Saturday, January 31

Five Jars of Pickles

I wanted hot dogs today for lunch.  It's 4:35 pm, but I'm just now eating lunch.  And I wanted said hot dogs with relish and cheese on them.  I open my refrigerator to find...voila....5 jars of myriad pickles, and no relish.

How many jars of pickles do you have in your fridge?

Friday, January 30

Superbowl ads

Spidey, check out the Bridgestone ad "Squirrel"

Octuplet mom already has SIX

That's right.  That 33 year old Whittier, CA woman who gave birth to the 8 multiples already has SIX CHILDREN aged 2-7.

I'm sure most of you have already read the story, but if you haven't, check this link out.  Amazing. What kind of doctor did this?

Thursday, January 29

please note

new blog address:

Choosing a title is difficult, but this is what I came up with, and it was available.

Wednesday, January 28

Say, Everybody!

How 'bout that Bruce Springfield, anyway!

(I'm sorry.  I couldn't control myself.)


Or however you spell that word. Some woman had eight babies. EIGHT! All at once! Ridiculous. And I suppose she'll want a TLC show like that obxious Jon & Kate. These people go on and on about how hard it is having eight kids. YOU HAD EIGHT KIDS, you dingbats!! They get to go to Disney World and Hawaii and get to renovate their home so stop complaining about how tired you are when you're the ones how had fertility drugs and bred like cats. If a couple have been trying to get pregnant and can't, and want to use fertility drugs instead of adopt--sure, go right ahead, but don't expect a damned tv show detailing every wretched moment of your child rearing woes.
People who have more kids than they can afford should shut the hell up about it and no television station should give them a television show.
Kate Gosselin makes my skin crawl. I've been seeing tv ads about a home show in Indy where she's a guest speaker. Go home Kate. Yuck.
This is coming from a women who was one of seven (not all at once, mind you).

Monday, January 26


i heard from fez today, and she is well, for those of you who had been wondering.
she only has internet access at the library or coffee house, so she is behind on her
computer time. she says she misses us. :)

Sunday, January 25

Sunday Question

What's your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?
Mine is reading the Sunday paper while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Thursday, January 22

One Woman's Opinion

I know it probably won't be a popular one, but in my opinion I don't care a rat's ass about Caylee Anthony, her murderous (alledgedly) mother, her grandparents, or any other part of the case. Am I sorry a little kid was murdered? Hell yes, but does it have to take so much ink?
Caylee Anthony
Nathalie Holloway
Jon Benet Ramsey

Let's see, am I forgetting any other high profile murdered white chick?

I used to half way enjoy Nancy Grace's show, but is she fucking ridiculous or what?? Every time I flip to her program it's an hour long "expose" on the Caylee Anthony case. Attorneys, prosecutors, forensic experts, blood spatter experts, bounty hunters, journalists, cops, talking ad nauseum about this one case. Hey Nancy Grace . . . do some good and focus in on what we can do to save jobs, save homes, end the war, and other larger issues. And stop flaring those damned nostrils of yours. It's fucking annoying and you just look stupid and outrageous, not outraged.

You're the female equivalent of Gerald Rivera, and not in a good way.

Wednesday, January 21

what did you think

of Michelle Obamas gown? I thought it was lovely. Her inaguaration dress was also very nice. Isabel Toledo and Jason Wu will now be famous. good for them.

Skinny Barack

I was watching a little bit of the ABC Inaugural parties last night and saw Michelle and Barack dancing. He's a handsome man but boy is he skinny! Someone give him a sandwich!
Note to programmers: A classic song is great when one singer sings it, when you have twenty "stars" singing it---it's a muddled mess!
The stars were Faith Hill, Ole Mariah Carey, Sting (again with him!), Will.I.Am, That chick who sings "falling"--I can't remember her name, Stevie Wonder and a few others. Who thought that would sound good?

