Monday, December 31

Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

Hello you all,

Thank you Tree & Orbie for the Christmas cards! Hope you all had a good holiday season.

May you all have a happy healthy and prosperous 2013!

Saturday, November 3


In 2008 I was a Hillary girl. But when Obama got the nod I supported him and will vote for him on Tuesday. Here's why:

Like Lincoln he brought together “team of rivals” to lead the country. Bush left this country in a horrible shape, a recession teetering on depression, war upon war, and despite Republican leaders having as their number one priority to “make Obama a one term president”, Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Every working woman in America should applaud this. Under his leadership and as Commander in Chief Al Qeada is decimated. Osama bin Laden is swimming with the fishes. He saved the auto industry and a lot of jobs. He believes that women should be responsible for their own health care issues and that includes whether or not they want to end a pregnancy. In 2012 abortion should not even be a political issue, it's a personal. Males should get that, but unfortunately the right wing Conservatives, don't. Obamacare--despite what rich Republicans owned by the insurance companies think—is a godsend. Insurers no longer can cite 'preexisting' conditions as a cause to deny coverage.
Why I'm anti Mitt:
This man holds no personal beliefs other than his religious ones. During the 2 year campaign he's switched every sentence he's uttered. He'll say anything that his campaign managers tell him to. When he was Massachusetts governor he was Pro-Choice, now he's anti. As governor he signed the state version of Obamacare. Now he says he'll repeal it. His father George was the first politician who said that tax records of candidates and nominees should be made public. Mitt hides his fortunes in off-shore accounts to dodge taxes. The voting public has a right to see how much he's paid to the IRS and what he is invested in. His infamous “47%'”speech: He will be a president of the rich, not a president of the country. His company, Bain Capital, bought up companies to rape them of their retirement funds then sold them piecemeal and outsourced American jobs overseas. American workers should reject him. His “Binders full of women” comment shows just what a 50's mentality he has toward women. His faux pas in regard to our allies during the campaign shows his utter lack of the art of diplomacy. He uses national disasters whether it's the bombing of the embassy in Libya, or Hurricane Sandy where he stages a “Food drive” and bought $5000 worth of canned good just so his cronies could 'donate” them back during a photo op. This man supports oddball Richard Mourdock and his weird rape comments for Senate. Romney is a disgrace and should retire to one of his five compounds and enjoy his garage with elevator, and his Olympic horse. His doesn't give a rat's ass about middle class America and isn't fit to represent us.

Wednesday, October 31

At this time of year, I hear old Book Shelfer Blyblather saying "Never talk to Republicans."
This new crop of right wingers are as useless as tits on a boar

Wednesday, October 24

Wisdom from Twitterville

1st we had "Legitimate Rape" & now we have "Gift from God Rape". Any woman who votes Republican this yr needs 2 have her head examined.

Hey, it's fall again

It is going to snow six inches tomorrow night. 60% of our leaves have fallen. A seventeen year old alleged child murderer turned himself in today. I have a pro-pot initiative sign in the yard. I wanted to put an Obama sign up but could never get one from the haphazard Democratic headquarters nearby and so gave up. Watching a lot of good tv and some awful tv too.  I'm reading a scary noir novel from the 1960s that's a better fit for the mood. It's called The Expendable Man. The first two chapters are about a doctor who picks up an unsavory teenage hitchhiker. You just know things are not going to go well. Working on some projects for people and spending a lot of quiet time in the house with the cat. It's hard to remember to type in full sentences after spending a lot of time on Twitter. What's happening at your house?

Friday, October 19

you may like this it made me laugh it follows a rant by a bloke on bodyfors page about their adverts being misleading

Wednesday, October 17

Monday, October 15

This will make you laugh!

Well, at least, it made me laugh.

When douchebags collide:  L. Ron meets Ayn

SO, I did not die......

It has been three weeks, and things are getting back to normal. Sunday morning, Sept 23rd I woke up with chest pain. After a couple of minutes I realized that this was more than just something simple. I woke Suzette who went right into action. We were dressed and out the door very quickly. The Hospital is about seven or eight blocks away, and she ran three red lights. She got me to the ER within twenty minutes of the first chest pain. The activity was a blur. They wheeled me in and did a catheterization, putting a stent into the artery that was ninety percent blocked. (they call this artery the Widow Maker...) By 9.00am I was in a room and recovering. They kept me overnight, and when the original tests showed that I had little or no damage to my heart, they let me go home. I took the rest of that week off and went back to work the following Monday. I signed up for the six week Cardiac Rehab program, and I have been watching every bite of food I eat. I did the stress test last week and this verified that there was no damage. Suzette's quick action saved my life. I have my follow up appointment with my Cardiologist tomorrow, and I am gradually getting my life back to normal. I have cut back my work schedule from the sixty or seventy hour weeks to a more reasonable forty five or so, and I am working on getting things back to normal. It is good to bee here.....

Friday, October 12


Loved it! Joe called LyinRyan on his, well, lies.

