Sunday, January 31


I joined Twitter and am following people like Joan Rivers, Rachel Maddow, Al Gore and Top Chef Kevin. My bio is "Do your tweets still count if you have no followers?"
Are you on Twitter? If so I'm ThursdayLily.


If I had made a New Year resolution, mine would've been to start doing things that I used to love doing but then quit for various reasons. I used to love to send cards/notes to people. This past Christmas, I realized that I really miss sending mail to people and so with the help of Mandolin, we've completed a special Valentine's Day project (you have to do things ahead of time to get it in the mail on time). If you didn't get a Christmas card from us and would like to get a Valentine, e-mail me your address at and we'll gladly add you to the list. You know, earlier tonight I was making address labels and I realized that bookshelf people love to move around a lot.

Thursday, January 28

Sad times

J.D. Salinger has left us. Guess we're really not getting another book from him.

Poor old Uncle Wiggily.

Monday, January 25

Want to get goosebumps?

Listen to Justin Timberlake singing a gorgeous version of one of the prettiest songs of all time.

I shouldn't read the news

I feel bad for the voters in South Carolina, but then again, they'll probably vote for the jerk and get what they deserve.

Thursday, January 21

terrific twos

I was at the bookstore earlier today with my guy and Mandolin. My guy had half day of work today so we met after for lunch and books. Mandolin had to go "big girl potty" so off we rushed to the bathroom. Another woman came in to take care of her own business while Mandolin was finishing hers up and we started washing our hands. Hand washing is always a drawn-out affair. I usually ignore other people in the bathroom, as we're socialized to do, but halfway through the second round of the "wash your hands song" Mandolin started yelling at the woman who came in earlier. Apparently this woman decided not to wash her hands and Mandolin flipped out and started yelling "Mommy, that's dirty" and pointing at the woman. The woman shot us a look and quickly left the room. We completed our song and hand washing and made our way out of the room to look for daddy when Mandolin decided to tell everyone and I mean EVERYONE in the store that the woman was dirty and didn't wash her hands while pointing at said woman. Her exact words were "Eww yuck, she's dirty mommy, you gotta wash hands, yuck it's dirty" with the exuberant hand pointing and arm waiving that only a small child can do. I was mortified.

Tuesday, January 19

tuesday has arrived.

okay, so here we are. one day from half way through the week. i gotta stop wishing my life away.

i hate winter at this point. i want to be outside in my garden. but it is covered in ice and snow.

but hey, i am not in a country that is in ruins from an earthquake. i need to STFU. :)

Monday, January 18

monday has arrived...... blech

my weekend was great by the way.

today sucked. :)

Friday, January 15

another weekend has arrived

doing anything fun or exciting?

Wednesday, January 13

I don't understand people

Like in most places, the government in my state is having many financial woes. Recently, a rally was held outside the governor's mansion in protest of said financial woes. I have no issue with people holding rallies, or even protesting the government. My issue was the people holding signs against raising taxes while at the same time bitching that they're state employees and how angry they are about layoffs, freezes on raises, halting step increases, freezes on retirements, furloughs and other money saving methods. My best friend works for the state and she was screwed over in 2009 via money saving methods by the government and 2010 will be worse for her. Going to work and knowing they're not paying you for it because of budget troubles is a sucky situation. Hell, I'd probably sit around and fake work like the people in her office if they weren't paying me for it. Anyway, it just doesn't make sense to protest raising taxes but then bitch that the government doesn't have the money to pay you. I was hoping someone would hit these people with their signs in protest of their utter stupidity, but it never happened. Mind you, this wasn't everyone at the protest, but it was a good 30% of the population present with signs.

Anything utterly stupid happen in your neck of the woods recently?

This is why you're fat


Tuesday, January 12

american idol!

looks to be a good season. i don't miss paula. lots of weirdos. but that is part of the fun. some people don't hear themselves as the rest of us do. some people don't have "it". some do.

something fun to watch till spring arrives.


I knew I had this ass for a reason...

Monday, January 11


Oops! I put the update meant for The Last Housewife here! I'm moving it. Nothing to see here. Move along....

Sunday, January 10

Give A Little

My tummy's sick and I can't sleep, so I'm on this thing at 1 am EST. I recently finished the book Give A Little: How Your Donations Can Transform Our World. I was interested in this book because, in part, it's about nonprofits and how they use the money we give them to fo good things. The last portion of the book is about how to move beyond the examples of decent nonprofits to donate to and how to find your own, or look at the nonprofits you already donate to and rate them. I got a whole degree in public administration and had to take several classes in nonprofit management etc., and I found this book more useful than most of the stupid textbooks I had to spend hundreds of dollars on.

I read the book slowly over a few weeks so that I could have time to sit and think about what the author was saying, what i know to be fact, and what i was told was fact while in school. Many great debates were sparked off at our house talking about different ways to help out. There are several theories on the best way to give and i liked how the author not only explained the theories, but showed sucessful charities that use each theory. No matter what your political, religious or social position, you can help someone else out.

