Wednesday, June 22

Tuesday, June 21

The Killing with no resolution

I get and appreciate a story that unfolds slowly, but The Killing ending was infuriating. Am I the only one?

Sunday, June 19

SLJ reads

I am sure many of you have already heard of this book. I'll borrow VQ's warning, if you are "offendable", don't bother. But the truth is, anyone who has had children, or babysat children, or been around them at bedtime can totally relate.

Thursday, June 16

Happy BLOOMSDAY Fellow James Joyce fans!

Wednesday, June 15

Tree Question

What are your thoughts on A lot of the free ebooks we're downloading for the nook are from smashwords. Some are crap, some aren't. What do you think ----should a writer put work up there just to test the waters?

Sunday, June 12

The Voice

Anyone watching it? I've successfully avoided watching any of the "reality" or reality game shows of the last 10+ years but NG got me hooked on this one. So far Xenia and Beverly are my faves.

Monday, June 6

Do not even click this link

If you are religious or easily offended. I mean it. Don't be coming back at me and telling me how offended you were.

Otherwise, please do enjoy Yonder Lies the Tassle of my Father.

Friday, June 3

Pictures of the Penis

When will men stop Tweeting pictures of their penises?
Why do they think seeing their junk will entice a woman to sleep with it/suck on it/play with it/make friends with it??

Big babies. Jeez!!

Thursday, June 2

An apology

for posting this here, but for some reason, I am having trouble getting getting my comments to post. Jilly, send the titles for those books about pioneers- I am mad about stories like that. If you haven't read willa cather- you are in for a treat (although my antonia is probably more widely read, o, pioneers I liked better). And Tree recommended a book by her friend, Lauri B ( OK, I am having a senior moment,, I can't remember the title or her last name) that I think I sent on to,,, someone here in the shelf. If they still have it, maybe they can send it on to you. Lovely book- modern ranching with lots of personal stuff also. Delicious.

Wednesday, June 1

June 1

1. What do you hope to accomplish in the month?
2. Do you like it will happen?
3. What's your favorite summertime June memory?