Sunday, February 27


Are you rooting for anyone in particular on the Oscars tonight?

Sunday, February 20

Hell in a handbasket

Planned Parenthood funding under fire.

Texas voting to allow guns on college campuses.

Wisconsin governor wants to eliminate most of public employees' collective bargaining rights.

Crazyass Republicans

Thursday, February 17

Sorry to hear about your company. I hope your store isn't one of the 200 closing :(

Sunday, February 13

Well, what's the word mockingbird?

Sunday, February 6

Super Bowl Sunday

Although I think the SB is a big yawn, I know A LOT of people are pumped about it.
I read that advertisers are ponying up three million dollars for an ad spot. That's A LOT of dough!
What foods are you serving at your party--are you serving A LOT of different stuff?

Thursday, February 3

Republicans end that old *free abortion ride*...

From now on, those girls who have only been slightly raped are off the gravy train!

Wednesday, February 2

The Hot Sauce Mom

I probably have seen the video of the mom pouring hot sauce in her 7 year-old's mouth a dozen times and it still freaks me out. Who does that? What's it supposed to accomplish--to raise a kid to fear spicy foods? (that was a joke)

A woman on the Joy Behar show said that she didn't think it was a big deal and that the mother was "creative." Good gravy, Marie! (a saying from my Mom.)

Needless to say Joy was dumbstruck--she's against corporal punishment.

I have to admit there was a time or two I smacked Liam--and I felt like absolute shit afterwards and apologized profusely. It didn't make it right though.

I once read that the Conservative Christian Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel uses/used the hot sauce thing too. Is it a right wing nutjob thing?