Thursday, July 30

A Sign

You know you're getting old when you watch a special on TV and after looking at the experts in various technical subjects interviewed for the special you think, "That person is younger than I am...."

Jean Bean's Mom

I thought the Old Broards should know this; Jean posted this on Facebook at about 2:00 pm Pacific time today:

"my mom passed away yesterday at 6:00 pm. I love you mom and I'm going to miss you so much."

Wednesday, July 29


Has the immigration question/problem been solved? Remember last year before the election, you couldn't open a newspaper or turn on a news show without hearing about immigration. When's the last time you heard a news story about it?

Have we stopped hating the brown people coming across the border?

Sunday, July 26

Having The Time of My Life

Tomorrow Mandolin and I are off to the store to buy a potty. I've been putting it off because she hasn't really been ready, and my afraid of an epic battle. I have read a few "how to potty train" books, which my mom made fun of me for. My mom engaged in what she calls the M&M method. Meaning she put us (all of her kids and 2 of her grand kids) on the potty chair in front of the TV after enough juice to kill an elephant. When the kid pees/poops, you give him/her an M&M and a lot of prise. She insisted this method is fool proof as long as one does not ever give M&Ms as a reward for anything else until after potty training is complete. My kid has never had chocolate, so I don't think I'll be following the M&M method myself.

As of last week, Mandolin has begun telling me when she goes in her diaper and asking me to change her. The other day she took a diaper to her dad and said "sorry, I poop." Add this to the fact that she loves to take her diaper off in public (while still fully dressed) and hand it to complete strangers (the gift just keeps on giving). It's time to introduce THE CHAIR. I have no idea which chair is the best and after reading millions of reviews, I think it's really hit or miss on what chair your kids will tolerate. I'm going to just put Mandolin on all the potty chairs at the store and see what she likes, since she has to sit on it. I'm also glad that a few months back I taught her to wash her hands and make her do it often, so that won't be a battle. this can either go easy or hard. I really want something to go easy for a change.

So tell me what did you do to get your kid(s) to go like they've never gone before?

Saturday, July 25


Happy Birthday to our youngest Old Broard!

Friday, July 24

Week's End

What's on tap for this weekend?

Tuesday, July 21

Some of you

(Alex) will be glad to know that I finally got my hair cut much shorter. If I had a camera, I'd show you. The funniest part of the new hair-do was when Stephen (my hair guru) said," It's so spunky!" and I informed him that I'd passed spunky 30 years ago. However, the new haircut has made Dennis frisky...but thankfully I can still out run him :)

Local headline.

Woman vomits in street, hugs tree and falls over in Nazareth
by Michael Buck
Monday July 20, 2009, 1:44 PM
A Moore Township woman and her husband face public drunkenness charges after an incident Friday in Nazareth when they were found stumbling around Broad Street, police said.
Police were summoned about 9:45 p.m to the first block of South Broad Street after a woman reportedly fell out of a bar, police records say.
Judith Fehr, 46, was found hugging a tree after she vomited in the street, police records say. She was heavily intoxicated and unable to speak with police, records say.
After attempting to speak with Fehr, police saw a man standing in the middle of South Broad Street looking at the ground, records say. While cars swerved around the man, who was later identified at Robert Fehr, he told police, "That's my wife, I am looking for her teeth then we're leaving ... my truck is parked on the corner," records say.
The Fehrs were arrested, records say. A preliminary breath test indicated Robert Fehr's blood-alcohol content to be .285 percent and Judith Fehr's was .372 percent, records say.
Robert Fehr resisted when police told him he was under arrest, but decided to comply after police told him he would be shocked with a Taser if he did not, records say. Both were charged by summons with public drunkenness.

Monday, July 20

Harry Potter VI

I went to see the new Harry Potter movie this weekend and . . . found myself bored. I realize that they have to change things and take shortcuts to try to fit it all into a movie slot but, I felt they changed too much and left out too much. Like, SPOILER ALERT, they completely left out the battle scene at the end. Just didn't happen. Kinda bugged me since this is the next to the last. I can't imagine what they'll do with Book 7.

I Love You, Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter tells Southern Baptist Convention what they can do with themselves.

And high time, too. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. What would Jesus think of them?

My life is over...

I was doing something in the kitchen when i noticed that it was quiet. My house is rarely quiet so i went looking for Trouble. I found her in her room sitting naked in a large pile of baby powder (she managed to empty the entire bottle) and trying to clean it up with one lone baby wipe she stole from the trash (gag). I'm not overly shocked at the mess, but I was terrified at the attempt to clean it up. Sure, her first attempt at covering her tracks was pure crap, but she's not even two yet. I'm horrified at the thought of what she'll be covering and how well she'll do it by the time she's an adult. We had a short conversation about taking things out of the trash in which she laughed hysterically at her new trick and I resigned myself to years of super detective work and worry. How did all of you old broards do it?

