Monday, November 29


When we were away in Vegas LP discovered that we got free HBO and Cinimax for the week and DVR'd a lot of movies. That's okay but since the shows I had DVD'r for the week weren't "kept until I erased" I lost all the shows I recorded :(
No DWTS finale, no 30 Rock, no RH of Atlanta (and wouldn't you know dumbass Phaedra had her baby) and no Mentalist. Bummer

Wednesday, November 24

Let the holiday season begin!!

  i have today off. ahhh.  i must go out and get my dessert for tomorrows festivities. i am looking forward to spending the day with family.

  I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 19

trying to be positive.

  i was reading The Power today, by Rhonda Byrne.  i figure, trying to be positive about stuff is better than being negative. what can it hurt?   i have a lot of work to do on that subject, but anyway....
  there was a quote that really touched me.
   it is by Hafez, a Sufi poet, who lived during the 1300's.

  he said....
   "Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth... "you owe me". Look what happens with a Love like that? It lights the whole sky.

   i love that.


Thursday, November 18

i wanna barf

 when sara palin comes on tv and says she is checking out the landscape of the country, and will decide to run for president in 2012 if there is indication that the country needs her....... i wanna barf.
  when she talks, it is like listening to charlie browns teacher.... whawhawha wha wha.

Raising Hope

   have any of you watched this show?  it is a new show on tuesday nights after Glee.
 cloris leachman plays Maw maw. she is hilarious and looks great for 84. she ends up running around without her top on or in her bra in almost every episode. i know that might sound a little strange, but it is funny. the family is very dysfunctional  but it always ends up with a little lesson and shows how much they love each other.

Tuesday, November 16


We're going to veer from our usual customs this year and skip the turkey dinner on Thursday, and instead spend the day with some fellow alums, watching our beloved OSU Pokes play in a basketball tournament at the Anaheim Convention Center. We're excited about that!

We'll eat the traditional stuff on Friday, although we'll probably just put it all out on the kitchen island and help ourselves, and skip the fancy dining room party of the ritual.

Also, while ordering chicken at a Popeye's chicken drive-through the other day, I saw that Popeye's is selling Cajun-seasoned whole turkeys this year. I am TOTALLY going to get one. I love all the side dishes, but I've always found turkey to be bland and not worth the all-day cooking effort. Plus, handling the raw turkey and even having to LOOK at the neck and giblets makes me queasy for the rest of the day. So I'm pretty enthused about this plan!

On the one hand, I'm a little bit sad about not dragging out the china, crystal and silver for their annual outing/dust removal, but on the other hand, I feel quite cheery about not having to wash them (both before and after!)

Whatcha gonna do for the big day, Broards?

Neil Gaiman recently turned 50

As a birthday present for his friend, Lee Barnett wrote this story for Neil and a pretty good one it is

Monday, November 15

new lows

My reactions to this article:

1) You know there's a special place in hell....

2) Does he REALLY think that having the kid wear a bike helmet would have saved the kid's life when the kid was hit by him at 83mph?

3) I hope this is tossed out quick. This man is CRAZY. No wonder he's representing himself, there's no atty that'd take this case.

Friday, November 12

Pathetic . . .

I occasionally do stomach crunches -- not as often as I should but more often than I used to -- but I hadn't done a full sit up in . . . oh, I dunno, 20 years? So, I was watching this fitness video and they were talking about the benefit of a full sit up so I thought I'd try them.

Pathetic. First try, I couldn't do one -- doing it the way they say to do it which is:  feet flat on the floor, hands held like they're over your ears. I just couldn't get all the way up. I could do it if I rocked my arms forward a bit but keeping my arms bent with my hands over my ears . . . took me several tries. I eventually got 9 done but man . . . I don't remember them being so hard.

Thursday, November 11

misery loves company

I'm not sure wtf is up, but today I've been very miserly.

First, I saw a pic of Marie Osmond on a magazine and wanted to send her a letter with $5 to start a fund get her face fixed, because she's really scary looking and allowing a toddler to color all over her face with magic markers isn't helping the horrid plastic surgery job either. She looks like a HOTT MESS and if her family loved her, they'd tell her. I only sorta know who she is, so I feel no such urge to lie to her about how "good she looks...considering." I know somewhere out there Rupaul is itching to beat her with a bottle of Ponds and start from scratch.

