Saturday, November 28

will durst

bigjoe and i had an enjoyable evening at a comedy show with will durst as the headliner. he is from wisconsin and he does a show when he comes home for thanksgiving. it was great.

Friday, November 27

Anyone heard from Schell?

Her blog's been quiet and was just wondering if she's okay.

What's in a Name?

We spent some time watching BBC America yesterday and caught a preview for a Top Model program in England where all the models have a disability (most are missing a limb apparently). It's a unique idea for a show, but the name of the show is as tacky as all get out. They call it "Britian's Missing Top Model." Missing. Of all the ways to describe someone with a disability, missing isn't how I'd do it. When they said "Britian's Missing Top Model" I had no idea wtf they were talking about and then spent a moment taking in the concept of the show. Maybe they refer to people with disabilities as "missing" in England? I don't know, but if they try and have a season of that here, they'll have to think of a new name. When I heard "missing" and "model," I thought of that succubus Nancy Grace.

Time and the Daily Mail have written some interesting articles about the show if you do a search. The show is over in the UK, so if you just want spoilers, they're out on the Internet.

Paul McCartney

I watched a recording of Paul McCartney: Good Evening New York.
Whataguy. I shall love him until Mems tells he that he's a wanker who exploits people and things ala Sting and Bono.
He also looks like he's the same weight as when the Beatles invaded the US over 40 years ago

Thursday, November 26

Nothing like that cold crunch to give the turkey a zing

I have two best friends. BF1 and BF2. BF2 is the nicest person you'll ever meet, but she doesn'talways think. BF1 and BF2 decided that since I'm sick again, they're going to cook the dinner at my house using all the stuff I bought. It was a sweet gesture and reminded me why they're my best friends. The hitch? BF2 (who doesn't always think) decided to cook the turkey the Alton Brown way, but only followed half his directions. Moreover, she didn't keep in mind that we're eating at 3. It's 2 and the turkey is a nice shade of char brown and she says the turkey will be just fine. Moreover, BF1 and BF2 decided to make all of the side dishes at 1. All of the food is ready and it's 2. People won't be here until 3ish and then don't expect toeat until 3:30-4. It looks like we're having a cold and crunchy day. But I am thankful that I didn't have to cook it and that they love me enough to make and serve cold-crunchy food.


Here's hoping you all have plenty to give thanks for and the
time to enjoy the day.

Gobbble Gobble Gobble.

Wednesday, November 25

Sonic Commercial

I have to say, that Sonic commercial where the couple is in the car talking and the husband says that the sweater he's wearing is from the sixth grade and she says, "Why do you have the same body that you did in sixth grade?" cracks me up.


Now here are some fine American Sarah Palin supporters who should make Bert very proud to be an American! I know *I* am.

Tuesday, November 24

Gross Eat

My daughter is underweight for her age. She basically prefers to live off of yogurt (it must have splenda in it) and fresh fruit and veggies. I've found a few fat building foods she'll eat, but it's been a struggle. Anyway, today I was putting gifts into boxes when I heard the kitten make an odd noise. Upon further inspection I found Mandolin and the dog I dogsit sitting by the kitten's food dishes and drinking his water from his dish and eating his food. Apparently Mandolin loves and i mean loves kitten food that's been soaked in a bowl of water. Her little cheeks were chipmunk fat they were so full. My first reaction was to vomit, but I held off and went with my second reaction, which was a whole lot of corner standing time with some ranting about how nasty eating cat food is. I called her daddy to tell him about it and his response was: "Well, it's got fat and protein, so she'll gain weight." She hasn't put anyhting gross in her mouth in almost a year, she doesn't even eat off the floor/ground. I pray nothing ever happens to me, or Mandol will turn in to a wild little hellcat with no social skills like Nell: "tay in the wind."

Monday, November 23

adam lambert

was a piggy on the AMA show. did you see it?

Beauty Queens

There is a "beauty queen" on The Amazing Race and she's awful---whiny, demanding and over-the-top--blaming her husband-team member for everything.
I can't think of a beauty queen that I've ever liked. Remember Annts?--She loved pageants and beauty queens.

Have you ever liked a beauty pagenat queen?

Saturday, November 21

Potluck Ideas

We're having a pot luck at work on Tuesday and I pulled "Main Dish" but can't think of what to bring. It's a hard category cuz it kinda has to be something that is good at room temperature.

