape, a recession teetering on depression, war upon war, and despite Republican leaders having as their number one priority to “make Obama a one term president”, Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Every working woman in America should applaud this. Under his leadership and as Commander in Chief Al Qeada is decimated. Osama bin Laden is swimming with the fishes. He saved the auto industry and a lot of jobs. He believes that women should be responsible for their own health care issues and that includes whether or not they want to end a pregnancy. In 2012 abortion should not even be a political issue, it's a personal. Males should get that, but unfortunately the right wing Conservatives, don't. Obamacare--despite what rich Republicans owned by the insurance companies think—is a godsend. Insurers no longer can cite 'preexisting' conditions as a cause to deny coverage.
Why I'm anti Mitt:
This man holds no personal beliefs other than his religious ones. During the 2 year campaign he's switched every sentence he's uttered. He'll say anything that his campaign managers tell him to. When he was Massachusetts governor he was Pro-Choice, now he's anti. As governor he signed the state version of Obamacare. Now he says he'll repeal it. His father George was the first politician who said that tax records of candidates and nominees should be made public. Mitt hides his fortunes in off-shore accounts to dodge taxes. The voting public has a right to see how much he's paid to the IRS and what he is invested in. His infamous “47%'”speech: He will be a president of the rich, not a president of the country. His company, Bain Capital, bought up companies to rape them of their retirement funds then sold them piecemeal and outsourced American jobs overseas. American workers should reject him. His “Binders full of women” comment shows just what a 50's mentality he has toward women. His faux pas in regard to our allies during the campaign shows his utter lack of the art of diplomacy. He uses national disasters whether it's the bombing of the embassy in Libya, or Hurricane Sandy where he stages a “Food drive” and bought $5000 worth of canned good just so his cronies could 'donate” them back during a photo op. This man supports oddball Richard Mourdock and his weird rape comments for Senate. Romney is a disgrace and should retire to one of his five compounds and enjoy his garage with elevator, and his Olympic horse. His doesn't give a rat's ass about middle class America and isn't fit to represent us.

Wednesday, October 31

At this time of year, I hear old Book Shelfer Blyblather saying "Never talk to Republicans."
This new crop of right wingers are as useless as tits on a boar

Wednesday, October 24

Wisdom from Twitterville

1st we had "Legitimate Rape" & now we have "Gift from God Rape". Any woman who votes Republican this yr needs 2 have her head examined.

Hey, it's fall again

It is going to snow six inches tomorrow night. 60% of our leaves have fallen. A seventeen year old alleged child murderer turned himself in today. I have a pro-pot initiative sign in the yard. I wanted to put an Obama sign up but could never get one from the haphazard Democratic headquarters nearby and so gave up. Watching a lot of good tv and some awful tv too.  I'm reading a scary noir novel from the 1960s that's a better fit for the mood. It's called The Expendable Man. The first two chapters are about a doctor who picks up an unsavory teenage hitchhiker. You just know things are not going to go well. Working on some projects for people and spending a lot of quiet time in the house with the cat. It's hard to remember to type in full sentences after spending a lot of time on Twitter. What's happening at your house?