Sunday, August 31


Thank you for allowing me to sit at the in table ladies! :)

Saturday, August 30


I put a kind of Blog roll on the right side. If you have any favorite sites or blogs let me know and I'll add them.

Verbie, do you want yours up?


Another of Mems fav topics :)

I have a question: Can a female cat who has been spayed still have a period?

The other day I noticed some tiny blood spots out on the back porch where we keep Nesta at night. At first I thought LP had injured himself and he said no. Later he said that he thought Nesta might have because there was little blood speck near her naughty bits.

Friday, August 29


What a shocker (yawn) McCain picks a woman running mate. Who would have anticipated that? oh, yeah. . . me. I did. In my blog. Along with thousands of others I'm sure. He's trying to court us Hillary backers. This pick just shows that his handlers really think women are stupid.

just for gail

can you see me now???????????? :)

Shameless self promotion

I just added a link to my Etsy store to my blog :) yippee!

Thursday, August 28

MJ turns the big 50.

what the hell did he do? flipping through the gallary makes it even more obvious that
he is one messed up guy. Michael Jackson Faces His 50th Birthday

my 50th is right around the corner and i am still cute.

Time marches on, digitally, of course

Here's Beloit College's annual mindset list.  It always blows me away.  Check out how times have changed since you were a freshman.
The end of For Better or For Worse:

Wednesday, August 27

An anniversary

It was one year ago today that Dennis and his brother sold the pharmacy and retired.

Since then, Dennis and I have been together every single solitary day, all day long, seven days a week.

My question is: are we absolutely sure that a year contains JUST 365 days?  I could swear it's more...way more.

Can I perform?

why, yes I can

Tuesday, August 26

And you thought YOUR school was bad!

Worst colleges in america!

Hey Emma!

Ded needs help.  He's trying to figure out how to post something.  He doesn't have a "new post" link at the top of his page.  Can you help?

Only in the South...

..would there be a magazine combining two of our favorite activities:

And yes, I just subscribed.

an ancient italian art

this is very rude but mildly amusing

Sunday, August 24

32 degrees

I've been thinking how times have changed. One SMALL way:
When I was in high school, it was my junior year when the administration started "allowing" girls to wear jeans and trousers to school! But it had to be at least 32 degrees outside!! Can you imagine? So every winter morning, we had to call the Time & Temperature number (every city has one . . .usually sponsored by a bank) to check the temp outside.
What stupid thing went on in your high school?

