Tuesday, June 30

more confessions from gov.sanford

During more than three hours of interviews over two days at his Statehouse office, Sanford said he is trying to fall back in love with his wife, Jenny, even as he grapples with his deep feelings for Chapur.

this makes me want to barf. he is "trying" to fall back in love with his wife????
do your wife a favor and take your skanky ass back down to argentina and your deep feelings for Chapur. let's see how in love she is with you when your whining ass is down there on a permanent basis and she is washing your smelly underpants. no woman needs any man doing her the favor of falling back in love with her.

you fucking bastard.

Monday, June 29

family records and failure to communicate

On Sunday I went to a funeral for a relative of my guy. His mother's uncle, who was close to 90 and a former ww2 german pow died last week. He was a great man and spent 15 years not knowing his name, so i'm glad he's home now. The funeral service was nice and we had a great time with several dozen of my mil's relatives. Most of them are elderly and in some stage of alzheimer's, so my mil fit right in. I took the time to visit my mil's sister-in-law. She's one of my favorite people from the mil's family. Her grandson, who is 7, has been ill his entire life. I asked about him and she told me they figured out that he has something called Russell-Silver Syndrome. I've never heard of it, but we had a nice chat about my girl and her gradbabies and that was it until earlier today.

Earlier, I looked up russell-silver syndrome because i've never heard of it and all i knew was that it is genetic. Well, after I spent a few minutes reading this site (http://www.magicfoundation.org/www/docs/112.111/russell_silver_syndrome),
i became aware that my guy had all but one symptom and my daughter has a few more than half. I don't want to self-diagnose, but i felt a light bult and a flash of anger. Here is this genetic disorder that travels in families and my guy and baby might have it. I called a few of the family matriarchs and read them the site, and one dug up the family records and named a few people for several generations who have the same problems the little boy has currently. part ofme wishes we'd had this chat months ago, but the rest of me is just happy we had it now. at our next appointment, i am going to request an evaluation for RSS and see what happens.

Sunday, June 28

Pitchman Billy Mays: Dead

Oxi-Clean Pitchman Dead

(I feel like Allen announcing celebrity deaths)

Saturday, June 27

Everybody say hi to the FBI

My guy is in the process of getting some sort of security clearance for some type of government job for an agency that he hasn't mentioned to me, doing something i don't know about, somewhere i don't know with the possibility of us moving someplace i don't know where or when in the near future. As long as there's no bukah in my future, I'm cool with not knowing the facts, i really don't want to know. If you've never been through the process, for the past few months people at the FBI have been getting into all our personal business. I say ours because they really have been getting into OUR business, not just his. They've been to our neighbors homes, to our jobs, the bank, gone to our friend's homes, dug around the personal business of our families and just about done everything but dig through our trash, but that could be a real possibility at this point. I've concluded that they either think my guy is Ned Falnders (clean as a whistle) or is cooking meth in our shed because of the questions they ask. I have a freind who is a die hard smartass and at one point in her chat with one of the FBI people, she said that my guy was a big time criminal just to mess with the FBI guy. He didn't like that at all apparently and then started in on her and asked her to produce a birth certificate. So, I'm sure someone from the FBI has read this site and we're now all on a terrorist watch list for the political blatherings and all around bitching, but just so you know, there is no meth cooking in the shed.

My State's name has changed from Indiana to NativeAmericana

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The country's smallest state has the longest official name: "State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations."

A push to drop "Providence Plantations" from that name advanced farther than ever on Thursday when House lawmakers voted 70-3 to let residents decide whether their home should simply be called the "State of Rhode Island." It's an encouraging sign for those who believe the formal name conjures up images of slavery, while opponents argue it's an unnecessary rewriting of history that ignores Rhode Island's tradition of religious liberty and tolerance.

The bill permitting a statewide referendum on the issue next year now heads to the state Senate.

"It's high time for us to recognize that slavery happened on plantations in Rhode Island and decide that we don't want that chapter of our history to be a proud part of our name," said Rep. Joseph Almeida, an African-American lawmaker who sponsored the bill.

Rhode Island's unwieldy name reflects its turbulent colonial history, a state that consisted of multiple and sometimes rival settlements populated by dissidents.

Friday, June 26



Thursday, June 25

michael jackson is reported dead

or in a coma. what a messed up life.

on the bright side, we won't have to look at his nose rotting off of his face anymore.

okay, i don't have alot of sympathy for a child molester.

Oh Lord the Stench! for Once it isn't Republicans!

