Saturday, July 30

Breast Cancer Gene

Would you get tested for it if you had a family history? After my lump scare, my doc suggested that I consider getting tested for it. I've been contemplating it but . . . I dunno.  All the men in my life -- NG, my boss, my brothers, etc. -- are quick to say I'm crazy if I don't.

But . . . the women I've talked with are about 50/50.  One friend (who also has a family history full of breast cancer) said she decide not to because she realized that if she came up positive, she was not willing to do any of the suggested mitigating treatments (basically taking Tamoxifen (sp?) or elective mastectomy) so . . . decided she'd rather not know. I fully get that and think it makes a lot of sense but . . . I dunno.

Friday, July 29

And now, for something completely different...

Dave sent me this in an email entitled "Why You Make Fun of Me for Watching NASCAR."

You have to love a prayer that includes "boogity, boogity, boogity, Amen."

Saturday, July 23

Wednesday, July 20

The Talk

I taped this talk show because Roseanne was going to be on it. Those women--Leah Remini, Julie Chen . . Sara Gilbert are so boring. They try too hard to be warm and chatty.

Other than the fact that Julie Chen is married to the head honcho of CBS, how did she ever get to host a show . . not one, but two mind you . She does Big Brother too. Holly Robinson Peete is boring too. The only one with any semblance of pizzazz is Sharon Osbourne.
The talk is just a low rent knock off of The View.

My rating: Blech.

Sunday, July 17


I can't, for the life of me, leave a comment on your blog. Every time I've tried over the last couple of months it asks me to log in, I log in, it brings me back to your blog, asks me to type in the word verification and then takes be back to asking me to log in.

So, here's my latest comment:

The party sounds like fun! I agree, get smashed on your birthday -- just eat something and drink a bottle of water before you go to bed to prevent (or at least mitigate) a hang  over.

The last several years before my mother died, whenever my sister and I would show up at her house together she would say, "Oh look, it's the bitches!" and laugh her head off.

It was funny but funnier how funny she thought that wasy.  :)

Saturday, July 9

Betty Ford

Rest in Peace. I agree with Gerald Ford when he said that when all is said and done her contributions to this country will be bigger than his. Amen to that.

Friday, July 1

Happy July 1st!

What's new? What are your plans for this long holiday weekend?