Friday, December 31

Happy New Year, You Old Broards

Hope 2011 brings health and happiness!!!

I heard this song the other day and had forgotten all about it. The words strike home much more now than they did when I last heard it -- cuz I was probably a wee, small child -- so I felt it deserved to be brought back to the spotlight.

I am woman, hear me roar

In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back and pretend
'cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No one's ever gonna keep me down again

Oh yes I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman

You can bend but never break me
'cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
And I come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
'cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul

I am woman watch me grow
See me standing toe to toe
As I spread my lovin' arms across the land
But I'm still an embryo
With a long long way to go
Until I make my brother understand

Oh yes I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to I can face anything
I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman

Thursday, December 30

In Memorium

I am so glad this year is almost over. And the news today has been about all the famous ones who've passed this year. Just when I think I'm getting a grip on things, here comes another feature about all those who aren't here and I get sad and miserable all over again thinking how many of these people Dennis liked and how much I miss him.

But since I realize that I have no memory of this year from June until October, I'm amazed how much of this type news I missed.

Happy New Year, old broads, and let's hope that this coming year is a better one.

Wednesday, December 29

memory lane

I've had a strange morning. An IM chat with Dedlettr inspired me to try to go to the Bookshelf. I found that I cannot chat on the current version of AOL I use, but that if I opened an old AOL, I could. (Ded couldn't, though. The link I sent him just led to a blank page.)

There was nobody there in the Bookshelf, although I did go in there just to say I did, but I saw that the Author's Lounge was completely full. Same old AL names, too. I went in briefly, figuring I can't type fast enough for chat any more, but I just wanted to see how it felt. I saw Jaded there, and she sent me a picture of her very cute grandbaby.

All in all, it was very odd, but odd in a pleasant kind of way.

Saturday, December 25

Merry Christmas

everyone. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas old broards. May your days be merry and light and may all your Christmas's be bright.

Thursday, December 23

good news

I hit my weight loss goal today. Right now I weigh 144lbs at 5'6" tall and have lost a total of 92lbs in just shy of 1.5 years. Part of me wants to be done and another part of me wants to say "Well, it's only 8lbs to 100...." I really needed something to cheer me up and I think this has done it.

Wednesday, December 22

Verbie, Have you floated away with the rains?

December 21st over

Well, the darkest day of the year is over. Now we get a bit more daylight each day.
That's something.

Monday, December 20

Ever hear of glutamine?

My brother is trying to get me to take it since I've been working out and eating healthy. He says it will help me to not be sore after working out but . . . I'm not sore after working out. He bought me a giant jug of it and I've been avoiding picking it up but he gave it to me when I went there to watch the Colts game today AND made me take some.

I've been pigging out all day and I swear it's cuz of that stuff.

Know anything about it? I did some research and it doesn't sound bad for you but some of the things I read said that they recommend it for cancer patients to get them to gain weight, etc. -- not exactly a goal of mine.

Saturday, December 18

In other laughable news

Ten years ago our current governor as then Lt. Gov, oversaw redistricting of the NC congressional districts. She didn't want a bipartisan commission or a non partisan commission to oversee the process- claims she never heard any call for that,, even though there were law suits over the last redistricting. Pay particular attention to Districts 1,2 and 12 on the map below. She followed the time honored tradition of jerrymandering to keep one's own party in power. And it pretty much worked until this last election. Fast forward to this November's election where for the first time in DECADES, maybe even a Century, the GOP controls the legislature and will get to set up congressional districts. Now, after the election, not before, a month after, she is calling for a non partisan commission to step in and do the right thing and remove politics from the equation. "It's the right thing to do." I want some of whatever she is on. The Republicans said the call comes too late for this redistricting (which starts with the new session)but want to put a process in place for 2020. By then, the Democrats will be back in power, so I suspect that they won't support this resolution now. They know that this last election was about putting the brakes on folks they feel overstepped their "mandate".

Preview Map

Friday, December 17

Sunday, December 12

reclining seats

I agree with the guy who wants to ban reclining seats--I mean, really. How much more space does the Recliner person actually gain? It's annoying to the person behind you!

Saturday, December 11

Christmas recipe

Digging through my hard drive and found this cranberry jello salad from my dear friend orbweaver. I am definitely making this this season. You wouldn't believe all the stuff I've saved through the years.

AUTHOR: orbweaver
TITLE: Alma Sandbrink's Cranberry Salad
STATUS: Publish
CONVERT BREAKS: __default__

DATE: 11/20/2004 05:49:04 PM
Here you go Sonya
Alma Sandbrink's Cranberry Salad

2 Pkgs. Cherry Jell-O (I think most any red jello would work)
1 cup boiling water
1 c sugar
1 T lemon juice
1 c pineapple syrup (juice from can of pineapple)
1 c ground raw cranberries
1 whole orange ground including peel
1 c drained crushed pineapple
1 c chopped celery
1/2 c chopped walnuts

Dissolve Jell-O in water. Add sugar, lemon juice, and pineapple syrup. Stir to dissolve
Chill until partially set. Add remaining ingredients, Chill in oiled shallow pan, mold or individual molds or simply pour into salad bowl and chill.

Friday, December 10

Great Salad

Trader Joe's has a reduced fat Greek salad that is amazingly good and . . . only 140 calories -- WITH the dressing. I'm addicted.

Tuesday, December 7

jeez, it's colder than a warlock's weinie

Thursday, December 2


  i found out tonight that yesterday i was gonna be a grandma, and today i am not anymore. spideyson and his wife lost their baby that was supposed to be born in july. they hadn't shared the news yet, as they were going to make the announcement at the family christmas gathering.  i am mourning someone who i didn't even know i had, till they were gone.
    i guess i will have to wait for the little angel to make another appearance.

help a gal out

so one of my sisters bought a small kindle for herself (and the large one for my dad) for Christmas. I was joking and said I'd crochet a kindle cover as a gift and then slip a kindle gift card inside it so he'd think his real gift was the cover and he'd only find the real one if he used the cover. He still uses a keychain i made him when i was 11, so the chances of him using the cover a pretty high. my sister thought that was a great idea and then asked me to make her a cover when i made one for my dad. i went back to the site with the cover pattern and found that it's a knitting and crochet combined pattern. i don't knit nor to i read knit, so i can't translate the pattern to all to crochet. i went to ravlry, etsy and google and looked for a cover pattern, but all i found were visual examples of patterns people had made themselves but no real patterns to make. i could make a pattern for myself in a jiffy if i had the dimensions of the big and little kindle, but i don't know anyone else with an e-book reader of any kind. do any of you broards, ded or bert have one would be willing to measure it and tell me the sizes? I need the length top to bottom, right to left and thickness. I know I'm going to line the crochet with fabric and possibly place medium gauge plastic between the crochet and fabric to make the cover more durable and i am either going to use wool or cotton, as they're more durable when compared to acrylic, although acrylic is stretchier. oh if you have any other ideas, beyond just size hints, feel free to share that too.


Wednesday, December 1

Best un-birthday

so this morning I was sitting at the table working on a project when MissM came up to me with her picnic basket knotted in 10yds of bright pink ribbon she'd stolen from my sewing basket. She thrust the basket at me and then shouted the song "Happy Birthday!" while doing a silly dance. Upon untangling the basket, I found a stuffed frog and a bag of croutons from McDonalds. These are two of her favorite things, so she must really love me. Can you tell we've been working on the giving part of things rather than the getting?