Tuesday, January 20


I am trying to respond to your blog and it says you have to approve my comment.
will you? :)

Monday, January 19

Admit it

Okay, which of you broards have purchased Barack 44th presidential commemorative items?

I've seen stamps, stamped postcards, Kennedy half dollars with colorized Barack over them, shirts, caps, QVS has a throw (for those who want to be warm by his essence, I'm guessing) and bobble heads.
I bought a Barack shirt for LP and a commentative LIFE booklet.

I think Barack's crap could bring our economy back around! Maybe that's the plan.

Saturday, January 17


1. CSI: Gil's gone to Costa Rica, and met up with Sara Sidle. I saw that coming when it showed his GPS system.
2. Are you excited Lost is starting up again?
3. The Office: Angela was finally outed as "The Office Mattress"--a label she tried to stick on Pam last season.
4. A new season of Survivor will begin soon: Is there an end in sight?
5. Shows I've never seen a full episode: How I Met Your Mother, 2 and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Ugly Betty, ER (is it finally over?), House, Bones, NCIS, any of the "Real Housewives" franchise, Monday Night Football, Ghost Whisperer.
6. To Schell: I watched last week's My Name is Earl where Joy was trying to be on the game show"Estrada or Nada" and had a flashback to whenshe was a child. Although I've never met Tea Lady--Joy's hacking grandma reminded me of her.

Wednesday, January 14

i recently

found out that someone i graduated with from high school has gone on to be quite the political writer and blogger. i haven't had a chance to check out a lot of his work, but here is something from a rally this last september.
he also has written a few books and will be visiting my hometown the end of january with a reception at the library. i don't know if i will be able to go. i used to hang out with the foreign exchange student that lived at his home, and i remember him as this skinny hippy type genius. he was quiet back then. he isn't now. check it out if you wish.

I wonder what plot number he will have

I see patrick Macgoohan has died

Sunday, January 11

of Mice and Men

We're reading this in class and one of the students in the room has Downs Syndrome. Every day I see the best and worst of humanity and it usually makes my head hurt.

Saturday, January 10

thank you

for all your sweet words regarding spideydaughter. :)

Thursday, January 8

Gladys from Austin loves Jesus

But she drinks a little.

Hey Emma, if you still need a laugh, watch this!

Wednesday, January 7

Sunday, January 4


WASHINGTON (Jan. 4) - Another President Bush?
Perhaps so, says former President George H.W. Bush, who has already seen one son, George W., serve in the Oval Office. The nation's 41st president said Sunday that he would like to see a second son, Jeb, be president one day.

Saturday, January 3

2009 Movies,,20249045,00.html

here's a look at this year's movies.

I can't wait to see HP & Half Blood Prince in July, and Julie & Julia (Meryl Streep playing Julia Child) in August

Friday, January 2

In case you've forgotten


Anyone here make any new year's resolutions?

Any intend to keep them?

I stopped making them a few year's ago.

Thursday, January 1

advice for the blog conflicted

I was going to send out an email this morning to people who might read my blog, but then changed my mind because I think I might be overreacting to something and I would like some clarity. The reason I'm posting it here, you'll see in a minute.

I do not know how he found it, and I think he's been reading it longer than I originally thought. You might think, well, so what? And I guess that's true. So what? However, I never gave him the address, nor do I talk much about this one little compartmentalized part of my online life. I'm not that I ashamed or guilty about what I write, but nor do I want to have to think about what I'm writing as it might be judged by him, a man who is very, very smart and particular. He has said many times how stupid he thinks blogs and bloggers are, so by extension, he must be thinking the same of me, though he hasn't said it.

He's been very good to my girls and to my sister for many years. I don't want to hurt his feelings, and even if I asked him to refrain from reading, I could never be sure he wouldn't and that would affect how and what I write. It's like he broke the spell for me, and yes, I do realize how melodramatic that sounds.

Am I being ridiculous? Should I get a different blog, or stop blogging? What would you do? Why must this one little slice of my life collide with the others?