Something has died in my chimney. I am afraid to open up the flue and find out what it is. We did have chimney swifts nesting in there but I haven't heard them for a few days- they make quite a lot of squeeks and chirps, and if it doesn't creep you out (which it doesn't me) it is sort of homey to listen to. I have a candle burning on the hearth; hope that helps with the odor and you know that I have company coming this weekend of course.

Wednesday, June 24

Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican

Gov. Sanford Admits Having Affair

COLUMBIA, S.C. (June 24) - After going AWOL for seven days, Gov. Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday that he had secretly flown to Argentina to visit a woman with whom he was having an affair. Wiping away tears, he apologized to his wife and four sons and said he will resign as head of the Republican Governors Association.
"I've been unfaithful to my wife," he said in a bombshell news conference in which the 49-year-old governor ruminated aloud with remarkable frankness on God's law, moral absolutes and following one's heart. He said he spent the last five days "crying in Argentina.
Sanford, who in recent months had been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2012, ignored questions about whether he would step down as governor.
At least one state lawmaker called for his resignation. As a congressman, Sanford voted in favor of three of four articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, citing the need for "moral legitimacy."

Monday, June 22

anger optimism and the price of fish

is it me or are people angry about everything these days Do you get angry about stuff that in the great scheme of things really doesn't matter any more than the price of cod ten years ago?Are you an angry optimist or a mellow pessimist ?

Sunday, June 21

Fresh Tea

I love tea. I mostly drink ice tea (I have no idea where the "d" went, but we never say it). I hate any swetner in it, and i rarely sweeten hot tea either but like a dash of milk.

Recently, I decided to plant some herbs and make my own tea. This is my project of the week. I have some pretty tea cup planters and a large tea pot planter i got from michaels to be used for my niece's birthday party. They're no longer needed to house dirt cake, but would look cute growing my tea things.

This is a picture I took while at the hardware store buying a picnic table kit. Mandolin takes after me and drinks unsweetened tea. Some old bitch yelled at me for allowing my white daughter to have a black baby doll. Who cares? it's the one she wanted, so it's the one she got.

Have any of you made your own tea? How did it turn out?

I Just Ate a Peach

I went to the farmer's market this morning and bought some tomatoes, lemons (only 49 cents each!) and went past the peaches and I'll tell you what, nothing had ever smelled so good! I don't like peaches. I haven't had a peach in probably twenty years. I think the reason I don't like them is the last one I had was hard. WTF wants to eat a hard, flavorless peach?
Well, these peaches smelled so good that I bought three. I told the woman who took my money, "I don't even LIKE peaches, but these smelled so good I'm buying three!"
I just ate one and it was HEAVENLY. Sweet, ripe and succulent. Heavenly.
What have you eaten lately that surprised you (be clean, mems) :)

Friday, June 19

Thank God It's Over

Today was the last day of school for the year. We should have been out a week ago, the kids have been useless for the past month. This has been the hardest year for me. I started out with a rookie teacher that was replaced around christmas and the replacement was replaced near the end of Feb. This stressed the kid and me out. They were screwed over this year.

So today, right as I was about to leave, replacement #2 asked me for blank copies of all the 4th quarter projects, assignments, warmiups, vocab and lesson plans. I had my purse in my hand and this was a lot to ask for so I asked her why she needed it. Plain as day she said she wanted it for her professional portfolio. FYI teachers keep a portfolios because it's part of hiring and evaluations.

I was so angry. This woman has tested my patience and professionalism. I was rude to her, but I didn't cuss her out like I wanted to. The kids could tell that I was about to losy me religion and were looking for a good fight though. No one really enjoyed being around her. For her time with us, she was consistently late and or missing randomly, refused to make any lesson plans, co-plan or co-teach properly, or grade assignments or control the kids. One of her classes didn't do one assignment since Feb.!

This left me in the position of having to do everything myself. There are two teachers assigned to the class for a reason, it takes two people working together to get it all done. It was a hard stretch, and I didn't take it quietly. There were many meetings with department heads and admins, but in the end, she was a major millstone for me. Thing would have been easier if her main pasttime hadn't been making fun of or insulting the kids to their faces in the middle of class. So today, when she wanted to take MY WORK and put her name on it and put it in her portfolio, I lost it. She must have lost her mind.

Thursday, June 18

Wazzup my females?

Y'all have your thumbs up yer nozes or whut?

Opinions of Chastity becoming Chaz? (I think he must be super brave)

Wednesday, June 17

Iranian Elections

Someone remind me: How are the street riots in Iran the fault of the US?