I hope you all have a great un-birthday too.

Monday, November 29


When we were away in Vegas LP discovered that we got free HBO and Cinimax for the week and DVR'd a lot of movies. That's okay but since the shows I had DVD'r for the week weren't "kept until I erased" I lost all the shows I recorded :(
No DWTS finale, no 30 Rock, no RH of Atlanta (and wouldn't you know dumbass Phaedra had her baby) and no Mentalist. Bummer

Wednesday, November 24

Let the holiday season begin!!

  i have today off. ahhh.  i must go out and get my dessert for tomorrows festivities. i am looking forward to spending the day with family.

  I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 19

trying to be positive.

  i was reading The Power today, by Rhonda Byrne.  i figure, trying to be positive about stuff is better than being negative. what can it hurt?   i have a lot of work to do on that subject, but anyway....
  there was a quote that really touched me.
   it is by Hafez, a Sufi poet, who lived during the 1300's.

  he said....
   "Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth... "you owe me". Look what happens with a Love like that? It lights the whole sky.

   i love that.


Thursday, November 18

i wanna barf

 when sara palin comes on tv and says she is checking out the landscape of the country, and will decide to run for president in 2012 if there is indication that the country needs her....... i wanna barf.
  when she talks, it is like listening to charlie browns teacher.... whawhawha wha wha.

Raising Hope

   have any of you watched this show?  it is a new show on tuesday nights after Glee.
 cloris leachman plays Maw maw. she is hilarious and looks great for 84. she ends up running around without her top on or in her bra in almost every episode. i know that might sound a little strange, but it is funny. the family is very dysfunctional  but it always ends up with a little lesson and shows how much they love each other.

Tuesday, November 16


We're going to veer from our usual customs this year and skip the turkey dinner on Thursday, and instead spend the day with some fellow alums, watching our beloved OSU Pokes play in a basketball tournament at the Anaheim Convention Center. We're excited about that!

We'll eat the traditional stuff on Friday, although we'll probably just put it all out on the kitchen island and help ourselves, and skip the fancy dining room party of the ritual.

Also, while ordering chicken at a Popeye's chicken drive-through the other day, I saw that Popeye's is selling Cajun-seasoned whole turkeys this year. I am TOTALLY going to get one. I love all the side dishes, but I've always found turkey to be bland and not worth the all-day cooking effort. Plus, handling the raw turkey and even having to LOOK at the neck and giblets makes me queasy for the rest of the day. So I'm pretty enthused about this plan!

On the one hand, I'm a little bit sad about not dragging out the china, crystal and silver for their annual outing/dust removal, but on the other hand, I feel quite cheery about not having to wash them (both before and after!)

Whatcha gonna do for the big day, Broards?

Neil Gaiman recently turned 50

As a birthday present for his friend, Lee Barnett wrote this story for Neil and a pretty good one it is

Monday, November 15

new lows

My reactions to this article:

1) You know there's a special place in hell....

2) Does he REALLY think that having the kid wear a bike helmet would have saved the kid's life when the kid was hit by him at 83mph?

3) I hope this is tossed out quick. This man is CRAZY. No wonder he's representing himself, there's no atty that'd take this case.

Friday, November 12

Pathetic . . .

I occasionally do stomach crunches -- not as often as I should but more often than I used to -- but I hadn't done a full sit up in . . . oh, I dunno, 20 years? So, I was watching this fitness video and they were talking about the benefit of a full sit up so I thought I'd try them.

Pathetic. First try, I couldn't do one -- doing it the way they say to do it which is:  feet flat on the floor, hands held like they're over your ears. I just couldn't get all the way up. I could do it if I rocked my arms forward a bit but keeping my arms bent with my hands over my ears . . . took me several tries. I eventually got 9 done but man . . . I don't remember them being so hard.

Thursday, November 11

misery loves company

I'm not sure wtf is up, but today I've been very miserly.

First, I saw a pic of Marie Osmond on a magazine and wanted to send her a letter with $5 to start a fund get her face fixed, because she's really scary looking and allowing a toddler to color all over her face with magic markers isn't helping the horrid plastic surgery job either. She looks like a HOTT MESS and if her family loved her, they'd tell her. I only sorta know who she is, so I feel no such urge to lie to her about how "good she looks...considering." I know somewhere out there Rupaul is itching to beat her with a bottle of Ponds and start from scratch.

Secondly, I rolled my eyes as yet ANOTHER famous person "came out" about being "bullied" with a sob story and pithy pleading for bullying to end. Apparently bulling this this year's yellow bracelet/pink ribbon accessory/yellow car magnet/American flag broach/red ribbon lapel decoration. Meaning, it's the celebrity trend of the year not to miss-out-on. As soon as there's some sort of visual public support "sold for charity" for the bullying cause, everyone who is ANYONE will be shown wearing at least ONE of that item. I brought this up to my guy and he expressed concern in my apparent cold-hearted opinion about support apparel/pressing issues of celebrity conscience. I don't mean to be cold-hearted, and am usually overly compassionate, but come on, isn't it safe to say that most people have experienced some sort of "bullying" at some point or have at least been picked on once and have probably picked on someone else at least once? So we all get to sob on prime time about "surviving" it while shilling some sort of media entertainment? "I was bullied, and it was bad. Buy my new CD and see my movie!"

I finally decided I was poor company today when I sat and crocheted a scarf while at a play instead of watching the play. The kids tried hard, but all but one person in the play behaved as if they'd just been given the script minutes before appearing on stage. Tonight was opening night, so I hope it was just first night jitters and they loosen up before Sunday afternoon for the last show. My guy didn't care that I made my own entertainment, but some audience members were shooting me the eye. At least I wasn't talking on my phone like some other assholes, right?

Have you recently found yourself behaving as if your next sentence will be "GET OFF MY LAWN!"?

11/11: It's Nigel Tufnel Day

Better enjoy it, because this day GOES TO ELEVEN!

Tuesday, November 9

Bush on 9/11

Bush to Matt Lauer:

"My first reaction was outrage. Someone had dared attack America. They were going to pay. Then I looked at the faces of the children in front of me. I thought about the contrast between the brutality of the attackers and the innocence of those children. Millions like them would soon be counting on me to protect them. I was determined not to let them down.

I saw reporters at the back of the room, learning the news on their cell phones and pagers. Instinct kicked in. I knew my reaction would be recorded and beamed throughout the world The nation would be in shock; the president could not be. If I stormed out hastily, it would scare the children and send ripples of panic throughout the country."


His reaction was all for the children?? That's odd. He didn't want to scare the children? Hell, we were all scared.

Side bar: Aren't pagers obsolete?? Weren't they obsolete even in 2001??

Monday, November 8

Why on earth would a woman (Barbara Bush) show her teen-aged son (Dubya) a jar containing her miscarried fetus? What the hell?

Why does . . .

every muscle in my body hurt today?  I feel kind of like I've been hit by a truck.

