Saturday, July 31

What a beautiful bride Chelsea Clinton made!

Her parents did such a wonderful job with her


i was trolling the tv last night and came upon rosanne's 2006 comedy special. i am not always a fan, but she does say some funny stuff. she was talking about menopause, and she said this.... now that menopause is here, i am now dry where i should be wet, and wet where i should be dry.

i thought that was hilarious.

damn. This caught me by surprise!

Wednesday, July 28

the state of the state

I found this article interesting (i don't know how to make a link, so forgive me if this messed up).

I've long noticed that "important measures" that are essential in times of high need are never repealed, even when times of high need fade into times of high prosperity.

Personally, I'd rather they'd just raise my taxes than charge me $50 a year to use public parks, or $5 a day for a local playground, or even force one to bring their own toilet paper to work. Seriously, I like it when the government does basic stuff for me, nothing above and beyond, but the same basic stuff they've always done, and I'm willing to pay more in my property & income taxes to cover this sop everyone pays equally whether they choose to use said services or not.

I think all of those cities that are firing all their police are going to regret it. If one gets rid of city police and then relies on county/state police when those same organizations are in a budget crunch too, then the EMT/Fire/Police services become overworked, underpaid, and emergency wait times increase.

Baltimore city, like most cities, is in a major crunch, and they want to lay off police, fire EMT, trash services etc. I LIKE having trash pick up. I like the fact that when I call 911 (emergency or non) it only takes them 5-10 mins to respond. If the city has these lay offs, we woul;d have to go to trash pick-up every 2 weeks and the police/fire/emt reponse time would take about 40 minutes in an emergency and multiple hours in non-emergency situations (if at all). P

art of Baltimore's issue is that the dumb bitch known as sheila dixion, our former mayor, broke many laws, including stealing from the city's homeless fund (i didn't vote for her, she looked like a cheap hooker someone had dressed up and tried to pass off as a lady). anyway, when she was tossed out of office because of her actions, the city was forced to pay her a LIFETIME pension of $83,000 a year. See, not only does she, an admitted criminal, gets to keep her $83,000 a year, but ALL the local elected officials get a generous pension like that. This is a national thing, not just a rare Baltimore stupidity. Perhaps there should be an ethics requirement in the pension, that if one is convicted or must resign from the job, then one loses said pension or takes a reduced pension? I'm sure that could be managed if catholic schools can fired people for getting IVF....

And guess what? If the next mayor gets more than Sheila did while in office, her pension could go up fron $83,000 a year to as much as $95,000 a year. FOR NOTHING. I'm in the wrong line of work, we all are. Sure, $83,000 would pay for about 2 cops, or 3 911 dispatchers, or 2 EMTs, or 2 fire fighters etc., but if you took the total amt of over-blown lifetime pensions the city gives away like this and you know, quit doing that, you'd find a lot of savings. Plus in a times like this, does it seem fair that these people are paid so high when state employees are going to work a dew dozen times a year and not being paid for it and being asked to take pay cuts as well as pension cuts? If my friends and family don't get their pensions, why should sheila dixion?

in the county my guy works for, the superintendent of schools has gotten a 60% raise over the past 3 years while over the past 3 years they've: Laid off people, fourloughed, cut pensions, cut medical benefits, elimintaed raises, cut funding, reduced reminburesements for schooling (that are manditory to keep your job), frozen steps, reduced starting salaries etc. Sure, he's one man, but does it seem right that HE gets his pension increases and raise etc. when all of the non-central office employees are being asked to give up so much? Oh and the asst super and other board members also got their increases and pension increases. I'm usre if you took all of that money together, it would have helped to close some of the gap. Sure, it wouldn't have been all of it, but if they suggest quitting buying TP because "Every little penny helps" then perhaps the public should pressure some of the leaders about their pennies and sacrifices?

I also think that the CA state employees wouldn't be so pissed at Arnold's screwing them over if he and his wife didn't have enough money to wipe their asses with $100s every time they shat and not feel any financial burden, but that's just my opinion. But i also know that my being okay with increasing taxes is rare. The same people at the state who are angry at going to work without pay would be pissed if they had a tax increase, even if they got their raise.

Cookie Review

I was at Whole Foods the other day and craving cookies but didn't feel like baking a ton of them so, I checked out their bakery section. They had these little bags of different kinds of cookies so I thought I'd buy a couple to try them.

