Wednesday, March 31

Jimmy Fallon Tweet

Palin's new show is about people who overcome adversity. She should do a story on that guy who became the 1st black president! #FallonMono

"Not an RNC sanctioned event"


Tuesday, March 30

everything old is new again....

TweetsofOld from twitter..... Cyclones, earthquakes, comets and Democrats seem to have taken full possession of late.


not sure any one is watching this year. i am not feeling it.

no one rocks my world. boring.

maybe crystal. still waiting for her to sing tonight.

i always had a favorite by now. not so much this year.

Monday, March 29

Schrute Beet Farm

Spidey, for you consideration next time you and Big Joe want to go to a B&B:

sarah gag me palin

her voice alone grates me the wrong way. and her graphics.... call to arms, oh wait i mean the american vote. she is soooo annoying. blechhhhhhhhh.

Saturday, March 27

Thursday, March 25


i started a program called c25k. it means "couch to 5k" and takes you from a lump on the couch to being able to run a 5k in about 9 weeks. a nice man named Robert set the program to music telling you when to run and when to walk and made it a free podcast you can dl at the c25k website. Today i did day one week one and i didn't die! I need to do it 2 more times and then I can most onto week 2. I don't know if I'll be able to finish the program, but i'm looking forward to the challenge and possibility of running a 5k by the fall and then actually signing up for a race and doing it.


Have you completed and returned your 2010 census form?

Tuesday, March 23

For God's sake America do not vote for Kate Gosselin on DWTS!!

Monday, March 22

Color me not surprised...

So exactly why did our country get so much fatter in the past 25 years?

You can thank the misguided "low fat" movement. To make processed food low fat, the fat was removed and corn syrup added in its place.

And here's what corn syrup did for us (as if we didn't already know):

(And if that weren't enough, there has been considerable research appearing recently that suggests that dietary fat has absolutely NOTHING to do with elevated blood lipids or heart disease. Fat doesn't give you high cholesterol. Elevated insulin production [caused by a diet high in, say, corn syrup] does.)

Sunday, March 21

Health Care

The health care bill must be passed. It never ceases to amaze me why so many people vote against their own interests.

Friday, March 19

Great Idea

This is a great idea. These folks arrange for house cleaning for women who are undergoing treatment for cancer. While in treatment, they can get free monthly house cleaning for four months. Anyone who has had someone they know or love battle cancer understands that any little thing can help and I think this is a wonderful idea. Consider donating! Pass the information on.

Thursday, March 18


Spring's coming!
What do you love about it?

Tuesday, March 16


shitmydadsays "War hero? No. I was a doc in Vietnam. My job was to say "This is what happens when you screw a hooker, kid. Put this cream on your pecker."

in need of an intervention, or a slap

i'm just speechless at how low some people are on the humanity totem pole.


I just watched the most hilarious hour of TV I have seen in quite awhile:
The Marriage Ref w/ panel of Larry David, Madonna and Ricky Gervais

The ref is comedian Tom Papa and they show real husbands and wives having arguments. The panel then discusses and sides with either the husband or the wife.

I saw it last week w/ panel Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld and Eva Longoria. It was funny, but Larry, Madonna and Ricky were hysterical.
First run in on NBC,and the reruns are on Bravo.

Sunday, March 14

The Tickle Monster

What was Eric Massa thinking?

If this country would change its' thinking about homosexuality then maybe these dumbass legislators wouldn't have to hide so deep in the closet.

PS: And if you're a gay legislator and not yet out, please don't compound the situation by voting against gay rights legislation.

Saturday, March 13

dear schell

your valentine came back. if you'd like, i could mail it again, but i'm not sure why it came back.

Thursday, March 11


what's going on for the weekend?

Tuesday, March 9

rush i am a dumb ass limbaugh

has stated he will go to Costa Rica if the health care bill is passed in the United States. That in itself would make me vote for the reform. If i never had to hear that bigmouth yapping the bullshit it spews would make me go to washington and help pass the bill personally. what makes it even more ridiculous is that costa rica has univeral health care. what a F'ing moron. why doesn't he just go to hell and get some health care there.

Sunday, March 7


Will you watch the Oscars tonight? I'm excited to see if Jeff Bridges will win Best Actor. I haven't seen Crazy Heart,but I've loved Jeff Bridges forever . . . both him and his brother Beau. There's just something so real and down-to-Earth about both.
I hope James Cameron doesn't win Best Director. A real Assholiness aura surrounds him.
I'm torn: Meryl Streep was perfection as Julia Child, but it would be nice if Sandra Bullock won. I didn't see The Blind Side, but she was good in The Proposal. People label her America's Sweetheart. Meg Ryan (pre-collagen-injected fish lips) used to hold that title. So did Julia Roberts. Who would want to wear the America's Sweetheart title?? I mean, really. Really?

Spidey Blog

Dang, man. I'm no longer allowed on there.

Friday, March 5


sunshine and warmer temps are on the way to my world!!!!! yeah!!!!!!

Thursday, March 4

The Office

I am looking forward to The Office tonight and Pam and Jim's new baby!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2


I was in a really bad mood earlier when I talked to my weight loss buddies and one mentioned a blog where one woman has decided to follow the weight watchers 1972 cookbook published by the founder of WW. It's hysterical, all the bitching about fish and liver and crazy ruls that don't make any sense. Anway, she placed a link to recipe cards from the cookbook and it was so nasty i think i may never eat again, but the comments about the food had tears streaming down my face and put me in a better mood. Here's the link if you haven't seen this before.

Someone please

Hold my hair while I puke. I just read that Kate Gosselin is going to be on Dancing With The Stars.

this cracked me up!

TweetsofOld Sausage rolls, in suggestive shapes, can now be seen in the shop windows.

never buy

underwear not packaged. and always wash them first. VC ,Macys,Bloomingdales,Gap all were caught selling used undies. Gack! watching the Today Show is very informative.

Monday, March 1

Olympic Closing Ceremonies

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that almost all of the famous Canadians that they had come out and speak at the end live in America and many are now naturalized American citizens? Shatner said something about them dreaming big and the first thing that popped into my mind was -- yes, you dream of moving to and making it in America.

Sorry if that sounds cynical but, it's true (at least the part about almost all of the famous Canadians that spoke or performed living in America) -- Neil Young, Michael J. Fox, William Shatner, Catherine O'Hara; that's all I've seen so far -- all live in America.

Nothing against Canada but if I were suddenly to become hugely famous and had the wealth that goes with that -- I would still live in America.