Friday, November 5


I was sitting here looking for gag knit and crochet bumper stickers/window stickers to give to my fellow crafter friends as christmas gifts when I saw this one. I was in the middle of drinking hot cocoa and I nearly choked to death. the devil in me urged me to buy one for all the knitters even though they're all elderly and conservative. I took a deep breath and clicked onward to something funny but now risque. However, i do think I want to get one for my car, even if I don't knit.

Another Friday Night . . .

And I'm sitting here waiting for 8:00 to come along so I can go to the gym (it's too busy before that).  It's funny. I've been fairly busy lately -- going out to watch the World Series, going to football games, tail gate parties, etc., but . . . I'm bored.

Wednesday, November 3

Sigh . . .

Jerry Brown is governor again, how did that happen? And Boxer retained her seat -- UGH!!

I didn't necessarily want Whitman but Brown . . .

Monday, November 1

Guy buys a parrot that is constantly using foul language. Really horrible stuff. Finally the guy gets fed up and throws the parrot in the freezer to punish him. After about an hour, he hears a faint tapping sound from inside the freezer and opens the door. There's the parrot, wings wrapped around himself, shivering. He says, "I swear, I' ll never, ever curse again. But can I ask you a question? What did the chicken do?

Sunday, October 31

Chelsea Lately

Do you watch this show? It's freaking hilarious. Funniest show I've seen in a long time.

Friday, October 29

The Other

Sharron Angle is one scary broad--she'll probably beat Harry Reid. I've seen the racist ads she's running. Are brown people truly that horrifying?

I saw Ron Reagan (a terrific commentator--My favorite Reagan!!) on television the other day stating that the new twist in right wing conservative thought is to paint their opponents as the "Other" --kinda like the tv show Lost. The "Others" are not quite the same as white people. . . like that woman who's running in Oklahoma against another woman . . . she said she's more qualified because she's a wife and mother, and her opponent is a woman in her fifties and has never been married. She planted the seed that maybe there's something "wrong" with her opponent.

Whether the Other is a non descript Hispanic- aka the terrifying Brown Illegal Alien, the Non-Christian, the Gay, the Gang Banger African American, whatever . . it's a sad state of affairs.

Call me a chauvinist but . . .

I'm tired of seeing NFL players crying.  I realize they're people too and that they have emotions but . . . I just don't want to see them crying as often as I do lately. It seems like I can't put the NFL channel on anymore without seeing some player crying about something.

They need to put their big boy pants on and man up . . . and stop crying.  Especially penis boy. I can't even stand to watch anything about him anymore.

Wednesday, October 27

Should I laugh, or should I cry?

Or maybe both, at the same time...

Emmaaaaaaa . . .

I need advice. I'm going to treat myself to an Indianapolis Colts game in Indianapolis and . . . need hotel advice. Apparently these hotels are all connected to the stadium via walkways. Can you tell me which is the nicest?

Caterbury Hotel

Conrad Hilton
Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
Omni Severin
The Westin Indianapolis


Tuesday, October 26

Clarence Thomas

'Member him? Pube on the Coke Can? Long Dong Silver?
He's just been sitting up there on the High Court being low key until his wife decides to leave a message on Anita Hill's answering machine suggesting that Hill apologize for her testimony 19 years ago.
Who does that? WTF? Now Thomas' former girlfriend goes on Larry King and says before he stopped drinking he was really into porn:

He's just nasty and his wife is a right wing wackjob. They deserves each other.

Sunday, October 24

Great Footbal Day

Raiders slaughtered the Broncos (59 to 14). They could easily have gotten 70 points or more but they put in their third string players by the 4th quarter to give them a chance to play.

Pittsburgh beat Miami (barely but, it counts).

The Colts had a bye week -- hope they're getting rested and healed.

49ers lost to the Carolina Panthers who were 0 and 5 -- Yay!

And . . . the cherry on the top was the Vikings being beaten by the Packers. I actually like the Vikings and always have (I like the Packers too) but the more I see of Favre, the more repulsed I am by him and I'm glad he lost.

Bitchin Kitchen

This is a fun new cooking show i=on The Cooking Channel. This girl (Nadia G) is funny as all get-out.
On the episode I saw she was talking about being "selfish"--sometimes it's a good thing. She says buy good quality sirloin . . she knows it's expensive but your kid Johnny doesn't need the latest XBox game or . . . expensive sneakers . . . or braces. After all a crooked smile builds character.

Here's her website:

Friday, October 22

Summer Day

Have you heard this song by Sheryl Crow? I love it. It's kinda poppish but I love that it has a little soul feel. It makes me dance around the house when I hear it and makes me think about my youth. Sigh . . .

Wednesday, October 20

Liar liar

I will answer any question, any of you ladies ask me, with a lie. Go ahead, ask away.

Tuesday, October 19

Just Wondering . . .

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was reading that self-help book that was really popular -- the one that preached figuring out what you want and envisioning yourself achieving it everyday and that would make it come true. Obviously a bunch of hooey. I think it may help some people stay focused so they remember to do something about certain issues in their lives but, I suspect that's about all the benefit of the book.

However, just in case it's true, if I start envisioning myself married to Keanu Reeves everyday, how long do you think it will take for it to come true?

Christine O'Donnell is dumb. Real dumb.

O'Donnell: Where in the Constitution does it say separation of church and state?

Monday, October 18

From Perez

Another "Chloe Sevigny" video.

I don't know why these crack me up so much.

Any suggestions?

Lately, I've noticed dark circles under my eyes. I don't think it's a sleep thing cuz I've been trying to sleep more. But, they're getting really bad -- any suggestions for getting rid of them?

Sunday, October 17

Football . . .

Go Raiders!!!!

Go Colts!!!!

Go Steelers!!!!

Thursday, October 14


Thanks for the spider card.

Last week, MissM asked me if she could color the spider. I wasn't the one to get the mail that day, so I had no idea wtf she was talking about and said "sure" so I could finish making supper. A bit later, we were sitting down to eat and I found your beautiful card and was happy to be thought of. Of course, I think MissM's addition of picasso like doodles in classic crayola really complimented your card. She loved the confetti and I'm still finding pieces of it here and there.

Tuesday, October 12

Saturday, October 9

Monday, October 4

Oh, the hypocrisy of the "religious" right...

I stumbled across this today on Politics Daily whilst wasting some idle time on the internet:

"... an essay by Mark A. Smith of the University of Washington titled, "Religion, Divorce, and the Missing Culture War in America," which was published in the Spring edition of Political Science Quarterly.

... Smith writes [that] divorce, which is clearly and strongly condemned in the Bible, was prevalent among conservative Christians. His findings show that 43 percent of evangelical Protestants divorce, higher than almost any other religious group and above the national average of 38 percent. (Other surveys show the divorce rate is highest in Red States and actually lowest in Blue States.)

Smith also notes that 'divorce seems to carry a more direct connection to the daily realities of families than do the bellwether culture war issues of abortion and homosexuality.'"

Well gee, families affected by divorce? Ya think?????

How about you conservative hypocrites stay out of other (gay) people's marriage issues and work on plucking that log out of your own eye, for a change?