Saturday, August 23

look what i found

The Grinch That Stole the Blogs…
Every shelfer in Shelfville liked blogging a lot...But Vanda52, who lived just north of Shelfville, Did not!
Vanda hated blogging! Just like something he pees on!Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right.It could be, perhaps, that his clogs are too tight.But I think that the most likely reason of all,May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.
But, whatever the reason, his heart or his cloggersHe stood there on Christmas Eve hating those bloggers.Staring at the screen with a sour Vanda frownAt the warm lighted fonts with their verbs and their nouns.All the Shelfers knew, in fact, often they heard," You'll all grow tired of the blogs, just mark my word!"
"They're posting their musings," he snarled with a sneer" They've been posting so long, the end must be near!"Then he growled, while on his newspapers peeing," I must find some way to stop the blogs from being!"For tomorrow he knew, all the Shelf guys and galsWould wake bright and early, and read everyones but Kal's.
And then! Oh, the clicks! The click! Click! Click!That's one thing he hated! The click! Click! Click!
Then the Shelfers, young and old, would sit down to typeAnd they'd type! And they'd type!And they'd TYPE!TYPE!TYPE!TYPE!
They would type about their families, or coupons from YeastWhich was something that Vanda couldn't stand in the least.
And then they'd do something, he liked least of allEvery Shelfer in Shelfville, the tall and the small.They would log in together, go to the "What's New" pageAnd check on all the comments that had just been made.
They'd read! And they'd read!And they'd read! READ! READ! READ!And the more Vanda thought of what TreeSquish had startedThe more Vanda thought, "These fools and their words will soon be parted!"" Why for a few months I've put up with it now!"I must stop it from continuing!"BUT HOW?"
Then he got an idea!An awful idea!Vanda got a wonderful, awful idea!
"I know just what to do!" Vanda laughed in his throatAnd he made a fake screen name, and sat down to gloat.And he chuckled and clucked, "What a great Vanda wish“ With this new name and font, I look just like TreeSquish!"
All I need is a helper.And Vanda looked around.An accomplice this evil...were there none to be found?Did that stop old Vanda?" No," Vanda simply said." I can get a helper, I know just the fag."So he IM'd his buddy, "Hey, wanna help with a gag?"And before he knew it, his accomplice was Nag.
ThenThey went to the websiteThey began reading the lettahsThey were signed on as TreeSquishAnd Nag became Bedda.
Then Vanda said, "Let's go!"And they scrolled on downToward the spots where the ShelfersWould all go to write their verbs and their nouns.
All the Shelfers were busy, didn't notice Vanda and NagThey were too busy posting, to notice the lag.When he came to the first blog, it was Emma, the hag." This is delete number One!" Old Vanda did hissThen moved his cursor down, not one did he miss.He slid down the titles. There must be twenty-three.But, if Tree could do it, then so could he!He got stuck only once, for a moment or two.But moved right on to the next one that’s new.All of these blogs, all aligned in a row.But, Jim's World of Fun, was the next one to go!
He scrolled and he scrolled, with a smile most unpleasantThen deleted their archives, from the past to the present.Cookie recipes, work stories, Jilly's underwearCyber's big move, Nick's Literati, and Verb's great big hair.He hit the button, Vanda did, "I'll get rid of this junk!"Requires so much, Loom with a View, and This Little Chunk.
Then he looked at their comments, "Yeah, Sweetness and Light"All the Emma Allows, bull shit, yeah right!He emptied them all, like going through a cupboardSpidey's Web, Fez Says, and Tracee Uncovered.He paused his finger, held it there with glee" And now!" grinned Vanda, "I'll hit the delete key!"
He was just about to hit it, oh, what a thrill!Then he got an IM, Oh what a buzz kill!He looked at the message, from just a young critterIt was none other than, our very own Britter.
Vanda and Nag had been caught by this tiny Shelf daughterWho’d got out of bed for a cup of cold water.She typed to Vanda and said, “Vanda, why?”“ Why are you taking our blogs away? Why?”
But, you know, that old Vanda was so smart and so slickHe thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick.“ Why, my sweet little tot,” old Vanda lied,“ There’s a problem here, all on the left side.“ So, I’m downloading them, so I can defrag, my dear“ I’ll fix it up there, then I’ll put it back here.”
His fib fooled the child, from what he’d readSaid his goodbyes and sent her to bedAnd when little Britters finally signed offHe hit that button, and he laughed and he coughed.
The last thing he tookHe got rid of Bedda, that big-mouthed town crierThen he spun round in his chair, himself, the old liarOn their screens, he left nothing but keys and some wire.
And the one speck of writingThat they left at the siteWas writing too small for even a mite.
ThenThey did the same thingTo the other parts of the site.Leaving writingsMuch too smallFor the other Shelfer’s mites.
IT was a quarter past dawnAll the shelfers, still a-bedAll the shelfers, still a-snoozeWhen his screen finally went deadIt was loaded with everything, their pictures, their wordsThe jokes! And the Trivia! All done by those nerds.
Three thousand feet away! On the Island LongHe settled down to bed, wasn’t concerned ‘bout being wrong“ Pooh-Pooh to the Shelfers!” he was grinch-ish-ly humming“ You mark my words, there’ll be no more blogs coming!”“ They’re just waking up! I know just what they’ll do!“ Their mouths will hang open a minute or two“ Then the Shelfers of Shelfville will all cry BOO-HOO!”
“That’s a noise,” grinned Vanda52“ That I simply must hear!”So he paused, and then put his hand to his ear.And he did hear a sound rising over the snowIt started out low, then it started to grow…
But the sound wasn’t sadWhy, this sounded merry!It couldn’t be so!But it was Merry! Very!
He stared out at Shelfville!Vanda52 popped his eyes!Then he shook!What he saw was a shocking surprise!
Every Shelfer down in Shelfville, he couldn’t believe what he sawWere blogging! Without their old blogs at all!He hadn’t stopped blogs from coming!They came!Somehow or other, the came just the same!
And Vanda, with his papers yellow like his snowStood puzzling and puzzling: “How could it be so?”They blogged without trivia, they blogged without jokesThey just started all over, these strange Shelfville folks.And then he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore.Then Vanda thought of something he hadn’t before!“ Maybe blogging,” he thought, “wasn’t such a bore.“ Maybe blogging…perhaps…means a little bit more.”
And what happened then…?Well…in Shelfville they sayThat Vanda’s small heart Grew three sizes that day!And the minute his heart didn’t feel quite so tightHe uploaded their blogs through the bright morning light.And he brought back the words! With their multi-colored hues.And he…He himself…Vanda started one too!--Composed by Schell

A new product- at least for me

I have been a fan of the Itty Bitty Book Light for over 20 years. But, I have come across a new product that is going to make me give them up for good. It is called the RELIGHT- a rechargeable book light. It lasts a very long time on one charge, gives two levels of light intensity (I do wish that the bright was just a bit brighter, but I suspect my husband is glad it isn't). With other booklights I have used, either the battery didn't last very long (or at least as long as I wanted) or you were tethered by the plug in cord. I bought a second RELIGHT just to have as backup-that's how much I love it. At 35 bucks, it is a little pricy for the initial investment, but if it lasts a long time, will be well worth the $$. I wish I had had this around when I was in college, because I would have loved to stay snuggled in a warm bed and read rather than have to sit at a table where there was sufficient light. Anyhow, you all who have kids in school and they need to do a lot of reading, or for yourselves if you like to read in bed, I highly recommend this!

i am thinking of having this done. ;)

The LifeGem Creation Process - Memorial Diamond

with the remains left from me, the Hope Diamond will be minuscule compared to my rock.

Friday, August 22

What do you think about this?

I tell you, if Indiana had this law, being the mother of a seventeen year old, sometimes I'd be tempted to use it!

For Mum so she doesn't leave us again

The things I put up with to look beautiful.

HEAR kitty kitty kitty kitty

Thursday, August 21

Fun Times

So, this week at work we've spent 8 hours a day in stupid meetings where we spend so much time playing useless games that the important things are rushed so we never get clarification on just what to enforce and how. Today I got in trouble for being late to a meeting because our sped department meeting ran over (10 minutes) and I just had to pee, so I went. You know, I never believed my mom when she blamed her over-active bladder on us kids, now I know it really wasn't a guilt trip. Anyway, the 2 hour meeting I was late to (and left early from to take Mandolin to her therapy session) consisted of all 200 people who work at my school sitting in a large circle and playing drums. I am not kidding you. 10 minutes in I started to turn green and then the jerkoff leading the session made a crazy jazz hand motion and everyone started playing as loud as they could. Next thing I know I was throwing up in front of everyone. I just know that will be in the yearbook.

Wednesday, August 20

any good soup recipes

we are going to start our soup club at work again. we take turns bringing soup every thursday for as many weeks as people sign up. it gives us something to look forward to, and is a team building exercise.
here is my request. any fabulous soup recipes will be considered, and the one i pick.... the winner will get a special surprise from spidey!!!!!! it might be a framed picture of one of my fabulous garden photos, or a big hunk of cheese. take a chance. :) this contest will run through sept 15th.

Tuesday, August 19

Sunday, August 17

Congratulations Ellen & Portia

"Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are married, according to reports.
In the biggest celebrity union since California legalized same-sex marriage, DeGeneres, 50, and de Rossi, 35, wed Saturday night in an intimate ceremony at their Beverly Hills home, People and Us Magazine reported."


I love Ellen--I hope these two have long and happy lives together

Saturday, August 16

Nothing Like New School Supplies

This morning was the day educators everywhere worship at the alter that is staples and go back-to-school shopping because it's educator's day. My guy and I have been saving our $20 gift cards and coupons that they send us every so often, so off we went at 9:30am (you have to get there early after all). We got oodles of craptastic stuff. I didn't need pens or pencils as my resolution to not give out my stuff to the kids at school went well and I still have several boxes. Does anyone still remember how to cover books with a paper bag?

Friday, August 15
this absolutely cracked me up a doona for the none australian speaking people is a quilt I believe having gleaned this info from watching neighbours for 25 years, the programme not the real people

Thursday, August 14

For you, Sheila!

Joann Castle

She's a pretty amazing lady.  How did she play like that while never looking down and doing all that winking at the camera?

For Alex

So, I went to Fark to check out any bigfoot headlines, but I found this one instead:

'British woman being evicted from home for flushing toilet at night and ironing too loud'

I really thought that this could be about Alex,until I clicked the link and read the article. What do you think?

I Have a Question...or Seven

Forgive my ignorance, but I am really not in-the-know with all the undercurrents of nefariousness in the former incarnations of the bookshelf.

Am I supposed to pick a side?  I just don't understand the new order of things, so can you explain it to me?  I visited the practically every day, though I rarely posted comments and never posted an actual new topic.  

I'm very happy to have been invited here, and I see that I am in good company.  My guess is that this was created so that we could enjoy ourselves in the absence of certain people and their tendencies towards certain types of posts.

Is there something I'm too stupid to pick up on with the split of the site, or do each of you plan on participating both here and the one that Cyber and Rosa and Kath are creating.

Please let me know.  

Your pal,
Respighi (whose real name is Jenny...and I'm enjoying a Lime Dreyer's frozen fruit bar..sooo tasty)

Narrators/ Disney

I have been listening to Morgan Freeman doing some Olympic commercials. What a fantastic voice he has. I think maybe the only other voice I like so much was years ago, Winston Hibler,the Disney narrator for all their wildlife shows on Sunday evening- The Wonderful World of Color- although we didn't have color TV until about 1975. How many of these episodes do you remember?

Appendix B - The Anthology Series

Now THIS is news!

And it has to be true, because Fox (fair and balanced) says so!

Wednesday, August 13

One fine essay by a blog called "Terrible Mother"

I think some of you may enjoy this beautifully-written essay about sexual congress on Memorial Day.

Interesting thread

From an interesting website.  These are beautiful color pictures of quite a few American cities, dating back to the fifties.  Kinda fascinating.


A friend at work turned me on to a new website called
It's free and contains advice on nutrition, exercise, diet and medical conditions.
They also have forums and you can keep a journal there too.
I read it for about a half hour yesterday. It looks interesting.

Tuesday, August 12

Brangelina twins' pictures

So "Brad & Angie" ....I'm still pissed at him for dumping Jennifer Aniston--not that I was so in love with them as a couple, but Angelina Jolie . . come on now.....she Frenched her own brother during the Oscars . . .she wore Billy Bob Thorton's blood around her neck...what kind of great PR does she now have that everyone thinks she's right up there with Mary, the Mother of God?!! . . .
I digress. So "Brad & Angie" sold pictures of their new twins to People magazine for some astronomical sum like 12 million dollars.

Did any of you old Broards actually buy this magazine? I didn't, but I will admit to flipping through it while standing at a Kroger check out lane. These babies . . . . guess what? They look like babies!
Even if they said that they gave this money to charity . . .is this whoring out your kids a good thing? As you may surmise by the "whoring out"your babies phrasing that I do not think it's a good thing.

The Remainder Table Comes Through!

I just read two thoroughly enjoyable books, and I got them both off the remainder table at Border's as I was waiting in line to buy other stuff.  The cheapies turned out to be better than the "other stuff," so I thought I'd share.

The first was a Southern gothic, complete with crumbling antebellum mansion, draping Spanish moss, faded belles, ghosts, the works.  It was an unfinished manuscript by the late Michael McDowell, who apparently was a horror writer of some note, and was finished by Tabitha King (wife of Stephen, an accomplished writer in her own right.)  The title is Candles Burning.  I was completely absorbed by the story--read nonstop for two days-- and am now thinking of looking into other works by McDowell.  

Next was Fear of the Dark by Walter Mosley.  You might recall that Mosley became well-known a while back because Bill Clinton was fond of his EZ Rawlins series.  If you haven't read those, you should.  They're wonderful.  But this book features another pair of his recurring characters, Fearless Jones and Paris Minton.  Like the Rawlins stories, this one is set in the Watts/South Central Los Angeles of another era--the forties.  It features a population of black folks who have been made mobile by serving in WWII and have moved from south Texas and Louisiana to the big city in search of better opportunities.  In those days, Watts was a peaceful and prosperous area populated by working class folks of all colors, but you can certainly see the seeds of trouble to come as you follow these novels.  Fearless and Paris are an unlikely pair of mystery-solvers.  Fearless is a big, tough, physically intimidating but sweet-spirited black man, a decorated WWII hero held in high esteem by the community.  Paris is small, nerdy and bookish, and owns a used book store where he holes up all day rereading classics.  Trouble seems to keep coming to Paris's door, and his great friend, Fearless, is always there to help him out.  I also read this one cover to cover in just a day or two. 

So, what have YOU been reading?

For Schell

I just figured out why I couldn't send you a link to my new blog (humble as it is.)  I'm using this new version of AOL for Mac that I just downloaded and it didn't import my old address book from my regular version of AOL.  I couldn't remember the numbers that came after your name on your AOL email address.  Any email address that involved a string of numbers or a challenging spelling was too much for me.  I also couldn't invite JennyRobin or Britters because I couldn't think of their email addresses, either.  I'm hoping to catch up with those two.

Anyway, all of you fabulous broards, and one dick, are more than welcome to stop by and visit me at   There's nothing much there yet, but I'm filled with hope that I'll do better at this one than I did at my last one.

Monday, August 11


Glad to be in such company.

THIS is the blog!

That I was BORN to post in!  Well done!

The Old Broards

Please use this blog to post things that would interest
old broards.