Premier Vegan German Chocolate Cookie = *
I didn't notice the "vegan" or I wouldn't have bought them. They're awful. They look good, dark chocolate with chunks of nuts but . . . ick. Fairly tasteless other than a sweet flavor. No discernable chocolate flavoring whatsoever and there's coconut (I guess that's the nod to the german chocolate) in there presumably for flavor but it has no flavor so you just get this odd random string of something you assume is a piece of coconut but can't really tell cuz there's no flavor. Blech.

Premier Oatmeal Raisin Cookies = ***
I like these. Tasty. Flavorful. All around a decent cookie. Moist, chewy, pretty good.

So, just in case you find yourself sitting there thinking, "I wonder how the Whole Foods premier vegan german chocolate cookies are?" or "I wonder how the Whole Foods premier oatmeal raisin cookies are?"  Now you know.

Monday, July 26

a quote.

i read this quote in the paper yesterday. a cancer survivor had it on a plaque in her home and i thought it was wonderful.....

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

I plan on living by those wise words.

Sunday, July 25

Happy Birthday

Happiest of Birthdays Jilly. Hope you had a nice day!

Friday, July 23

What do I want for dinner?

I don't feel like cooking and nothing sounds good.


for the card Kathryn. You may be having fun with the Blackberry, but you still remembered me.


Still Here

Sorry I haven't been heard from lately; I have just gotten a BlackBerry 8900 to replace my old dead & dying BlackBerry 8310, and I am having great fun with it!

Thursday, July 22

i refuse

to let this site die. come on ladies. make a comment at least on my weak attempt.

so i am sitting here in my chair ....time out...i have to run out and clean out the street gutters due to the GIANT STORM.

okay, back. i did my civic and neighborly duty and made sure the sewer outlets were clean of debris. we are having a kickass storm here. water is rising. tornado warnings. i told spideydaughter if she finds my ass in a tree to give me a decent service after creamating me. there are tornado warnings but until i hear the freight train i am sitting in my chair.

so, if you don't hear from me again, i perished. i had a good life, so don't mourn my passing.

as amelia earhart said... We must be on you, but cannot see you. Gas is running low.

Monday, July 19

summer time favorites

i have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. probably because my cousin and i were talking at the funeral the other day(sorry to mention this again)and we realized that the family is getting smaller and smaller since none of these kids we have are reproducing. (sigh) and then i was thinking of the wonderful summer days i used to have. my grandparents lived on a small wisconsin lake and i used to spend so much time in that lake, i was a prune. and then i thought about the fun days we had sitting down by the lake,and my grandpa cooking on the rotisserie over the hot coals. i can still hear that rotisserie motor spinning a chicken or a roast and the delicious aromas wafting through the air. the big watermelon sliced into thick pieces, with juice dripping down my chin onto my swim suit. who cared? i could just jump in the lake and wash off! the smell of the beach towels hanging on the line, all fresh and crisp. the silence of the house, when someone would ask me to run up to the fridge to grab something. no one would be in the house and it was so quiet except for the cuckoo clock ticking away in the living room. the silence would sometimes give me the creeps and i would grab the item out of the fridge and run as fast as i could back down to the lake and to the people and noise. sometimes i wish i could go back to those days, for perhaps just one afternoon.

Saturday, July 17

how old do you feel?

last week when i attended my great uncles funeral i realized that with each passing decade i inch my way closer to the great beyond. but right now, i am still one of the youngsters. there is still at least 2 generations in front of me. only one behind me at this point. once my kids give me some grandchildren, this feeling may change. but right now, i still feel like a kid sometimes.

i am so okay with that.

Thursday, July 15

You only THOUGHT Mel Gibson was human garbage before.

(Note: this is VERY, VERY vulgar, filled with profanity, and definitely NSFW!)

Wednesday, July 14

Did Sarah Palins head blow off of her body this morning????

bristol stated she went public rather than tell her mother to her face cause she was afraid of the reaction.
that comment tells me exactly what kind of person sarah is.

Sunday, July 11

going golfing

I am going golfing today for the first time in about 15 years. I am taking along an extra pair of pants in case I get a hole in one!
hopefully i won't pull a muscle of any kind anywhere.

Tuesday, July 6

The US justice system works: Lindsay Lohan is going to jail.

Sunday, July 4

happy 4th.

it might not always be as we wish, but it is ours. happy birthday america.
i love you.

Saturday, July 3

This is so damn funny

This is so freaking funny. I laughed so hard when I saw it because it's soooooo true!  My nieces and nephews are like this -- but . . . it's an iPhone! It's the best thing in the world!!

iPhone Drones

Warning -- contains profanity and may be offensive to those who believe the iPhone is the best phone in the world.

But it is damn funny.

Friday, July 2


Can there be a bigger misogynistic racist than Mel Gibson? What a creep.