Friday, October 1


So I went for my yearly well-woman on thursday and had a great time helping train an intern. We all start out somewhere, right? During the Q&A session we had a chit-chat about birth control, as usual. I explained that I've been off my pill for a few weeks now and she pointed and clicked etc. into the PC and then groaned as a pop-up window appeared. She then explained that whoever wrote their online medical records software options was a moron. If one clicks "No birth control" under "form of birth control," one then must explain why the patient is without birth control. Okay, fine, that's reasonable. What's unreasonable is that the software was pre-programmed with three choices as to why a woman would be without birth control:

a) She's a virgin
b) She's in a same sex relationship
c) She's been through menopause

The Dr has to go into another menu, click several options and then make an option D for whatever reason the patient gives for not wanting to take birth control at that given time all the wile snorting at a), b), and c).

Thursday, September 30

Cabo San Lucas

I'm supposed to be going to Cabo San Lucas in a couple of weeks but, it's with my sister, some nieces and nephews, etc., and . . . as expected, my sister is being her FUITH self (fucked up in the head). Not unexpected. When I booked my flight, I contemplated making a reservation for a hotel in case she got nutty and I wanted an alternate place to stay cuz she invariably does something cuckoo.

So, I'm looking at hotels there and . . . no idea what's nice, not nice, what areas are good, not good, etc.

Any input?


Oct 1

welcome back emma?

Thursday, September 23

Since it's officially Fall

Even though it was in the 90s today and will be again tomorrow, it's still Fall! For the past month I have been making one new soup a week and then eating it all week for lunch or supper. I am here alone almost every day and most evenings so making a dinner for more than me and the kid is silly. I pack a breakfast and lunch for my guy, so leftovers do get eaten, but never in time to use them up good.

I LOVE SOUP and find a cup of soup a day helps keep me on track. Tonight I made an asparagus soup that uses those left-over ends on the asparagus that most people toss out. I liked it and will make it again, and I can see this being good for left over broccoli ends too. The recipe calls for 1.25lbs of asparagus and I only had about 1 lb, so I tossed some frozen (thawed) broccoli in there and it fits in.

I got 7 servings of soup that will last me several days for lunch. Last week I made a large pot of vegetarian veggie soup that got me 16 servings and was very good, it was like minnestone without the beans or pasta. The veggie soup froze well and so it earns an A+ for me.

What soups are you looking forward to making? Have you tried anything new recently you'd like to share? It's a challenge to constantly come up with ideas for 4-6 meals a day and not be too repetative.

Wednesday, September 22

Is it just me . . .

Or do you find this odd as well . . .

I've been looking for a chiropractor for a while (in my spare time) and talked to one at my local farmer's market who said that he was good friends with my former chiropractor (that I really liked but he's too far away now) and had a similar practice.

I got excited about that, made an appointment and went to see him for my introductory appointment.  During my initial discussion with this guy (at the farmer's market), I explained that I prefer someone who is not new agey and who just cracks me and gets me on my way and he said that was his practice.

So, I went in and they did all of these things that my other chiro didn't do -- x-rays, some weird machines, etc. It was making me a little uncomfortable but I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. I went through the question and answer session where they kept trying to put words in my mouth -- "So, would you say that makes you feel frustrated?"

"No, it's just a little annoying."
"Isn't annoying the same as frustrated?"
"I'm going to put down that you are frustrated."
"I'm not frustrated, that's not what I said."
"I'll just put it down, it doesn't matter."
"If it doesn't matter, then why put that?"


Then . . . it got really weird, in my opinion. On my way out, they wanted to schedule my follow-up appointment to go over their findings. I made the appointment and then they said, "Oh, I want to let you know that it's very important that you are on time for this appointment because we shut the office down for this type of appointment."

I asked what they meant and they said that they make sure there are no other clients scheduled, they lock the front door and turn off the phones so they can make sure the doctor isn't interrupted.  I pointed out that their treatment rooms had doors and asked why it wasn't as simple as me being in a treatment room with the door shut and them just not interrupting. They had no answer other than that this is their preference.

So, I come in, they lock the doors, turn off the phones and shut the blinds and the chiropractor and his four assistants focus all their attention on me?  I don't think so. Scenes of a brainwashing flashed in my mind, the Stepford Wives, etc. It creeped me out but I thought I'd think on it and I did and the more I thought about it, the creepier it seemed to me so, I cancelled.

That was a week and a half ago and they've called me twice a day, everyday (except weekends) since then and emailed me a few times. I explained that I didn't feel that it was a good fit and that I was going to continue my search for a chiropractor but they kept calling. I responded to one of their emails saying the same thing and now the doctor himself is emailing me.

Is it just me or . . . are they creepy?

Sunday, September 19

Christine O'Donnell on AIDS -The Daily Beast -

Shocking... Sarah Palin backs this witchy whackjob. (she admits to dabbling in witchcraft)

Christine O'Donnell on AIDS -The Daily Beast -

Thursday, September 16

i often wonder about this when i am trying to start a fire.

How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?


Sarah Brightman sing with Jackie Evancho on America's Got Talent FINALE

Jackie lost last night. but the voice coming out of this 10 year old girl is still unbelievable.

Tuesday, September 14

how about a change?

look okay?

Saturday, September 11


hello to anyone who may be out there.

is there a movie that you can watch over and over and over and over again? and you still enjoy it?

me, yes.

here is my list.

office space
grumpy old men
grumpier old men
home alone
home alone 2
it's a wonderful life
a christmas story
peggy sue got married (when she visits her grandparents, i bawl my eyes out)
any of the andy hardy movies
wizard of oz
any of the old dagwood bumstead blondie movies
the long long trailer
coraline(i know, i am weird)

i am sure i can come up with more. please feel free to post your list.

Monday, September 6

Happy Labor Day

to all you laborers.
I for one will totally enjoy this paid day off!

Saturday, September 4

Grade School Science

I understand that not everyone loves science as I do but . . . I have a really hard time understanding how people think that by being higher in elevation makes the stars in the sky look closer because you are closer to them.

The stars in our sky are billions of light years away. Thinking that being at 1,500 elevation (vs. sea level) brings you closer to them is like thinking that moving your big toe forward 1/4" while standing in San Francisco makes the Statue of Liberty in New York look closer (and, frankly, that 1/4" move of your big toe would bring you considerably closer to the Statue of Liberty than a 1,500 elevation increase would bring you closer to the stars . . . any star . . . including our sun).

The nearest star, technically, is our sun. The sun is 93,000,000 miles away which is 491,040,000,000 feet away.  So, by raising your elevation to 1,500 feet, that brings you .0000003 times closer to the sun.  That's 3/10s of a billion times closer. To calculate this in relation to other stars, add many, many, many more 0s to the front of that number.

Being higher in elevation, here on earth, means that the atmosphere is thinner which does have an impact on how you might see the stars. Also, if you're away from city lights, you'll see many more stars but . . . the stars are not closer. And your being technically closer to the stars doesn't impact anything because you're a fraction of a number which is so large that it doesn't have a name (that I know of) closer. Something like:


percent closer. And even that number is probably low.

The scary thing is, I know many, many people who think that you see more stars higher up cuz you're closer or that you get sunburnt faster because you're closer to the sun, etc.  I've given up trying to explain this to people but, it never ceases to amaze me.

Tuesday, August 31

dear verb

it has been 17 days since i took your recommendation for the badger sleep balm and it was delivered. it has been 17 days and i have slept the night through till morning.
i thank you. (again)

Monday, August 30

What do you think?

