Monday, August 31


Ok, anyone ever broken a rib? I fell in the shower this morning getting ready for work, all my weight fell on my right side on the side of the tub and I heard a snap. Sean had to take me to the ER and yep, I broke my 9th rib. It hurts to breath in, to walk, to turn...
They also did a CT scan to make sure I didn't have internal injuries and that came back ok but they saw a small spot on my liver, could be a fat globule, could also be cancer. Please think STRONG good thoughts that it's not cancer.
Then when we got home Sean went to p/u my pain meds and I got really hot so I got up to get a popscicle and apparently passed out as I ended up coming to lying on the floor. Not good. So this week started out just peachy :(
I was supposed to be going to NYC on Friday and have to reschedule that now obviously as I can't do shit, too much pain. Anyone ever broken a rib and if so, how long did it take to heal and how long were you in pain?

Sunday, August 30


DJ AM died. No word yet as to whether or not DJ FM will take over for him.

Saturday, August 29

a little too quiet around here.

so what are you doing this weekend?

me? i would love to go to old world wisconsin and watch a civil war reenactment, and a speech by abraham lincoln, but it is chilly and rainy.

Thursday, August 27

the office

the best episode ever is playing tonight and i am laughing my hoohoo off.

cafe disco LOL

Wednesday, August 26

This Just In

I read that Kate Gosselin is going to be one of the co-hosts of The View to fill in for that godawful nutjob Elizabeth Hasselbeck.
I just emailed ABC:

"Kate Gosselin to co-host the show . . . . excuse my "French" but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???????????????
What nitwit made THAT decision?????
Kate Gosselin? Really? Really, ABC??"

Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy died today.
He had a long life--most of it pretty happy, I'd guess.
As old Vanda would say, "RIP"

Tuesday, August 25

There you go emma

Monday, August 24

minor amusement

You don't have to have a twitter account to appreciate good tweets. This poster is fun:

Saturday, August 22

New and/or exciting

Anything new and exciting in your life?

Tuesday, August 18

A question

whatever happened to clank? I miss her and wish she'd start coming back.

Dancing with the Stars

In the upcoming season:
Good News: Mark Dascasco will be on it. Who's that you say?---only the cutest man on television. He plays The Chairman's Nephew on the American version of Iron Chef.
Bad News: Asshole poitician Tom DeLay will be on it. Why don't they just let Bernie Madoff out of the joint to do the samba? Blech.

Saturday, August 15

Mixed up

My friend came over to watch tv at my house tonight. I don't watch TV and she does, but she only has basic cable and I have 1000 channels, so it works out. Anyway, she put the news on and it said it was WGN news at 9, but it's 10. Also, we've enver had a WGN. In confusion, we sat and watched it for about 5 minutes wondering why we didn't recognize the news people and pondering their funny accent. All of a sudden, the anchor said "you've been watching Chicago, Illinois local news at 9." Since when does Baltimore, MD get Chicago news? The female anchor said "Ah-mer-can" like Bush but everything else was in the midwestern accent that's just shy of annoying. If you watch tv, did you notice anything like this?

For Emma: Sad Sad Day

Bob Dylan mistaken for a hobo on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock

Friday, August 14


1. Cruelty to animals is a horrible thing.
2. What Michael Vick did in participating in dog fighting was despicable.
3. That said, he paid the price for his crime and did his time so he deserves a fresh start and he should be able to earn a living in his chosen field. Evidentally the Eagles want him. So PETA should just leave him the hell alone. If he screws up again, then go after him full throttle. Until then, let him earn a living.
When did PETA get taken over by rabid a-holes?

Tuesday, August 11

I am

so fucking angry right now. for my birthday I wanted a new fridge. Our old fridge is over 30 years old and it's time fo it to go. My guy bought me a lovely new fridge and they said that it would come on the 11th, but that on the 10th people would come and replace the water line and take away the old one so that on the 11th, the new one could come.

On the 10th, the people brought the new fridge and said they wouldn't be back to get the old one because "they aren't trash men." Yes they said that to my guy. Forget the fact that it's their job to come back, they were just rude. They also didn't care that they were a day early or that the new line MUST go in first. Today, the line guys showed up, said the old line was fine, but that nothing can be done until the old fridge is gone. The store said they'd try to send someone before the end of SEPTEMBER to take the old fridge.

I want them to take the old fridge and put the new one in, like the're supposed to, and I want them to say sorry because THEY MESSED UP, and I want it to be done before seven business days have passed. I don't think this is unrealistic, but it probably won't happen. What I do known to be realistic is that we won't be spending any more money with this company.


any of these yelling people against health care reform have any idea how F'd up our health care system that we have in place is right now? what a bunch of idiots. i see the hoops that need to be jumped through on a daily basis and how insurance companies drag their feet not to pay in a timely manner if at all. it is all BS. the premiums paid to the insurance companies and the claims not paid is ridiculous. the money lost for uninsured people who get treatment but choose not to pay is astronomical. we need a fix.
so turn off fox you dolts and get the facts.

Monday, August 10

This year

My guy and I are blessed financially with the ability for me to stay home this year with the baby (even though she's not a baby anymoe). This is pretty rare these days in my neighborhood, so I feel lucky. I really need a longer beak from work than summer, and Mandolin needs to be with me now more than before. I haven't told the school that I'm not coming back yet, but I just feel so much better now that the decision is final, it's like I can breathe.

Sunday, August 9

The Women

I watched this movie today and, it was okay, not great but the one thing that was remarkable was that Meg Ryan looks like a monster. Way too much collagen and botox. It was distracting because it was so awful and it made me wonder why no-one in her life is telling her that she needs to stop cuz she looks like a monster and why she doesn't see it when she looks in the mirror.

Friday, August 7


Looks like Paula Abdul will not be on American Idol anymore. YAY

Thursday, August 6

Playing for Change

I saw this documentary tonight on a local public TV station and I thought it was wonderful. The director went around the world and had street musicians play well known songs and then put them all together to make one combined version. He also interviewed the musicians about how music is the great equalizer among cultures. I loved the first song they played, which was "Stand by me." The director just found people and said "play this song any way you want to" and recorded it. If you get a chance to see this, do spend the time watching it.

At the start, the director made a good point some of the best music isn't played by someone well known or even celebrated in the media.

Verb, there's a nice group of children singing hyms, and it made me think of you. The Omagh Community Youth Choir, from Northern Ireland. The founder spends some time talking about terrorism and how music helped them move on from a bad incident.

here's a link to go watch the "stand by me" video. A lot of the other musical pieces are easily found on the Internet.

Tuesday, August 4


What's your favorite book to draw inspiration from?

Monday, August 3


Remember Rob and "Amba" of Survivor and The Amazing Race?
They had a daughter: