Tuesday, March 31

is it me

or has 2009 been a really hideous year for the old broards so far?

Sunday, March 29

It's Always Something

I'm feeling rather Gilda Radnerish lately.  Just when life seems to be going swimmingly, that's when life comes to the door, knocks, and says, "HA!"

In the last month, we've had:

1.  A new roof put on the pool house.  We happened to notice a water stain on the ceiling over the sink area and upon looking further, the rubber boot on the vent pipe was half off.  Called our neighbor (the local chatty cathy handyman) to replace....bringing on the realization that the roof needed to be replaced.  Thankfully, he was able to find a "deal" on the shingles and re-roofed it in record time.

2.  Dennis has been having a problem with a tooth-two trips to see about a root canal-which he was told may or may not (?) work.  He suffers for another two weeks, then goes to his regular dentist to have it seen about.  Upshot-one tooth extraction.

3.  The faucet in our kitchen sink decides to quit operating properly.  Called the plumber and it needs a new cartridge which may or may not (?) solve the problem. I'm sensing a theme here. Decide to order a new faucet.  ONE WEEK later, the new faucet is finally installed.  Of course, during all this time, the old one is still leaking onto the counters and underneath the sink.

4.  This morning, I discovered that our hot water heater is leaking.  I keep my scales next to the heater which is in the bathroom, under the stairs that go to Heather's old room.  Call the plumber again (I now have them on speed dial).  He comes out.  Heater needs replacing.  Of course, the one which fits in our space has to be gotten from a supplier who is not open on Sundays, but they will install the new one first thing in the morning (Monday).  The plumber cuts off the water to the hot water heater so it won't leak anymore.  Result-no water in any of the sinks, not to mention the toilet.

The only thing I can control at this point is #4.  I'm moving where I keep my scales and refuse to get on them anytime soon.

Saturday, March 28

Did I miss something?

What happened to Jilly's blog?

Thursday, March 26

I found this knicker wettingly hilarious

We call our grandad "Spiderman". He hasn't got
any super powers - he just finds it difficult
to get out of the bath.

Wednesday, March 25

from ae much missed pervert

tried to post this on the old broards but it wouldn't let me do it
anonymously. That's no fun. Maybe you could be a dear sweetie and put
in on there somewhere for me. After all, you really are the sweetest
person I know. And so hot, too. You almost make me want to consider
switching sides. Thanks dahrling!:

I LOVE checking in to see that I'm still loved!!!
It heals a little part of my ego that has been all but destroyed by
having two offspring in the midst of puberty.
But don't worry, you're not missing much. My last haircut was in
August and the next one is nowhere on the horizon.
And I'm not presently menstruating, but I am ovulating so my boobs are
at their biggest and I'm horny as fuck.

Tuesday, March 24

Best Wishes

If I understood her post correctly, today is the day that Beanns is having her surgery. Good Luck, Happy Healing, etc! Hope to see you back online soon!

Sunday, March 22

sesy beesh

I got my hair cut on saturday morning by a very attractive italian man (as in from italy, not NJ). After 15 minutes of him talking to me in italian about god-knows-what, i told him to just do what he wanted to my hair. it's now shorter than it's ever been since i was a toddler and it looks really good. It's shoulder length and has tons of layers. After some face kissing for me and the baby (the baby was very smitten with him and blew him kisses throughout our time together), I was declared a "sesy beesh" and told to come see him in 6 weeks. I even bothered to blow dry my hair and make it look like he did all by myself today before i went to the A&P. The only negative part of the cut is that my waiter at lunch today wouldn't serve me because he said i looked nothing like my ID picture.

i miss tracee's hair updates.

Saturday, March 21

Special Olympic bowling

Obama talked about how he'd gotten better at bowling and had been practicing in the White House bowling alley.
"I bowled a 129," he told Leno.
"That's very good, Mr. President," Leno said sarcastically.
But then came the foot-in-mouth moment: "It's like the Special Olympics or something," the president said.

Sarah Palin (remember her?) weighed in about how awful the comment was and how she hoped it wasn't the way Obama felt about special needs kids . . . . then she resumed shooting moose from her helicopter

Floridians Like Having Sex with Animals


Veg Garden

I'm thrilled with Michelle Obama and her White House vegetable garden. It's good symbolism--Americans need to eat healthier and maybe this will stir others into planting some of their own food.
I recently watched a 60 Minutes story on Organic Foodie Alice Waters and her wish that the Obamas would do something like this. Maybe MO was watching. Brava!

Friday, March 20

Mattress Sizes

I was watching QVC and they were selling bed linens and mentioned a "California King" sized mattress. I'd never heard of this size, so I Googled it:

"California King beds are 72 inches wide by 84 inches long - 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a regular king. King size is the best choice for couples that want maximum personal sleeping space. It's also the best bet to accommodate that time on Sunday morning when children may pop into bed - or if the pets in your house have mattress privileges! However, size can be a problem. Even with a "split box spring" - two twin-size foundations to support it - to make a king set more manageable, it may be too big for some bedrooms or too bulky to navigate through some corridors, doors and stairwells. It's a good idea to break out the tape measure if there is any doubt"

We have a full size mattress---I'd love a Queen -sized. I don't think our room would accomodate a King-sized mattress.



Thursday, March 19

I'm mad at Barack

He's supposed to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

What's Letterman? Chopped liver?

Tuesday, March 17

Barack Obama is IRISH!

I thought all you Irish lefties would like this on st Patricks day

Happy St Patty's Day

May you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Sunday, March 15

New Look

If you all hate this new look I'll change it back.
Let me know.

Saturday, March 14


Hey, AIG one company that received a 170 billion dollar bailout from us, the US taxpayer, is handing out millions of dollars in bonuses to their executives.
Makes no sense.
What are you doing today?

Thursday, March 12

grab your levis and head out of town

looks like levi has jumped on his sno-machine and left the palin homestead.

well imagine that? not wanting sarah as your mother in law?

Wednesday, March 11

i find it

laughable that people are complaining that pres.obama is trying to do too much at once.
i guess everyone is used to someone not doing anything for 8 years. yes, i guess that would be a shock.

i for one am not willing to give up on obama yet.

Tuesday, March 10


Did you hear about the new Nadya Suleman Grand Slam at Denny's?

It comes with 8 eggs, no sausage, and the guy at the next booth gets the tab.


Madoff is supposed to be pleading guilty this week, and prosecutors say he faces 150 years in prison. Really. Really! What do you think? He needs to spend the rest of his life in prison and paid back the millions he stole, but I don't think he will.

Sunday, March 8


where for art thou? your blog is missing!

Saturday, March 7

john stewart lets him have it

something else I don't know

What is Twitter?
Is it necessary?
Can we turn back techology?

Thursday, March 5

we all need some good news these days.

my good news is that i heard a red wing black bird singing yesterday which signals that spring will again arrive in the frozen wasteland that i have endured all winter. this despite the fact that i thought winter would never end.
what does this mean to me? open windows with fresh air blowing in. hanging my laundry out on the line(those who read my blog know this is a favorite pastime of mine) grilling meat on the weber grill, sitting in my garden, a week of vacation.

Sunday, March 1

Who was...

...the frozen north person or persons who thought it would be funny to send snow to Georgia? In March....when the temperature on Friday was 72....and everything in the yard is in bloom.

Make it stop!