I usually make gifts for people for christmas because a)it keeps me busy and b) I think it means more. However, my relations have decided that they do not like scarves, blankets, stuffed animals, table cloths, dish towels and everything else I make and have been dropping hints about what store-bought items would be better for whom (mainly parents commenting about children).

Usually, my home-made Christmas drive usually starts in July and ends around Thanksgiving. I think about what colors people like and things they want, need, or could use that I can make and set about making all of them. I also pair these home-made gifts with a small store-bought item, but nothing over $15. I HAVE A LARGE FAMILY and buying something more than $15 for everyone just isn't possible. I wish we'd do a gift exchange where everyone spends $25-$30 on one person and that's that, but this is always shot-down when I say something.

So, after a few ingrateful comments about last Christmas, I didn't do anything this summer to get ready for Christmas. People forget that yarn is not alwyas cheap and the time placed into making a gift should also be factored into the "cost" of the item. Sure, I didn't get anyone an Ipod for Christmas, but the items I made weren't $5 when one thinks about all the work involved too.

I was hurt by the comments and really pondered what to do this year. After some thought, I came up with the idea to make baby blankets and donate them to a local charity in the names of the people who didn't like getting homemade stuff from me. I was going to give them a card with a picture of the blanket and some info on the charity instead of a gift. I thought this was a good idea but someone close to me told me that my idea was petty and mean and I should just give the ingrates a gift card or something.

Friday, August 27

O, Gretchen

Does anyone but me watch Project Runway? If so, is there anyone else in the world worse than Gretchen? And did you love it when Tim Gunn blasted her at the end of the show? Am I all alone in wonder?

This Broard Sounds Like a Female Joe McCarthy


Thursday, August 26

Mesmerizing and eerie

Some of the earliest color motion pictures that you will ever see.

I think batting the eyelashes, along with flirting a fan, may be hopelessly lost arts.


To anyone who got an Email from me containing objectionable links: sometime between the time I went out to dinner last night and the time I came home from dinner, a spammer got hold of my Email and sent Emails to everyone on my AOL Adress Book with objectionable links. I changed my AOL Password and effectively deleted my AOL Adress Book, but I apologize to anyone who was upset by said Emails, even though it was not me.

Wednesday, August 25

Things you might be saying wrong.

Like, I never exactly knew what to do with "further" and "farther."

Check THIS out and you might learn something, too!

Tuesday, August 24

so much fun!

So you can load a photo of yourself to this site (it says it's best if it's a face shot with hair pulled back, but I just loaded what I could find and it worked just fine.) Then you can play around and give yourself whatever crazy hairdo or makeup you want. I just spent an hour playing with it!

Check it out: taaz

P.S. Only you can see it, unless you choose to share!

Sunday, August 22

This made me laugh

"Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer got married on Saturday, US Weekly reports.

The 'True Blood' couple reportedly wed at a private residence in Malibu, exchanging vows under a tent near the beach.

They announced their engagement last August, and have frequently spoken to the press about their onscreen vampire sex. Paquin announced she is bisexual in June."


The other eleven months she's heterosexual?


i love reading your stories about your woven rugs. it is so interesting to know where they came from. old flannel shirts, sheets, jeans.
a little story about each rug. so neat.


I signed up for Netflix. So far I have watched Tristan and Isolde. It was good. I am now going to cancel the premium channels off of my stupid dish network because i am tired of paying for movies that are from the 1980's and the few new releases. I will keep HBO. the rest can go.

do you have netflix?

Wednesday, August 18

i am fascinated by things like this.

i wanted to be an archaeologist. i should have been.

Civil war Discovery in East Georgia By Rickey Bevington
media link Updated: 11 hours ago

Millen, Ga. — Archeologists have made a major Civil War discovery in east Georgia.The find launches what’s expected to be a decades-long unveiling of a lost Union prison camp.Confederate forces hastily evacuated Camp Lawton in rural Millen, Georgia in late 1864 as Federal forces pushed deeper into Georgia.

After that, the 42-acre stockade southeast of Atlanta was practically forgotten. That’s until this past winter when Dr. Sue Moore and her team of archeologist's with Georgia Southern University started doing basic shovel tests of earth:

"We starting turning up buttons and pipes and buckles and just an enormous amount of stuff and were just totally, totally flabbergasted and astounded by this."

With less than 1% of the site excavated, there could be untold numbers of untouched artifacts. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, which owns part of the land, has installed security fencing, motion detectors and cameras to protect the site.

All artifact photo credits: Amanda L. Morrow, Georgia Southern University

Tuesday, August 17

Good God, what's new?

Friday, August 13

Okay, this made even a hard boiled egg like me tear up.

A wonderful tribute to those who are sacrificing and giving so much.

Watch it with some tissues.

Thursday, August 12


belated birthday cats! and, just as importantly, congrats on the new grand daughter.


Tuesday, August 10

And here it is!

In all its old-people-candy glory!


The Brach's "Pick-a Mix" stands at the grocery stores? Jilly's crocheted candy dish post reminded me. My grandparents always had those Brach's butterscotch hard candies--the ones that came wrapped in yellow cellophane. I tried to like them, because they were candy, dammit, and candy was a GOOD thing. But I didn't, really.

Those Brach's stands would also have lots of small bins containing starlite mints, those fruit flavored hard candy sour balls, wrapped in a little twist of clear cellophane, individually wrapped caramels and those strange, chewy coconut candies, and numerous other slightly odd candies. Honestly, I never really liked any of it very much, though I could tolerate the sour balls if I could get a red one.

And I recall that you could "sample" a piece there in store if you dropped a nickel in the little metal box attached to stand. I'd give my kids a nickel for a sample if they went to the grocery store with me, and they'd really try to be happy about it and find something that wasn't gross. But let's face it--they'd really have preferred to just have some Nerds or a Jolly Rancher.

I don't suppose that "Pick a Mix" stuff still exists, though I know I still see Brach's candies in bags, especially jelly beans at Easter time.

Poor Brach's. I guess all the old people who liked their strange candy are now eating it from that dusty candy bowl in the sky...

Monday, August 9

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it's hilarious. On the other it's . . . I dunno.

Flight attendant splits plane

I would think it'd be more fun to stay and subdue the problem passenger. I love that he took the time to grab a beer before splitting.

Thursday, August 5


I'm always amazed at how creative people can be.

Kirsten Wicklund completes a crochet or knit project, dips it in porcelain, fires it (which burns away the yarn) and is left with beautiful statues of doiles etc.

The pictures are just beautiful and sorta remins me of the candy dishes full of stale and dusty ribbon candy at my great-grandmom's house. No one was ever allowed to eat the nasty stuff, it was as much a decoration as all the doiles and hummel figurines.

I think this is why I hate knick-knacks.

Anyway, here's the link if you'd like to look.

Wednesday, August 4

dinner for schmucks

while not the funniest movie i have ever seen, i did enjoy the afternoon with steve. we watched the movie in the Paladium, which i now consider the movie theater from heaven. comfy chairs, servers bringing me refills of soda served in a glass, with lots of ice. a menu to choose tasty snacks, with someone also bringing them to me.
a lovely afternoon. a fun movie.

It's off again!