Sunday, July 19


Has died. Condorblues sent me an obit for him. It doesn't give a cause of death. He was in his sixties. RIP, Sassy.

Friday, July 17


I have been having trouble logging onto Blogger and also view this Blog,, it seems to reset itself to a week ago and only when I hit refresh does it come up to the correct date. This IS this week isn't it? I didn't get knocked into next week or last week somehow did I? Was also unable to make any comments- but I guess if you aren't in the same time frame as everyone else, they can't see you anyhow,, right? No news is good news.

Wednesday, July 15


to see if i can post

gack... you are boring

come on ladies! share your exciting summer days. what are you doing? any vacations?
i shared my garden pics with nary a comment. (this is a hint to go look at my pictures) tell me how wonderful they are. even if you don't think so.

me... a staycation. but then i have an empty nest now and can run around buck naked if i want. and if i want to take the chance of drawing attention from bigjoe. if i am so inclined. the other part of the vacation will most likely involve eating and drinking. so why do i need to go anywhere?

i will lay about and read and lay in the sun and drink iced tea and relax. how about you?

Monday, July 13

Dirty Colon?

Are colon cleansing and "digestive health" this year's buzzwords? I've never seen so many colon cleansing products advertised on TV! One has a woman demand of another woman, "ARE YOU THE COLON HEALTH LADY??" I don't know if I'd like that fact to be my claim to fame.

"National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse." That is the name of a real institute. Is that accurate or what? "Clearinghouse"?

"Keep your colon clean!" That's my new battle cry.


Saturday, July 11

Burt Reynolds

I just watched "The Longest Yard" -- the original with Burt Reynolds and, he really was a damn fine lookin' man in his heyday (hayday?).

Thursday, July 9

summer reading

Because I promised myself i'd do nothing but care for my child this summer, i've spent a lot of time reading stuff i actually want to read and here are some from this week.
(raiting 1 to 5 with 5 as the highest)

"Come On, People" by bill cosby and alvin poussaint 5
"A People's History of the United Stated 1492-present" by howard zinn 4
"The no-cry potty training solution" by elizabeth pantley 2
"Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen 5
this last one reminded me of Emma and I think she'd like it.

I read the "potato peel pie society" book and loved it, my best friend has it and i don't think i'll be getting it back. I'm going to make another bookstore trip this weekend and see what i can find then. besides verb's zombie book, what's good to get?


the summer doldrums have set in.

Sunday, July 5

Gnomes Hold Better Conversations

Lonely Man Steals Lawn Statues to Talk To

A Japanese man is accused of stealing lawn ornaments to keep him company since both his father and brother died, according to Weird Asia News.

Osamu Kimura, 52, was caught holding a ceramic frog in the front yard of a homeowner, who called police, Weird Asia News reported. When police caught Kimura, he was stealing a 2-foot tall ceramic raccoon, and they found at least 30 ceramic frogs, dogs and raccoons inside his apartment, the story said.

Kimura, who is unemployed, told police he was stealing the lawn ornaments for the past year so he'd have someone to talk to.

Saturday, July 4


A Happy Thanksgiving all of you xxx

Friday, July 3

new blog

haven't you just missed her?

Thursday, July 2


Today I had some time so I watched "American Masters" on Garrison Keillor. It was a wonderful program and if you get the chance, watch it. He can tell a story like no one else.

Yesterday, my guy and I went on a date to see Food, Inc. at a little artsy theatre in Bethesda, MD. Because of last weeks terrible accident on the Metro that killed 9 people, it took us 1.5 hours to get to the theatre, making us miss our movie time, but we had a good time wandering the shops at the row before catching the next showing. The movie was great, so if you get the chance to see it, do. We had a great conversation while on the metro back to the car and all the way home in rush-hour traffic. If you ead "Fastfood Nation"' the movie closely parallels this book, but has some new things and leaves some other stuff out. I wish I had this movie to show my kids earlier this year, it's so much better than "Supersize Me."

I think we'll go see The Cove, about the killing of dolphins, for our day out next month.

jermaine jackson

jermaine was on the today show today with matt. that family is one messed up bunch.
he states that michael was not on any drugs. there was no drug abuse and that his
79 year old mother is perfectly suited to raise 3 young children. that michael had a special gift of curing children with cancer. and that his spirit is at neverland.


Rosie O'Donnell

I know a lot of people don't like her, but here are some of her blog fan questions and her answers in bold. The Chili's thing made me laugh

chili's discontinued the AWESOME BLOSSOM... i am horrified!!!! what do you think?

a huge error
could take the whole company down

did you know that in England to "Trump" means to fart!
how fitting

Holy crap, saw Transformers 2 with my boys. Even with the bells & whistles of IMAX, I must be out of the loop, too.
There's 2 hours I'll never get back...
i so agree