Old man versus Eddie Munster

Tuesday, September 25

Need a new photo for the resume?

Denny Scott's got what you need:

Art Photos

Thursday, September 6

Do you love your cat?

Yeah, yeah, sure you do.  But do you love your cat as much as THIS guy loves his cat?

Drunken Serenade

Friday, August 24

And now, for your listening pleasure, I'm delighted to present The Renegade Raging Grannies, singing their hit song, "Legitimate Rape":

Click Me!

These ladies embody everything that means to be an Old Broard!  Where do I sign up?

Sunday, August 12

Paul Ryan


PS: Mitt Romney: Show us 12 years of your tax returns. I'm betting you didn't pay any taxes during that time. Why else the fear of releasing them?

Saturday, July 21

Maybe the Mayans were right . . .

2012 has been a really . . . event filled year so far. We're only mid-way through July and here are only the MAJOR events that we've been through so far:

1)  We entered the year trying to figure out why Scouty was suddenly crippled.

2)  In January, George landed in the hospital for a week because his blood sugar shot up super high and they couldn't get it to come down.  They finally got it down to the 200s -- much higher than they wanted but . . . much lower than it was -- and sent him home and he's been insulin dependent since.

3)  In March, a close cousin of George's lost her battle with cancer. George went back East for the funeral where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

4)  In April my sister had a heart attack while on vacation in New Orleans. They found a huge blockage so went to put in a stint and she had another heart attack, on the table. Her recovery is remarkable though. She's doing very well now but has two stints in her heart (I can't post anything about her heart attack on Facebook cuz she doesn't want people to know).

5)  In June, my beloved Scout died.

6)  In late June my aunt had a couple of strokes but she was lucky in that they were fairly mild and no significant damage to her brain.

7)  My work is super tumultuous. There was a merger two years ago and the company hasn't done well since (thanks to the idiots on the other side of the company) and the investors have now taken over the company. They made a big power play in June to establish themselves as the jerks in charge by firing all of the executives on our side of the company including my boss and the founder of our company. I very much doubt that the company will survive.

8)  Last night, George's nephew was murdered. 22 years old.  Shot in the head while he stood in front of the barber shop where George used to get haircuts as a child. We're still in shock and don't have many specifics.

What next?

2012 sucks.

Thursday, June 28

Hey, Broards

It's summer, and summer makes me happy.  Happy and lazy (two ways of saying the same thing, in my book.)

I saw a strange and beautiful movie today, Moonrise Kingdom.  You should see it.

Friday, June 8

federal jury duty

I got a notice 2 weeks ago that I am to report for jury duty in federal court on June 18 in Indianapolis. I have to call the night before to see if it's a "go."

I've never served on a jury before, but I did recently see 12 Angry Men for about the sixth time on TMC.

I can't decide whether I'd be Henry Fonda or Lee J. Cobb--definitely NOT the nose-blowing Ed Begley

Wednesday, June 6

R.I.P. Scouty

My beloved, beautiful Scout passed away yesterday. She was a beautiful little soul and the sweetest little cat that I've ever encountered. She touched my heart in a way that I never expected and I truly feel like my heart is breaking.

I had to go into the office yesterday so left the house around 6:00 a.m. and she was fine. I went out and gave her a head rub and told her I would spend some time with her when I got home and that George would take care of her morning ritual.  She purred at me and was fine.

I talked with George around 1:15 when I was leaving the office and Scout was alive and fine. I got home around 2:30 and Jack didn't meet me at the door as he always does. I walked to my office and set down my briefcase and purse, saw Jack lieing next to Scout's pen, thought that was different and went to change my clothes.

I changed my clothes, walked back out towards the office and Jack was walking towards me meowing. I pet him and then went to Scout's pen and she looked like she was sleeping -- nothing unusual about that. I leaned in and rubbed her head and she didn't move. She's done that before when in a deep sleep so I leaned down and gave her another head rub and called her name which always wakes her up and . . . she didn't move.

At that point, it clicked that something was wrong and I just started screaming for George. He came running in and checked on her and . . . she was gone. I lost it at that point. George remained calm and called the vet, etc.  I finally calmed down and we took her down to the vet.

She'll be cremated and they'll return her ashes in a box engraved with her name and with "My little love" beneath it.

Jack seems lost. He woke me up last night and made me follow him out to where she used to be and just stood there staring and looking up at me like -- where is she?  He keeps going back to where Scout was and just standing there, staring.

I haven't stopped crying for two days but . . . at least the hysterics are over.

I love that little cat so damn much, it just blows my mind. I miss her already and still can't believe she's gone. We don't know what took her and I thought about doing an autopsy but, I'm not sure I want to know. She is gone. I will love her for the rest of my life.

Friday, June 1

Thursday, May 31

Is he guilty or not?