Is anyone surprised that the Palin-Johnson engagement is off? Maybe the Palins et al are better judges of character than the Old Broards.

happy 49th birthday

President Obama! (just in case you stop by the Old Broards)

Monday, August 2

lindsay out

after 13 days for good behaviour. 3 months of rehab.

Sunday, August 1

movie review

I just watched Girl with the Pearl Earring. What a slow awful movie. What good is having Colin Firth in a movie when he's not lip-locking with anyone. And that little girl--creeping around all the time. Blech

Saturday, July 31

What a beautiful bride Chelsea Clinton made!

Her parents did such a wonderful job with her


i was trolling the tv last night and came upon rosanne's 2006 comedy special. i am not always a fan, but she does say some funny stuff. she was talking about menopause, and she said this.... now that menopause is here, i am now dry where i should be wet, and wet where i should be dry.

i thought that was hilarious.

damn. This caught me by surprise!

Wednesday, July 28

the state of the state

I found this article interesting (i don't know how to make a link, so forgive me if this messed up).

I've long noticed that "important measures" that are essential in times of high need are never repealed, even when times of high need fade into times of high prosperity.

Personally, I'd rather they'd just raise my taxes than charge me $50 a year to use public parks, or $5 a day for a local playground, or even force one to bring their own toilet paper to work. Seriously, I like it when the government does basic stuff for me, nothing above and beyond, but the same basic stuff they've always done, and I'm willing to pay more in my property & income taxes to cover this sop everyone pays equally whether they choose to use said services or not.

I think all of those cities that are firing all their police are going to regret it. If one gets rid of city police and then relies on county/state police when those same organizations are in a budget crunch too, then the EMT/Fire/Police services become overworked, underpaid, and emergency wait times increase.

Baltimore city, like most cities, is in a major crunch, and they want to lay off police, fire EMT, trash services etc. I LIKE having trash pick up. I like the fact that when I call 911 (emergency or non) it only takes them 5-10 mins to respond. If the city has these lay offs, we woul;d have to go to trash pick-up every 2 weeks and the police/fire/emt reponse time would take about 40 minutes in an emergency and multiple hours in non-emergency situations (if at all). P

art of Baltimore's issue is that the dumb bitch known as sheila dixion, our former mayor, broke many laws, including stealing from the city's homeless fund (i didn't vote for her, she looked like a cheap hooker someone had dressed up and tried to pass off as a lady). anyway, when she was tossed out of office because of her actions, the city was forced to pay her a LIFETIME pension of $83,000 a year. See, not only does she, an admitted criminal, gets to keep her $83,000 a year, but ALL the local elected officials get a generous pension like that. This is a national thing, not just a rare Baltimore stupidity. Perhaps there should be an ethics requirement in the pension, that if one is convicted or must resign from the job, then one loses said pension or takes a reduced pension? I'm sure that could be managed if catholic schools can fired people for getting IVF....

And guess what? If the next mayor gets more than Sheila did while in office, her pension could go up fron $83,000 a year to as much as $95,000 a year. FOR NOTHING. I'm in the wrong line of work, we all are. Sure, $83,000 would pay for about 2 cops, or 3 911 dispatchers, or 2 EMTs, or 2 fire fighters etc., but if you took the total amt of over-blown lifetime pensions the city gives away like this and you know, quit doing that, you'd find a lot of savings. Plus in a times like this, does it seem fair that these people are paid so high when state employees are going to work a dew dozen times a year and not being paid for it and being asked to take pay cuts as well as pension cuts? If my friends and family don't get their pensions, why should sheila dixion?

in the county my guy works for, the superintendent of schools has gotten a 60% raise over the past 3 years while over the past 3 years they've: Laid off people, fourloughed, cut pensions, cut medical benefits, elimintaed raises, cut funding, reduced reminburesements for schooling (that are manditory to keep your job), frozen steps, reduced starting salaries etc. Sure, he's one man, but does it seem right that HE gets his pension increases and raise etc. when all of the non-central office employees are being asked to give up so much? Oh and the asst super and other board members also got their increases and pension increases. I'm usre if you took all of that money together, it would have helped to close some of the gap. Sure, it wouldn't have been all of it, but if they suggest quitting buying TP because "Every little penny helps" then perhaps the public should pressure some of the leaders about their pennies and sacrifices?

I also think that the CA state employees wouldn't be so pissed at Arnold's screwing them over if he and his wife didn't have enough money to wipe their asses with $100s every time they shat and not feel any financial burden, but that's just my opinion. But i also know that my being okay with increasing taxes is rare. The same people at the state who are angry at going to work without pay would be pissed if they had a tax increase, even if they got their raise.

Cookie Review

I was at Whole Foods the other day and craving cookies but didn't feel like baking a ton of them so, I checked out their bakery section. They had these little bags of different kinds of cookies so I thought I'd buy a couple to try them.

Premier Vegan German Chocolate Cookie = *
I didn't notice the "vegan" or I wouldn't have bought them. They're awful. They look good, dark chocolate with chunks of nuts but . . . ick. Fairly tasteless other than a sweet flavor. No discernable chocolate flavoring whatsoever and there's coconut (I guess that's the nod to the german chocolate) in there presumably for flavor but it has no flavor so you just get this odd random string of something you assume is a piece of coconut but can't really tell cuz there's no flavor. Blech.

Premier Oatmeal Raisin Cookies = ***
I like these. Tasty. Flavorful. All around a decent cookie. Moist, chewy, pretty good.

So, just in case you find yourself sitting there thinking, "I wonder how the Whole Foods premier vegan german chocolate cookies are?" or "I wonder how the Whole Foods premier oatmeal raisin cookies are?"  Now you know.

Monday, July 26

a quote.

i read this quote in the paper yesterday. a cancer survivor had it on a plaque in her home and i thought it was wonderful.....

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

I plan on living by those wise words.

Sunday, July 25

Happy Birthday

Happiest of Birthdays Jilly. Hope you had a nice day!

Friday, July 23

What do I want for dinner?

I don't feel like cooking and nothing sounds good.


for the card Kathryn. You may be having fun with the Blackberry, but you still remembered me.


Still Here

Sorry I haven't been heard from lately; I have just gotten a BlackBerry 8900 to replace my old dead & dying BlackBerry 8310, and I am having great fun with it!

Thursday, July 22

i refuse

to let this site die. come on ladies. make a comment at least on my weak attempt.

so i am sitting here in my chair ....time out...i have to run out and clean out the street gutters due to the GIANT STORM.

okay, back. i did my civic and neighborly duty and made sure the sewer outlets were clean of debris. we are having a kickass storm here. water is rising. tornado warnings. i told spideydaughter if she finds my ass in a tree to give me a decent service after creamating me. there are tornado warnings but until i hear the freight train i am sitting in my chair.

so, if you don't hear from me again, i perished. i had a good life, so don't mourn my passing.

as amelia earhart said... We must be on you, but cannot see you. Gas is running low.

