Thursday, May 31

Is he guilty or not?

John Edwards.  Actually, I have no idea if he is guilty or not.  If the money from his benefactress was a gift, then he should have declared it on his taxes and he should have paid taxes on it.  If he didn't pay taxes on it, then that is tax evasion. But I never heard anything about how it was claimed.  So, I really have no idea if he is guilty of what he has been charged with or not.  The jury couldn't decide and obviously were entrenched in different camps.  I can tell you one thing for certain, if you are a Democrat in NC- and this includes the former governor- you can do all sorts of things with money, your campaign's money and the state's/citizen's money, free trips, campaign trips,, all sorts of stuff that seem unimaginable to normal folks- and get away with it.  (Maybe the Republicans would do the same if they ever get into the govenor's mansion.  Maybe they'll get the chance this fall.  Our incumbant governor decided not to run for re-election- probably a good choice since her performance has been abysmal by all accounts and even the Democratic operatives of NC would have likely advised her to step aside.)

Monday, May 28

Happy Memorial Day

It's been so extremely hot here in Indiana. The humid was in the 90s, the temp's been in the 90's--awful. I was pulling weeds yesterday and had to stop every 15 minutes to cool down.

On the TV front:

Poor detective Linden (The Killing) what a mess she is. Fired, in a psych ward. Doesn't sleep. Doesn't eat. She's like the Seattle they're filming in: Gray rainy and dismal. After all of this crap, they'd better find Rosie Larsen's murderer.

That's all

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day to all of you

Thursday, May 10


Way to go, Mr. President. It's about time. Don't worry about those people who are anti-gay, they wouldn't vote for you anyway because you have no birth certificate, you're a Muslim, and a Socialist! Obama in 2012!