John Edwards.  Actually, I have no idea if he is guilty or not.  If the money from his benefactress was a gift, then he should have declared it on his taxes and he should have paid taxes on it.  If he didn't pay taxes on it, then that is tax evasion. But I never heard anything about how it was claimed.  So, I really have no idea if he is guilty of what he has been charged with or not.  The jury couldn't decide and obviously were entrenched in different camps.  I can tell you one thing for certain, if you are a Democrat in NC- and this includes the former governor- you can do all sorts of things with money, your campaign's money and the state's/citizen's money, free trips, campaign trips,, all sorts of stuff that seem unimaginable to normal folks- and get away with it.  (Maybe the Republicans would do the same if they ever get into the govenor's mansion.  Maybe they'll get the chance this fall.  Our incumbant governor decided not to run for re-election- probably a good choice since her performance has been abysmal by all accounts and even the Democratic operatives of NC would have likely advised her to step aside.)

Monday, May 28

Happy Memorial Day

It's been so extremely hot here in Indiana. The humid was in the 90s, the temp's been in the 90's--awful. I was pulling weeds yesterday and had to stop every 15 minutes to cool down.

On the TV front:

Poor detective Linden (The Killing) what a mess she is. Fired, in a psych ward. Doesn't sleep. Doesn't eat. She's like the Seattle they're filming in: Gray rainy and dismal. After all of this crap, they'd better find Rosie Larsen's murderer.

That's all

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day to all of you

Thursday, May 10


Way to go, Mr. President. It's about time. Don't worry about those people who are anti-gay, they wouldn't vote for you anyway because you have no birth certificate, you're a Muslim, and a Socialist! Obama in 2012!

Sunday, April 22

Are the trees in your town as pretty as you've ever seen them?
I took this at the botanic gardens on Friday. 

Friday, March 23

The boss of a big company needed to call one of his employees about an
urgent problem with one of the main computers. He dialed the
employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whispered,

Feeling put out at the inconvenience of having to talk to a youngster
the boss asked, "Is your Daddy home?"

"Yes", whispered the small voice.

"May I talk with him?" the man asked.

To the surprise of the boss, the small voice whispered, "No."

Wanting to talk with an adult, the boss asked, "Is your Mommy there?"

"Yes", came the answer. "May I talk with her?"

Again the small voice whispered, "No".

Knowing that it was not likely that a young child would be left home
alone, the boss decided he would just leave a message with the person
who should be there watching over the child. "Is there anyone there
besides you?", the boss asked the child.

"Yes" whispered the child, "A policeman."

Wondering what a cop would be doing at his employee's home, the boss
asked, "May I speak with the policeman"?

"No, he's busy", whispered the child.

"Busy doing what?, asked the boss.

"Talking to Daddy and Mommy and the Fireman," came the whispered

Growing concerned and even worried as he heard what sounded like a
helicopter through the ear piece on the phone the boss asked, "What is
that noise?"

"A hello-copper", answered the whispering voice.

"What is going on there?", asked the boss, now alarmed.

In an awed whispering voice the child answered, "The search team just
landed the hello-copper."

Alarmed, concerned and more than just a little frustrated the boss
asked, "Why are they there"?

Still whispering, the young voice replied along with a muffled giggle,
"They're looking for me!"

Sunday, March 18

The Tomato Garden:

An older Italian gentleman lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was very hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:’’

Dear Vincent, I am feeling pretty sad because it looks like I won’t be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I am just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know that if you were here to help me that my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days. Love, Papa

A few days later he received a letter from his son:

Dear Papa, Don’t dig up that garden. That’s where the bodies are buried. Love, Vinnie

At four AM the next day FBI agents and the local police arrived and dug up the entire area with out finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left. Later that same day the old man received another letter from his son:

Dear Papa, Go ahead and plant the garden now. That’s the best I could do under the circumstances. Love Vinnie.
For the ladies:

Porn for Women

Sunday, March 11

It is done. My daughter did a wonderful job. My hair hasn't been this short since that day in tenth grade (1968) when Sister Mary Corona sent me home because my hair touched my collar.

Wednesday, March 7


It's really, really nice to hear from our resident gentlemen. (Ded and Pete, that would be you, lest there be any doubt!) Just what this old henhouse needed--a couple of roosters!

Sunday, March 4

it is just a little frightening

Good afternoon, friends.

I have had the same hair style for almost forty years. (I admit a year or so with a fro, but that was an anomaly) Due to a lot of broken and split ends, the length has stayed about the same since my last haircut, which was in the fall of 2005. The truth is that my hair has been rapidly thinning for the last few years, and it will no longer stay in my trademark pony tail.

My older daughter is a very successful hair stylist, and I have made an appointment with her for next Sunday. We will all go out to breakfast and then to her shop and she is going to cut my hair short. I have put myself in her hands. We will be taking before and after pictures, so watch this space.

::edited the picture back in::

Saturday, March 3

I do hope

That you in the midwest and south are all Ok I have just been watching the news about the tonados

Tuesday, February 28

Monday, February 27

You out there, Moif?

'Cause I'm waiting on the annual Oscar best and worst dressed list!

Thursday, February 23


I think it's time to put a fork in it cause it's done.


Wednesday, January 11

So, Broards

How's the new year treating you?