Sunday, March 27

Re Another BookShelf

Does anyone go there any more? I'm about to take it off of my Blogroll on my own blog.

Friday, March 25


My radishes sprouted overnight....woohoo! I'll take pics and post them to my blog later on. I'm such a nut, getting excited over small green leaves. But they are MY small green leaves. I overplanted something fierce, so I need to go get that additional garden bed and soil today so that I can transplant some of these things as I find out how poorly I planted them.

Monday, March 21

Here you go Orbie

Extreme Couponing

A new show called Extreme Couponing premiers Wednesday, April 6 on TLC. Now that I am out of work, this appeals to me, as I have some time on my hands. As we all know, time is money, so maybe I'll pick up a few pointers and save a ton of money on products.

I remember we had a venomous shelfer who was big into couponing, so that is the one downside in this whole affair.

Saturday, March 19


Very Spring-like today. What are your plans?

Thursday, March 17


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!
Tip 'o the day if you live near a McAlister's Deli: Wear green today and you'll get a free cookie!

Friday, March 11


My brother's visiting Japan . . . can't get ahold of him. :-\

Wednesday, March 9

More of the same
Now Hoosier Republicans wants doctors to tell women who are seeking abortions that they may get breast cancer. Repubs want them to be shown ultrasounds and some other nonsense.
I have an idea: Liquor stores should have to tell men who want to buy booze that they may die of liver disease. Show them fatal car crashes. Show them pictures of the ugly women they might pick up in a bar if they get drunk. Then sell them the booze.
Before men can buy a gun, make them watch Bambi. Make them watch war footage of men's limbs getting shot off. Make them play Russian Roulette with four bullets. Then sell them the gun.
Before a couple has sex, make them see pictures of genital warts and diseased dicks. Make them babysit with a collicky baby. Make them produce bank statements that show if they get pregnant they can afford to take care of that child so Tammy Taxpaper won't have to. Then they can have sex.
Before a fast food joint fills a drive thru order, make them give the customer a wagon filled with liposuctioned fat to let them know what they're in for. Then they can eat that double Whopper with fries and a shake.
If Republicans want to fucking legislate morality then have at it.

Monday, March 7

My blog

Hi all. I realized after the postings about AA that, since I'm putting real, personal stuff up, I should protect my blog (especially with the criminal charges against AA pending). So, if you want access, I need your email address to send you an invite. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 2


My painting photos are up on the forgotten blog:

Tuesday, March 1

a rant, just in time for summer

I have been to 8 stores in 3 days looking for a swimsuit. I am a few pounds form the big -100 and I want to look good when we go on our trips. Something in me is shouting that I've EARNED it. We're going to Indiana in April and Atlanta in June, and both trips come with access to pools and spas. It's funny, b/c for YEARS I was told "you could wear X if you only lost some weight." Well, I've lost the equivalent of Kate Moss and guess what? That's a damn lie!

I know I have very specific (picky) requirements in what I want in my suit: No flowers, no black, no skirt, no halter (it aggravates my neck injury), must be a one piece (mock tankini is okay but not a real one), must have some sort of strap(s), must cost less than $40, must be able to try on before purchase. Everything I've seen has been too "Lets play bingo then hit up Sizzlers before 4pm" or "Hello, I'm a hooker and I have a kid!" I think spending $100-$180 on a swimsuit is dumb, even if you keep it and use it for a few years (in theory). I had 4-5 suits fall apart on me b/c they were used 2 times a week when I did water aerobics religiously. After talking around to swimmers, I found out that if you actually get into the water, a suit isn't going to last more than a season, and you're lucky if it lasts a whole season. I'm not an Olympic swimmer, so I'm not spending the equivalent of a car payment on one item of clothing that's going to fall apart in a few months. I'd rather buy a suit for $40 or less and take the $60 and upgrade my running shoes since I run for at least 60mins a day EVERY day.

It all boiled over on me the other day when I was seeking advice at my online weight loss group. Like bras, some people are more supportive than others. One woman, who is just starting out and needs to lose about as much as I have overall, told me (in a not overly mean but still catty way) that I was whining and at my current size, I should be able to wear anything and I should be happy that I now fit into a bikini, so I should just pick a bikini already. Wow what a "shut up" that was! Look, I'm not going to lie here. I have a lot of excess skin. W/o the skin I'd probably fit into a size 0-2. Right now I'm a 2-4. NO ONE with that much excess skin should be seen in public in a bikini. EVER. Just because you CAN put it on does not mean you SHOULD. This doesn't just apply to weight loss either. CAN vs. SHOULD is an important dressing lesson everyone should take a moment to apply every day. A trip to Walmart proves it. So, I was polite back but I burst her bubble about the cute little yellow polka dot bikini she's dreaming about. Well, unless she has the $25,000-$40,000 to get all the extra skin cut off....

oh and here's another thing that's bothered me recently. When I was a kid, my mom would buy us 2 piece suits and we'd all look cute and the suit came as a SET. Now, you have to spend at least $20 for each piece of the damn suit. What the hell? They say it's "mix and match" But how is this idea possible at the Old Navy store? When you walk in, all of the bottoms specifically match only one of the tops displayed. "Mix and Match" implies that almost all of the tops could be MATCHED to all of the bottoms making a customized suit to fit the needs of many. That idea almost sounds worth spending $20 for each piece. Instead, some schmuck is spending $20 for each piece when 5 years ago, the top would be on the same hanger as the panty with one price tag for $20. Next there'll be a cover charge just to walk into the store and people will pay it b/c they're morons. Now I'm really looking forward to the kid being 13 in 10 years....