Here's a quote that I loved about the 2004 tsunami (the worst natural disaster in recorded history)

"...Despite the highly publicized million-dollar gifts from corporations and celebrities, most of the giving to tsunami relief efforts came from gifts of less than $50 made by millions of Americans across the country." Patrick M. Rooney (he studies trends in giving)"

"...45% of all charitable giving from around the world for tsunami relief was given by American households in donations. "

After presenting further data, the author later summarizes that Americans love to give, in fact, we're frequently the most generous int he world, but we hate to give against our will.

It's a great book, and a fast read if you don't put it down to talk about it, so think about giving it a chance next time you're at the bookstore.

One of my personal favorite nonprofits (not mentioned in the book) benefits adults with profound disabilities and provides them with a job while ensuring that old plants at garden centers don't go to waste. they collect plants that will be tossed out at garden centers and then give them away "free" on the internet, but you have to pay a reasonable shipping and a packing fee (used to pay for the jobs they give to the profoundly disabeled).

Saturday, January 9

Anyone Out There Have

a Magic Bullet? I got one for Christmas and it appears that it's best useage is to make smoothies and blended alcoholic drinks. I'm a diabetic so I don't do smoothies and I don't drink so . . . am wondering what else I might use it for.

I already have a blender and 3 food processors so, I really didn't need this thing but, the person that gave it to me was so excited about it I felt bad. One of the gals that was at Christmas has one and uses it for salad dressing which I think I will use it for but other than that . . . I'm at a loss.

Funnier than "Shit my Dad Says"

The Sleep Talkin' Man For all you tweeters out there this one is hysterical. I don't imagine his wife gets any sleep at all

Friday, January 8

i still

have my christmas tree up. i can't bring myself to take it down. the warm glow in the winters night makes things all cozy and warm.

maybe i will put it away tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 6


well some bastard broke into spideysons place today and helped themselves to my sons and daughter in laws belongings. TV money,computers, cameras, xbox.
some people are truly the scum of the earth.

Sunday, January 3

for your entertainment

If you need amusement, check out a few episodes of Posh Nosh on youtube. British silliness.

Saturday, January 2

like watching a train wreck

I took my sister's kids back home today. I love them, but 7 days was enough. My niece got a lot of clothing for christmas, which was nice for her. What isn't nice is that my niece weights 79.2 lbs and is 6 years old, ranking her as obese bordering on morbidly obese. Her pants size is a 12-12.5 plus. For those of you out of the clothing loop, at 6, your pants size should be your age. I did ask my sister if she was worried about my niece's weight and the response was "she grows different than other kids, that's all." Seriously?

My older siser refuses to buy the plus sized children's clothes for her obese child and instead buys regular size clothing and squeezes the kid into them. Nothing fits properly and the kid constantly looks uncomfortable and miserable. I bought her pants from the kid's plus sized section at jenney's for christmas, but they were 6 inches too long because they're meant for someone 5 years older than she is. When faced with the excess leg material my sister said "Just roll it over." At that point, I took a deep breath and tried to behave.

This past week I took the kid to the dry cleaner up the street where a nice woman hemmed all the pants for $20 in a few hours. My older sister insisted that I was stupid for wasting $20 because the kid "grows out before she grows up and they won't fit in a few months." She feels that stapling the pant legs is obviously a better choice. I looked at her and said "She isn't going to grow 6 inches this year you know." I then left the room to get some fresh air.

A little while later I was recounting the week and how I had a lot of problems with the kids eating. My sister overheard me talking to our mother and informed me that it's common for my niece to eat until she pukes and then eat some more. You know, my dog used to eat until she puked if we didn't watch out. We started to do this nifty thing where we made sure she ate a limited amount of food. I'm a parent, and it's pretty easy for me to tell when my kid's had enough food, and she doesn't have to vomit for it to happen. As the adult in the parent-child relationship I get to make all the choices about what we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat. It's not rocket sceince at all.

I know they're my sister's kids, but it just seems like bullshit that I'm supposed to stfu while her kid's developing an eating disorder and she's too much of a dumbass to care because she's their mother and we can't judge how someone else choose to parent. The fact is, you don't have to be the best parent in the world to point out when someone isn't overly great at it. Part of me really wants to point out that watching daddy beat mommy or attempt to stab her, or thinking that mommy's nickname is "that dumb whore" isn't healthy for the kids and could maybe be why the kid feels the need to eat until she pukes. The sane part of me knows that if I say that, I'll never see the kids again.

Fatal Attraction

I'm having a lazy weekend and I just finished watching Fatal Attraction. I haven't seen it in years but, it made me think . . . would I be able to forgive my husband for cheating when it resulted in:

- Our car being acided.
- His fling being pregnant.
- Our daughter's bunny being boiled.
- Me having to find our daughter's bunny being boiled.
- Our daughter being kidnapped.
- Me getting in a car crash as I frantically search for our kidnapped daughter.
- Me being attacked with a knife in our home, while my daughter is sleeping somewhere in the house.
- Me having to shoot someone.

It's one thing having to forgive an affair but, with all that other stuff . . . I don't think I could, could you?