Monday, July 19

summer time favorites

i have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. probably because my cousin and i were talking at the funeral the other day(sorry to mention this again)and we realized that the family is getting smaller and smaller since none of these kids we have are reproducing. (sigh) and then i was thinking of the wonderful summer days i used to have. my grandparents lived on a small wisconsin lake and i used to spend so much time in that lake, i was a prune. and then i thought about the fun days we had sitting down by the lake,and my grandpa cooking on the rotisserie over the hot coals. i can still hear that rotisserie motor spinning a chicken or a roast and the delicious aromas wafting through the air. the big watermelon sliced into thick pieces, with juice dripping down my chin onto my swim suit. who cared? i could just jump in the lake and wash off! the smell of the beach towels hanging on the line, all fresh and crisp. the silence of the house, when someone would ask me to run up to the fridge to grab something. no one would be in the house and it was so quiet except for the cuckoo clock ticking away in the living room. the silence would sometimes give me the creeps and i would grab the item out of the fridge and run as fast as i could back down to the lake and to the people and noise. sometimes i wish i could go back to those days, for perhaps just one afternoon.

Saturday, July 17

how old do you feel?

last week when i attended my great uncles funeral i realized that with each passing decade i inch my way closer to the great beyond. but right now, i am still one of the youngsters. there is still at least 2 generations in front of me. only one behind me at this point. once my kids give me some grandchildren, this feeling may change. but right now, i still feel like a kid sometimes.

i am so okay with that.

Thursday, July 15

You only THOUGHT Mel Gibson was human garbage before.

(Note: this is VERY, VERY vulgar, filled with profanity, and definitely NSFW!)

Wednesday, July 14

Did Sarah Palins head blow off of her body this morning????

bristol stated she went public rather than tell her mother to her face cause she was afraid of the reaction.
that comment tells me exactly what kind of person sarah is.

Sunday, July 11

going golfing

I am going golfing today for the first time in about 15 years. I am taking along an extra pair of pants in case I get a hole in one!
hopefully i won't pull a muscle of any kind anywhere.

Tuesday, July 6

The US justice system works: Lindsay Lohan is going to jail.

Sunday, July 4

happy 4th.

it might not always be as we wish, but it is ours. happy birthday america.
i love you.

Saturday, July 3

This is so damn funny

This is so freaking funny. I laughed so hard when I saw it because it's soooooo true!  My nieces and nephews are like this -- but . . . it's an iPhone! It's the best thing in the world!!

iPhone Drones

Warning -- contains profanity and may be offensive to those who believe the iPhone is the best phone in the world.

But it is damn funny.

Friday, July 2


Can there be a bigger misogynistic racist than Mel Gibson? What a creep.

Wednesday, June 30

Sad day in Yorba Linda

A young man who was in Hallie's sixth grade class, and with whom she's been friends for a number of years, was shot and killed by the police on our street last night. He was suspected of an armed robbery at the little strip mall just down the way from us, which I visit daily because my gym is there.

I can't imagine how Julian's life led him to this terrible ending--he and Hallie hadn't been in touch in a number of years--but I do know that he was a sweet 11 year old who used to swim in my backyard sometimes, and being shot in the street at 25 years old is tragic and horrible.

Poor Hallie was stunned by this sad news, especially in light of the fact that she was suddenly and very unexpectedly laid off from her job a few hours before the tragic news about Julian.

If you're a praying person, please pray for the family and friends of Julian Collender, especially his mom and dad, as they struggle to understand what happened. And say a little prayer for Hallie, too, while you're at it.

Tuesday, June 29

New OK Go video

This one is all stop motion--I read that it took 21 hours of straight shooting to complete. Amazing.

Monday, June 28

One of Life's Little Mysteries . . .

I was at Costco today to pick up a few things -- some Diet Coke, some snacks for the office, etc.  I picked the  best looking line and got behind four other carts that were all about half full, like mine.

As I moved up the line and was the next up to start unloading my cart, a guy who looked to be about 20 came up to me and said, "Excuse me, ma'am, but do you mind if I get ahead of you in line since I'm only buying 2 things?"

Me:     Actually I do mind. Why do you think that just because you're buying fewer items you shouldn't have to wait in line like the rest of us?

He stood there staring at me and finally said:     But, I'm only buying 2 things.

Me:     I understand that but, why do you feel that entitles you to not have to wait in line?

Him:     (Just staring at me still)

Me:     If you can give me a good reason why it makes sense to let you cut in line, I'll do it but, you'll have to convince me why you think the number of items that you're buying matters because it really doesn't.

Him:     Can't I just get in front of you?

Me:     No. Not unless you can convince me.

Him:     (Staring)

Me:     Well?

Him:     So, no?

Me:     Correct. No.

Him:     (Wandered  off to another line presumably to ask others if he could cut in.)

It might be different if he were a 90 year old man or a very pregnant woman or someone who would seem to have a hard time standing in line on a hot, crowded shopping day but, he was a young kid, looked perfectly healthy, etc.

I truly don't understand why some people think that having fewer items entitles them to not have to wait in line. Makes no sense to me.

Friday, June 25

who's birthday is tomorrow??

Happy Birthday to Orbie! Hoping this year brings only good things your way.

Thursday, June 24

thursday and another flower

this is my peach hibiscus, up close and personal.

Tuesday, June 22

new post... not much action around here

so i will share a picture of my 3 dollar gerber daisy. that should cheer us up!

Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day

to all of you Old Broards :)

Saturday, June 19

what's your opinion?

Cameron Diaz (that genius) stated in a Playboy interview that having sex with a woman doesn't make you a lesbian.
Maybe having sex with a woman once or even twice does not a lesbian make, but what's the definition, what's the limit?
Maybe she just doesn't want to be labeled, but that's what society does---labels people.

Friday, June 18

spare ink

Hey world....we got a new printer recently and now have ink we can't use. Does anyone take EPSON C68,C88,C88+,CX3800,CX3810,CX4200,CX4800,'s the one with the chairs on it. got a full magenta and yellow and a partially full Cyan and black

Thursday, June 17

Obama's Address

on the BP oil spill--I thought it was kind of weak, but I'd volunteer to be on the board that distributes the money to those whose jobs & lives were affected.

On this BP executive Tony Hayward, besides being an ass "I want my life back," has he ever personally apologized to the region?

Tuesday, June 15

slow news day

I kid you not. On the Huffington Post, there is a picture/story:

Brad Pitt Trims Beard

Saturday, June 12

Ankle Pants

I don't like them. They're just too close to being just regular pants that aren't quite long enough.

Perhaps I bring my lifetime of tall-girl experience too much to bear on this subject, but I spent the morning cutting two inches off several pairs of ankle pants, causing them to become cropped pants instead. That way there can be no shadow of doubt that these pants are SUPPOSED to be short.

I don't want ANYBODY entertaining even the briefest thought that this 5'10" woman left the house in dorky high-water pants.

Friday, June 11

urine vandersloot

I am really sick of hearing about this guy. what a disgusting human being. he is confessing to the murder. when is he going to be put away? what a nightmare for all the families.

Thursday, June 10

thin skin

we were having a family evening together and went over to borders the other night to kill some time. all was well until my guy wanted a new bathroom book (he does all his fun reading in there so don't ever mess with the books on the back of the toilet if you come to visit). Anyway, I was having fun suggesting books, and he was annoyed with me for suggesting etc. i wandered over into the literature section and noticed sarah palin's book was in the great literature/fiction section. I said "how the hell is "going Rogue" 'great literature?' Well, at least the got the fiction part right."

boy did that piss a few people off.

Monday, June 7

What's going on with you?

