Saturday, April 23

April 23, 2011

Hmmm . . . seems that since I restricted access to my blog the links on the left don't update to show when I post new entries. And . . . I couldn't figure out how to change that. And I claim to be technologically talented . . . ha!

Monday, April 18

And speaking of highly touted new tv shows

Did anyone watch Game of Thrones? I was drawn in by it, yet also surprised by what a boob-fest the first episode was. If I may quote Steve Martin, "there must've been 57 tits..."

Sunday, April 17

TV Suggestion

I'm watching a new show on AMC: The Killing. It's very good!


Yet another peep picture. I might do this for Easter.....Peep Sushi

Wednesday, April 13

Hey Emma....

Have you seen these?

Deliciousness wrapped in foil!

Friday, April 8

You Get What You Pay For

Michelle Bachman? Sarah Palin? Mitt Romney? Mike Huckabee? DONALD TRUMP????? Gag a maggot. Really, people of these United States?

Thursday, April 7

Happy April Birthdays

To all the appropriate broards: Verbie, Tree, Allan, Adolph, and Clara my long-deceased paternal grandmother who I miss very much.

Sunday, April 3

Since Allan checks in here . . .

A building that looks like Hitler

Ina's a stuck up broard

Ina Garter turned down a Make-a-Wish kid!!! Can you believe that---what a pr disaster for the Barefoot Contessa! Tree, I think it was you that was anti-Ina and didn't like her--your instincts were right. One can only hope that Jeffrey will still let her make him roast chicken!

Saturday, April 2


If you're not watching this season's Survivor, you're missing one of the all time great reality characters: Phillip, the former federal agent (?.) He hunts crabs with a spear in his pink "tighty whiteys," talks about "honor, service and country" and likens himself to the tiger and the gorilla via tattoos he sports, and complains about being treated around the camp like a "red-headed stepchild."
He's very entertaining without meaning to be.