Wednesday, October 31

At this time of year, I hear old Book Shelfer Blyblather saying "Never talk to Republicans."
This new crop of right wingers are as useless as tits on a boar

Wednesday, October 24

Wisdom from Twitterville

1st we had "Legitimate Rape" & now we have "Gift from God Rape". Any woman who votes Republican this yr needs 2 have her head examined.

Hey, it's fall again

It is going to snow six inches tomorrow night. 60% of our leaves have fallen. A seventeen year old alleged child murderer turned himself in today. I have a pro-pot initiative sign in the yard. I wanted to put an Obama sign up but could never get one from the haphazard Democratic headquarters nearby and so gave up. Watching a lot of good tv and some awful tv too.  I'm reading a scary noir novel from the 1960s that's a better fit for the mood. It's called The Expendable Man. The first two chapters are about a doctor who picks up an unsavory teenage hitchhiker. You just know things are not going to go well. Working on some projects for people and spending a lot of quiet time in the house with the cat. It's hard to remember to type in full sentences after spending a lot of time on Twitter. What's happening at your house?

Friday, October 19

you may like this it made me laugh it follows a rant by a bloke on bodyfors page about their adverts being misleading

Wednesday, October 17

Monday, October 15

This will make you laugh!

Well, at least, it made me laugh.

When douchebags collide:  L. Ron meets Ayn

SO, I did not die......

It has been three weeks, and things are getting back to normal. Sunday morning, Sept 23rd I woke up with chest pain. After a couple of minutes I realized that this was more than just something simple. I woke Suzette who went right into action. We were dressed and out the door very quickly. The Hospital is about seven or eight blocks away, and she ran three red lights. She got me to the ER within twenty minutes of the first chest pain. The activity was a blur. They wheeled me in and did a catheterization, putting a stent into the artery that was ninety percent blocked. (they call this artery the Widow Maker...) By 9.00am I was in a room and recovering. They kept me overnight, and when the original tests showed that I had little or no damage to my heart, they let me go home. I took the rest of that week off and went back to work the following Monday. I signed up for the six week Cardiac Rehab program, and I have been watching every bite of food I eat. I did the stress test last week and this verified that there was no damage. Suzette's quick action saved my life. I have my follow up appointment with my Cardiologist tomorrow, and I am gradually getting my life back to normal. I have cut back my work schedule from the sixty or seventy hour weeks to a more reasonable forty five or so, and I am working on getting things back to normal. It is good to bee here.....

Friday, October 12


Loved it! Joe called LyinRyan on his, well, lies.

Old man versus Eddie Munster