Any ideas?

For Emma

Merry Christmas a little early

I'm Done

with my Christmas Shopping. Now I just need to go buy food for this Thursday.

Friday, November 20

Friday Reads

On Twitter, every Friday is Friday Reads day, where people tell (in 140 characters) what they're reading. My #fridayreads is Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. It's an older book, about a fragile, hard-drinking woman reporter who returns to her creepy hometown to cover the murder of some girls. It starts out and you think it's going to be breezy detective lit, but turns into something else. Hard to put down. What are you reading?

Wednesday, November 18

Tee hee...

You say you enjoy "humor"? And you enjoy "grammar"?

Tuesday, November 17

Pale Palin

I watched the Big O's interview with Palin (I thought of you Spidey).
That woman (Palin, not O) is a blamer. Nothing was ever her fault---it was McCain's, it was Obama's people, it was the handlers, it was the media, it was Katie Couric's.

For a Rogue Maverick, she sure whined a lot.

Example of her passive-aggressiveism:
She sarcastically referred to Levi Johnston as "Ricky Hollywood" and his "path to porn" and yet she said he was welcomed to Thanksgiving and she'd pray for him.

I got a note from Ded

Must've been a couple of weeks ago. Said he was about to get his computer problems fixed and get back to his friends here in Internet-land.

So where are you, Ded? We're waiting!

Sunday, November 15

and it begins!

the holiday season is upon us! christmas carols are playing on the radio station.
don't fight it! embrace it! let the spirit move you!

i am going to start my christmas cards today. i am going to start making my list for who has been naughty and nice and forwarding it to santa. i am going to stay on top of my christmas game and start my shopping soon.

but no... i am not baking cookies.

Thursday, November 12


"Paying taxes isn't like going to the zoo. It's twenty dollars to get in and you don't get to haggle the price to $18.50 because you don't like zebras."

Jon Stewert has a good point about taxes. My taxes pay for a lot of shit I dislike, like penis pumps for old dudes), but I don't go after such things and tell old men they can't have a penis pump.

We've been fighting about health care and abortions rights tonight and I'm sad, tired, and sick.

I need to stop talkig to people who I know I disagree with.

Okay, time to make a new post

What's up wit chu?

Monday, November 9

"Tis the Season

First sighting of a yard with Christmas lights and tree: today at 5:43 PM.

Isn't someone rushing the season just a tad?


Because all you old (and young) broads are my friends I wanted to let you know...

Sean and I are gettin' hitched! Yep, it's true, we will be going to Vegas next month; he asked me yesterday and we went and looked at rings and such. It's going to be small and mellow, I'm going to find a pretty dress to wear, probably a silver one and it'll just be family and a few friends.

Anyway, thought some good news might be welcome so I wanted to share with you all. :)

Saturday, November 7


i am happy for people without health insurance but sad for women in general. i want my daughter to live in a world where people leave her uterus and possible occupants of said uterus up to her. i still have some hope for my daughter but realistically have aimed my hope at my possible granddaughters.

one step forward and two back?

Friday, November 6

Do Not Dispute These Claims!

1. Sting is a god.

2. Bono is a wonderful, selfless humanitarian.

3. Teenage boys are so easy to raise.

(I don't believe any of that, but I hope it will draw Meme out of the shadows. She hasn't posted here forever . . where is she? Lost in Facebookland?)

Wednesday, November 4

The Other Place

A few days ago I read on the other site a fight saria was having with four. This fight between the two welterweights seems to have an outbreak every other month. It's like the bird flu. Or the swine flu. Or sinus trouble. Are these two really in love, or do they not-so-secretly loathe each other?
Spidey said that they made up, or don't expect another outbreak 'til around December. Just to let you know.

Monday, November 2


I just cleaned out the spam in my queue, and one was "See mackenzie phillips nude!"
I would definitely NOT like to see mackenzie phillips naked.
Which celebrity would you definitely not like to see nude?

Sunday, November 1

"Where's my retarded baby?"

Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin's grandson, said that Palin called her Down's Syndrome son "retarded." Is he just hawking his book deal? Or did she say that? I can't stand Sarah Palin, but I hope she didn't say that.
Evidently he has some other soon-to-be-reveiled info that will not be flattering to Palin.
Is it a slow news day?