Thursday, June 3

Many Thanks

I had lunch with a good friend today I hadn't had lunch with in about 2 months. She really put a new twist on a few problems I've been having and lifted a weight I've been carrying around. After lunch was over, I was so thankful for her love and friendship and all the way home, I realized how blessed I've been in friendships. I haven't stated my thanks to you gals enough over the years and that's a shame. Even if all of us haven't gotten along 100% of the time, we're still friends and we still wish good things for each other and give room for each other to have a good rant and would join in keying someone's car who wronged one of us (if we lived closer to each other that is). You really are a good set of broards (including Ded and Bert, wherever he's been). I appreciate your friendships, your comments, your criticisim (hey, no one is perfect!), your wisdom, and your support. Life is hard, and it's silly to try and go it alone. I hope you take a moment to remember a friend and then call him or her and tell that person what they mean to you, if you can. It just might be something that s/he needs to hear this week.

Tuesday, June 1

Odd Story

This story of Sarah Palin vs author Joe McGinnis is getting very strange.
As you may know McGinnis rented the house next to Palin's for the summer. He's working on a book about her. She, paranoid as hell, almost accused him of being a sexual pervert . . out to spy in her daughter Piper's bedroom. It's sick the way she uses her kids. If she'd taken the high road and ignored him, he'd write his book and that would be that. She's adding fuel to the fire. Now an Alaskan paper reminded McGinnis that Palin could shoot to kill to defend "life and property." What's the author up to? Is he going to sneak over in the middle of the night and stab her with his Bic?
She wanted the limelight. Bask, Sarah, bask.

So sad

Al and Tipper Gore are separating after 40 years of marriage.
I think that's very sad.

Sunday, May 30

Proof of a F'd up World

is this world f'd up or what? South Korean couple starved their baby to death while tending to their online virtual baby.

Friday, May 28


Gary Coleman is dead
The Oil Spill is still spilt
The Indianapolis 500 will be on Sunday

Monday, May 24


Just to let you all know that Gail's husband Dennis died last night it came as a shock as he was making great progress and was due home today.He was a character was dennis and will be greatly missed.

Saturday, May 22

Best wishes to Lori

Wishing our friend Orbie a quick recovery from her surgery and better days ahead!

Thursday, May 20

Lost Spoilers


I don't watch Glee, but this morning I read an article that singing sensation Susan Boyle may play a Lunch Lady on the show. That would be brilliant casting!!! She looks like a lot of the lunch ladies I grew up with. I would watch that episode

Wednesday, May 19

Celebrating a First

Today MissMandolin and I went to the library and she got her first library card. She loved teh joint, well, until the puppt theatre fell on her, but she's fine. they gave her a bookbag that reads "my first lbirary card!" and a sticker that states that she's a "super summer reader." We didn't even go into the playroom, just the baby area and over to the craft book section so i could get somethig to read, so things are looking really good for her future as a reader (not to mention the fact she owns more books than toys).

This one's for Naggy Poo

Naggy, if you're out there:

Mark Souder, a very Conservative Indiana 8-term congressman with those pesky "family values", resigned after admitting to schtupping a staff member

Sunday, May 16

More Dimwit Palin (Posted for Spidey)

"PHOENIX — As calls spread for an economic boycott of Arizona, the state's governor enlisted the help of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday to defend a new law cracking down on illegal immigration.

Jan Brewer and Palin blamed President Barack Obama for the state law, saying the measure is Arizona's attempt to enforce immigration laws because the federal government won't do it.

"It's time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say, 'We're all Arizonans now,'" Palin said. "And in clear unison we say, 'Mr. President: Do your job. Secure our border.'""

hmmmmm, Obama in Office less than 2 years

Bush in Office 8 previous years

Was this dimwit Palin shouting at Dubya to secure the borders? No, she was in Alaska looking at Russia from her house.

Friday, May 14

share my sunset friends

a beautiful sky... good enough to share.

from my blog... cheeky quotes.. i lol'd.

Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you?


Wednesday, May 12

For Verb

This is NOT from The Onion. This is serious shit

miss mimi

some of you old broards who were alive in the 1970s might enjoy mimi here. she makes me laugh and gag at the same time, and that's quite an accomplishment!

the 1980s were rolling when i was born, but i can appreciate the blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes vomit that she puts into this.

Monday, May 10

Tis the Season

Today's mail brought two more high school graduation announcements. At least we're related to these two girls and I'll be happy to send them each a card and a check. The others I've received since May 1st (four) were from friends of friends and people I work with whose kids are graduating.

I refuse to buy into this business of just because someone sends out announcements to everyone and their mothers, that the recipients have to pony up some dough.

I'm sending those people a card and that's all.

Do you dread graduation season?

Sunday, May 9

Happy Mothers Day to all You Old Broards

All I am doing is making rugs and waiting for my daughter to get home, but I hope you all have a lovely day

Saturday, May 8

does anyone

have a NOOK? and what do you think of it?
Set your DVR: Betty White on SNL tonight

Thursday, May 6

nail on the head

so i was watching a kid's show with mandolin today. A little girl and a little boy were building a toy airplane and couldn't get it to work. the little boy kept insisting that he'd read all the instructions and used all the parts, but it wouldn't work. the little girl went and looked at the box and found a rubberband in it and the boy said "well, maybe i didn't read the instructions, and i thought i used all the important parts. it should work, i don't know why it won't work." the little girl then reads the instructions and uses the discarded rubberband to get the plane to work. the little boy then makes the plane fly and gets an award from the teacher for making the plane fly.

i wasn't sure if the cartoon was stereotyping or just playing out a scene from reality.

The Middle

IMHO If you aren't watching this show, you're missing one of the funniest 1/2 hours on TV. Last night's episode about Mother's Day was truly hilarious. I actually Laughed/snorted out loud several times. Goodbye Girl's Marsha Mason guest starred as Frankie's (Patricia Heaton) mother and was great.

Wednesday, May 5

Rent Boy

another anti-gay Conservative bites the Big One


Sun, Jin, Sayid and Lapides.
Get Better: Kate and Sawyer.
What a thrilling episode!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been incommunicado, lots going on...
I found a job up in Santa Maria (I think you already knew that...), I started working there March 1st while Sean was still down in LA packing up the house. I was staying with friends which was nice, no rent to pay and I had lots of fun with them. The fact they are my ex in laws just makes it funnier. Then about a week into the new job I got sick, mostly a cough but it wouldn't go away and I couldn't focus, felt really foggy, was almost falling asleep at work. Finally went to urgent care and found out I had pneumonia. I was out 2 1/2 days, should have probably taken more time off but I didn't have any sick time yet plus when you are new it feels wrong to call out. So I couldn't do much, just work and rest. I was finally feeling a little better the last week in March when we had to move everything up here thankfully. We found a really cute duplex in Grover Beach, we are one mile from the beach and I really like it. It has an attached garage so the boy cats are out there and Monkee is in the house since she doesn't piss on everything. Sean still doesn't have a job but he's already made a couple of friends and some contacts that might work into some freelance work. So that's what we've been doing plus we are leaving for Ireland, England and Greece in about two weeks. We are going to visit Alex and I'm really excited to meet her! Hopefully all the ash will be out of the air so we can fly in like we are supposed to.
Anyway, hope everyone has been good, I'll try to pop in more often now that everything is quieter!