Saturday, October 31

one more and then i am done

happy halloween :)

Happy Hollow Wienie

Spidey, thanks for the cute card!

Friday, October 30

What do you do on a rainy evening?

Tuesday, October 27

how could you not love this guy?

"If mom calls, tell her I'm shitting... Son, marriage is about not having to lie about taking a shit." 12:46 PM Oct 26th

Monday, October 26

wedding entrance follow up

I don't know how to post links....
but this is the "divorce" proceedings for wedding entrance video that everyone loved (and spawned The Office wedding party dance.

Friday, October 23

Hey Beanns

I went to DSW tonight for shoes and I couldn't help but wish you were there with me. I had a nice time, but it wasn't the same as having someone willing to openly mock the ugly with me.

Wednesday, October 21

raggedy mandolin

This is Mandolin in her Halloween costume. is having a halloween costume contest and tonight we took this picture and sent it in. I don't care if she wins, i just think she looks cute. what was your favorite thing to dress up as for halloween as a kid? what was your favorite costume for your kids?

The best Osmond

I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and am loving watching Donny Osmond dance. He has such a genuine, unassuming and humorous quality about him. No wonder Bruno wants him!
The professional dancers I love watching:

Derek Hough
Cheryl Burke--she's the absolute best

Monday, October 19

balloon boy

What do you think should happen to Balloon Boy's parents?

Is there no shame?

Are we as a people so caught up in obtaining 15 minutes of fame that all common sense and reason go out the door?

Friday, October 16


have you ever had to deal with someone who just can't seem to learn an important life lesson no matter how many times the same situation pops up and beats them down? I like to think of this situation as a "BCL" situation meaing: bitch can't learn. I usually avoid BCL situations or bluntly say "this is how i see it so do something or stfu." Recently I've made the mistake and allowed a BCL situation to drag on and drag me down, so maybe I'm guilty of BCL too? Earlier tonight I made my stand against the resident BCL sufferer, and I already feel better.

Thursday, October 15


it seems vanda has given up on the other bookshelf and stated that we, over here, on the other side of the world, are still going strong. big surprise????? although it gets quiet on occasion, middle aged old broards don't stop talking. we don't shut up. we talk long after we shouldn't be. and i was thinking about this, a few moments before i read his post...i have had a longer relationship with you lovely ladies than i have with girlfriends in my real life. that might sound sad, but truly is not. i can talk to you when ever i want. you check in when you can. give some encouragement, advice, love and friendship. you don't expect anything from me. i don't have to show up for a lunch date. if i act like a bitch, you forget about it in a few days. if i went missing for a while, you would worry. not that you could do much about it, but someone somewhere would care. and even though you wouldn't know where i live to have the police check if there was a rotting corpse, you still might care a little. and that would be okay. people come and go, but a few remain, and i think that is wonderful. and so to all of the old broards, and we wear the title with pride... love you and thanks.

Wednesday, October 14


Anyone see Capitalism: A Love Story?
It'll finally come tp my neighborhood cinema on Friday.
Will a movie like that have any impact? I'm beginning to think nothing will change Wall Street and the "greed is good" mentality.

Monday, October 12

rush limbaugh

is a F'ing idiot. what a dick.

Sunday, October 11

Food Addictions

Copying Emma's prior post about what are you addicted to . . .

For dinner tonight I made beef gravy. I sauteed some onions, garlic and mushrooms in butter and vege oil. Made a roux with some flour. Added in some sherry, beef stock, a shot of Worcestershire sauce and the chopped up leftovers of the short ribs. Simmered this for a while and then served it over fresh, hot plain white rice and . . . ate myself sick.

My food addiction, the food that I can and will eat until I'm so far beyond full that I make myself sick is fresh white rice with a good gravy or sauce (like the curry I made a few weeks ago which I can't get out of my head). If it's good, I will eat it until I literally cannot eat another bite. If I were bulemic I would puke just to be able to eat more. Knowing this, I rarely make it.

So, what's your food addiction? What's that one food that you have to watch yourself with cuz you just can't stop eating it once you start?

Or am I just a freak?

Saturday, October 10

you gotta watch it again.

Tomato Plants

So . . . how long do tomato plants keep going? My plants have as many new tomatoes on them right now as they've had all Summer. I figure that the season is probably a little longer in the SF Bay Area because we won't actually start having any sort of cold weather that might affect them until November but . . . will they just keep going forever? Or do they die at some point? Go dormant? When do I pull the plug? Help!!!

What are you addicted to?

My husband and I went to Menard's this morning to buy some air conditioner covers. When we went in I told him, "Do not let me to buy anything I have to plant in the ground." He looked at me like, "Yeah, right."
He was looking at electrical equipment so I meandered out to the garden center "by mistake."
SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT OFF OF SHRUBS AND TREES! So I put a beautiful 5 gallon red twig dogwood into the cart. It was only $7.50. It needed a home, right? And I've been wanting a red twig dogwood since forever, right? Now is a perfect time to plant shrubs, right? So I bought it.

Thursday, October 8


my best friend talked me into taking a water aerobics course. The class is one hour long twice a week for six weeks and it was only $26, what a great deal. It's taught by my friend's friend. Everyone else in the class is at least 60. The teacher works us harder because we're young and can do more, but it's actually fun. Something about the water makes the muscle pain take a few days to actually hit though. The other half of the pool has infant/toddler swim lessons at the same time our class is going on and I'm thinking of taking Mandolin. So we do tae bo three times a week, water aerobics twice a week, i do the elliptical at least three times a week and i often take mandolin on 1-2 hours long walks around a lake near my house. I don't think i could possibly do anything more to keep moving. What are you doing to keep active?

be a virtual guest at the wedding tonight

Sunday, October 4

What's your

favorite chicken soup recipe?

Saturday, October 3

Rocky and Rocky II

Encore is having a Rocky marathon for some reason and I watched the original and Rocky II and . . . they were good movies. I haven't seen them forever and had forgotten how good they were.

Friday, October 2

tsk tsk david letterman

big shock from david last night.

not too sure what will come of it,but way to stop the blackmailer in his tracks.