Wednesday, June 30

Sad day in Yorba Linda

A young man who was in Hallie's sixth grade class, and with whom she's been friends for a number of years, was shot and killed by the police on our street last night. He was suspected of an armed robbery at the little strip mall just down the way from us, which I visit daily because my gym is there.

I can't imagine how Julian's life led him to this terrible ending--he and Hallie hadn't been in touch in a number of years--but I do know that he was a sweet 11 year old who used to swim in my backyard sometimes, and being shot in the street at 25 years old is tragic and horrible.

Poor Hallie was stunned by this sad news, especially in light of the fact that she was suddenly and very unexpectedly laid off from her job a few hours before the tragic news about Julian.

If you're a praying person, please pray for the family and friends of Julian Collender, especially his mom and dad, as they struggle to understand what happened. And say a little prayer for Hallie, too, while you're at it.

Tuesday, June 29

New OK Go video

This one is all stop motion--I read that it took 21 hours of straight shooting to complete. Amazing.

Monday, June 28

One of Life's Little Mysteries . . .

I was at Costco today to pick up a few things -- some Diet Coke, some snacks for the office, etc.  I picked the  best looking line and got behind four other carts that were all about half full, like mine.

As I moved up the line and was the next up to start unloading my cart, a guy who looked to be about 20 came up to me and said, "Excuse me, ma'am, but do you mind if I get ahead of you in line since I'm only buying 2 things?"

Me:     Actually I do mind. Why do you think that just because you're buying fewer items you shouldn't have to wait in line like the rest of us?

He stood there staring at me and finally said:     But, I'm only buying 2 things.

Me:     I understand that but, why do you feel that entitles you to not have to wait in line?

Him:     (Just staring at me still)

Me:     If you can give me a good reason why it makes sense to let you cut in line, I'll do it but, you'll have to convince me why you think the number of items that you're buying matters because it really doesn't.

Him:     Can't I just get in front of you?

Me:     No. Not unless you can convince me.

Him:     (Staring)

Me:     Well?

Him:     So, no?

Me:     Correct. No.

Him:     (Wandered  off to another line presumably to ask others if he could cut in.)

It might be different if he were a 90 year old man or a very pregnant woman or someone who would seem to have a hard time standing in line on a hot, crowded shopping day but, he was a young kid, looked perfectly healthy, etc.

I truly don't understand why some people think that having fewer items entitles them to not have to wait in line. Makes no sense to me.

Friday, June 25

who's birthday is tomorrow??

Happy Birthday to Orbie! Hoping this year brings only good things your way.

Thursday, June 24

thursday and another flower

this is my peach hibiscus, up close and personal.

Tuesday, June 22

new post... not much action around here

so i will share a picture of my 3 dollar gerber daisy. that should cheer us up!

Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day

to all of you Old Broards :)

Saturday, June 19

what's your opinion?

Cameron Diaz (that genius) stated in a Playboy interview that having sex with a woman doesn't make you a lesbian.
Maybe having sex with a woman once or even twice does not a lesbian make, but what's the definition, what's the limit?
Maybe she just doesn't want to be labeled, but that's what society does---labels people.

Friday, June 18

spare ink

Hey world....we got a new printer recently and now have ink we can't use. Does anyone take EPSON C68,C88,C88+,CX3800,CX3810,CX4200,CX4800,'s the one with the chairs on it. got a full magenta and yellow and a partially full Cyan and black

Thursday, June 17

Obama's Address

on the BP oil spill--I thought it was kind of weak, but I'd volunteer to be on the board that distributes the money to those whose jobs & lives were affected.

On this BP executive Tony Hayward, besides being an ass "I want my life back," has he ever personally apologized to the region?

Tuesday, June 15

slow news day

I kid you not. On the Huffington Post, there is a picture/story:

Brad Pitt Trims Beard

Saturday, June 12

Ankle Pants

I don't like them. They're just too close to being just regular pants that aren't quite long enough.

Perhaps I bring my lifetime of tall-girl experience too much to bear on this subject, but I spent the morning cutting two inches off several pairs of ankle pants, causing them to become cropped pants instead. That way there can be no shadow of doubt that these pants are SUPPOSED to be short.

I don't want ANYBODY entertaining even the briefest thought that this 5'10" woman left the house in dorky high-water pants.

Friday, June 11

urine vandersloot

I am really sick of hearing about this guy. what a disgusting human being. he is confessing to the murder. when is he going to be put away? what a nightmare for all the families.

Thursday, June 10

thin skin

we were having a family evening together and went over to borders the other night to kill some time. all was well until my guy wanted a new bathroom book (he does all his fun reading in there so don't ever mess with the books on the back of the toilet if you come to visit). Anyway, I was having fun suggesting books, and he was annoyed with me for suggesting etc. i wandered over into the literature section and noticed sarah palin's book was in the great literature/fiction section. I said "how the hell is "going Rogue" 'great literature?' Well, at least the got the fiction part right."

boy did that piss a few people off.

Monday, June 7

What's going on with you?

Thursday, June 3

Many Thanks

I had lunch with a good friend today I hadn't had lunch with in about 2 months. She really put a new twist on a few problems I've been having and lifted a weight I've been carrying around. After lunch was over, I was so thankful for her love and friendship and all the way home, I realized how blessed I've been in friendships. I haven't stated my thanks to you gals enough over the years and that's a shame. Even if all of us haven't gotten along 100% of the time, we're still friends and we still wish good things for each other and give room for each other to have a good rant and would join in keying someone's car who wronged one of us (if we lived closer to each other that is). You really are a good set of broards (including Ded and Bert, wherever he's been). I appreciate your friendships, your comments, your criticisim (hey, no one is perfect!), your wisdom, and your support. Life is hard, and it's silly to try and go it alone. I hope you take a moment to remember a friend and then call him or her and tell that person what they mean to you, if you can. It just might be something that s/he needs to hear this week.

Tuesday, June 1

Odd Story

This story of Sarah Palin vs author Joe McGinnis is getting very strange.
As you may know McGinnis rented the house next to Palin's for the summer. He's working on a book about her. She, paranoid as hell, almost accused him of being a sexual pervert . . out to spy in her daughter Piper's bedroom. It's sick the way she uses her kids. If she'd taken the high road and ignored him, he'd write his book and that would be that. She's adding fuel to the fire. Now an Alaskan paper reminded McGinnis that Palin could shoot to kill to defend "life and property." What's the author up to? Is he going to sneak over in the middle of the night and stab her with his Bic?
She wanted the limelight. Bask, Sarah, bask.

So sad

Al and Tipper Gore are separating after 40 years of marriage.
I think that's very sad.