Secondly, I rolled my eyes as yet ANOTHER famous person "came out" about being "bullied" with a sob story and pithy pleading for bullying to end. Apparently bulling this this year's yellow bracelet/pink ribbon accessory/yellow car magnet/American flag broach/red ribbon lapel decoration. Meaning, it's the celebrity trend of the year not to miss-out-on. As soon as there's some sort of visual public support "sold for charity" for the bullying cause, everyone who is ANYONE will be shown wearing at least ONE of that item. I brought this up to my guy and he expressed concern in my apparent cold-hearted opinion about support apparel/pressing issues of celebrity conscience. I don't mean to be cold-hearted, and am usually overly compassionate, but come on, isn't it safe to say that most people have experienced some sort of "bullying" at some point or have at least been picked on once and have probably picked on someone else at least once? So we all get to sob on prime time about "surviving" it while shilling some sort of media entertainment? "I was bullied, and it was bad. Buy my new CD and see my movie!"

I finally decided I was poor company today when I sat and crocheted a scarf while at a play instead of watching the play. The kids tried hard, but all but one person in the play behaved as if they'd just been given the script minutes before appearing on stage. Tonight was opening night, so I hope it was just first night jitters and they loosen up before Sunday afternoon for the last show. My guy didn't care that I made my own entertainment, but some audience members were shooting me the eye. At least I wasn't talking on my phone like some other assholes, right?

Have you recently found yourself behaving as if your next sentence will be "GET OFF MY LAWN!"?

11/11: It's Nigel Tufnel Day

Better enjoy it, because this day GOES TO ELEVEN!

Tuesday, November 9

Bush on 9/11

Bush to Matt Lauer:

"My first reaction was outrage. Someone had dared attack America. They were going to pay. Then I looked at the faces of the children in front of me. I thought about the contrast between the brutality of the attackers and the innocence of those children. Millions like them would soon be counting on me to protect them. I was determined not to let them down.

I saw reporters at the back of the room, learning the news on their cell phones and pagers. Instinct kicked in. I knew my reaction would be recorded and beamed throughout the world The nation would be in shock; the president could not be. If I stormed out hastily, it would scare the children and send ripples of panic throughout the country."


His reaction was all for the children?? That's odd. He didn't want to scare the children? Hell, we were all scared.

Side bar: Aren't pagers obsolete?? Weren't they obsolete even in 2001??

Monday, November 8

Why on earth would a woman (Barbara Bush) show her teen-aged son (Dubya) a jar containing her miscarried fetus? What the hell?

Why does . . .

every muscle in my body hurt today?  I feel kind of like I've been hit by a truck.

Friday, November 5


I was sitting here looking for gag knit and crochet bumper stickers/window stickers to give to my fellow crafter friends as christmas gifts when I saw this one. I was in the middle of drinking hot cocoa and I nearly choked to death. the devil in me urged me to buy one for all the knitters even though they're all elderly and conservative. I took a deep breath and clicked onward to something funny but now risque. However, i do think I want to get one for my car, even if I don't knit.

Another Friday Night . . .

And I'm sitting here waiting for 8:00 to come along so I can go to the gym (it's too busy before that).  It's funny. I've been fairly busy lately -- going out to watch the World Series, going to football games, tail gate parties, etc., but . . . I'm bored.

Wednesday, November 3

Sigh . . .

Jerry Brown is governor again, how did that happen? And Boxer retained her seat -- UGH!!

I didn't necessarily want Whitman but Brown . . .

Monday, November 1

Guy buys a parrot that is constantly using foul language. Really horrible stuff. Finally the guy gets fed up and throws the parrot in the freezer to punish him. After about an hour, he hears a faint tapping sound from inside the freezer and opens the door. There's the parrot, wings wrapped around himself, shivering. He says, "I swear, I' ll never, ever curse again. But can I ask you a question? What did the chicken do?