Tuesday, June 16

Nurse Jackie

Anybody watching?  I think it's wonderful.

I am a bit saddened

That Dave Letterman kowtowed to the moronic supporters of that idiot, Sarah Palin, and apologized.  You should've hung tough, Dave.

Friday, June 12

1000 white women

I've been in a dry spot recently with reading. I've picked several books up, but nothing has kept me. Yesterday a friend told me she finished a book called "One Thousand White Women" and couldn't put it down so tonight I went to the bookstore and bought it.

The book itself is comprised of an intro, a prologue, seven books, a codicile, and epilogue. i am in the middle of the second book and can't put it down. The author writes from the perspective of a woman who was locked into an institution by her rich parents in the late 1800 for being sexually active. She is given the chance to get out of the looney bin and go off west to marry an indian and bear him children and records her observations along the way. A little over 100 years later, a relative back east decides to research his family and sets out to find the truth about his crazy relative and get ahold of her journals. The book is written as if the author had found the journals and is publishing them for all to read.

theis book is loosely based on truth in that the Cheyenne people did ask for 1,000 white women in exchange for 1,000 horses. However, the exchange never took place as Grant, among others, was outraged at the request. The author takes the "what if?" route and tells the stories of all the women who went west. He mixes historical fact with stuff he made up willy-nilly, which must have been fun for him. For a man, the author writes women well and I cannot wait to find out what happens to May Dodd.

i'm glad to have broken my dry spell.

Thursday, June 11

Try to do

Check out these squirrels. I know some of you don't like them....and even I, who normally doesn't like this cheesy stuff, had to smile.
I tried to embed(How the heck do you spell embed?) it, but it didn't seem to work.

prepare for this blog site to explode


Tuesday, June 9

To Kath

Got your card, thank you! :)

Saturday, June 6

Meme Comes Through!! YAY


Love it! (I don't know how to post it as an embedded video)

Thanks Mems


how about an update to your blog!!!!! i am having withdrawal symptoms.

I like this headmaster


Friday, June 5


is anybody out there???

Wednesday, June 3


Twisted Knickers thanks and my nutjob at work

So they announced a change to the staff dresscode at work. No capris, no jeans, no sneakers, no shorts for choaches etc, no open-toed shoes, flip-flops, or sandals. I have never seen so many women in an uproar. It was worse than the other day. They feel insulted on top of cheated.

after a long thought about people feeling worthless, I made my kids write thank you notes to an adult in the building who did something nice for them this year. I then put the cards in the staff mailboxes. I think people would be a little less igh-strung if they knew they really were appreciated, not just the fake half-ass words the admin staff touts at meetings. One kid asked me why teachers didn't write them "thank yous" for being in their classes, so I think I will try and do that sometime soon, just because she asked. I was sad that I had to give a crd writing lesson.

in other news, i am co-teaching with someone who isn't "all there." yesterday she called me in the middle of first period from her home to inform me that she was "working from home." how does one work from home when one is an english teacher in a high school? today i was again teaching the class without her when she walked in and said something negative about me in front of the kids. before i could even breathe, the kids called her out on it.

Monday, June 1

Hard time come again no more

we had emergency union meetings today after school. The government and union are fighting about the contract. They reached a compromise and needed union members to vote on it. Things became almost violent between the yes and no camps. some people said no on the contract believing that we should be happy to have jobs at all or no because they feel we're being screwed. other people are upset that executives got $800,000 bonuses paid by the government a few months back in the name of upholding a legal contract while the government is screwing us out of our rases that were in a contract.

i'm not mad at the no riase aspect of the contract. i'm mad they're fucking with my pension after-the-fact as well as my step level and talking about messing with the health plan. with the step issue, we will all lose experience levels that will set us back years in the long run for retirement. the last time this happened, the board promised that they'd retrograde our levels to the proper place when times were better, but they never did. hence the angry naysayers. my other pet peeve is that the county superintendant will get a 14% raise this year, making his salary go up about 30% in the last three years when he was making well over 6 figures to begin with.

The county threatened us if we didn't vote yes, which pissed the lawyers off no end. They also informed us that if we vote no, we'll be working without a contract next year. I'm of the opinion that the contract is useless because according to state law, the government does not have to uphold contracts signed with state employees. so what's the point of the union? not much. it saves us from getting fired and that's about it. i left the meeting when i got tired of the fighting. my guy and i had a long talk about it all tonight. he voted yes, but didn't feel that it mattered either way, because the government apparently has the right to change agreed upon contracts at will.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version