Thursday, June 28

Hey, Broards

It's summer, and summer makes me happy.  Happy and lazy (two ways of saying the same thing, in my book.)

I saw a strange and beautiful movie today, Moonrise Kingdom.  You should see it.

Friday, June 8

federal jury duty

I got a notice 2 weeks ago that I am to report for jury duty in federal court on June 18 in Indianapolis. I have to call the night before to see if it's a "go."

I've never served on a jury before, but I did recently see 12 Angry Men for about the sixth time on TMC.

I can't decide whether I'd be Henry Fonda or Lee J. Cobb--definitely NOT the nose-blowing Ed Begley

Wednesday, June 6

R.I.P. Scouty

My beloved, beautiful Scout passed away yesterday. She was a beautiful little soul and the sweetest little cat that I've ever encountered. She touched my heart in a way that I never expected and I truly feel like my heart is breaking.

I had to go into the office yesterday so left the house around 6:00 a.m. and she was fine. I went out and gave her a head rub and told her I would spend some time with her when I got home and that George would take care of her morning ritual.  She purred at me and was fine.

I talked with George around 1:15 when I was leaving the office and Scout was alive and fine. I got home around 2:30 and Jack didn't meet me at the door as he always does. I walked to my office and set down my briefcase and purse, saw Jack lieing next to Scout's pen, thought that was different and went to change my clothes.

I changed my clothes, walked back out towards the office and Jack was walking towards me meowing. I pet him and then went to Scout's pen and she looked like she was sleeping -- nothing unusual about that. I leaned in and rubbed her head and she didn't move. She's done that before when in a deep sleep so I leaned down and gave her another head rub and called her name which always wakes her up and . . . she didn't move.

At that point, it clicked that something was wrong and I just started screaming for George. He came running in and checked on her and . . . she was gone. I lost it at that point. George remained calm and called the vet, etc.  I finally calmed down and we took her down to the vet.

She'll be cremated and they'll return her ashes in a box engraved with her name and with "My little love" beneath it.

Jack seems lost. He woke me up last night and made me follow him out to where she used to be and just stood there staring and looking up at me like -- where is she?  He keeps going back to where Scout was and just standing there, staring.

I haven't stopped crying for two days but . . . at least the hysterics are over.

I love that little cat so damn much, it just blows my mind. I miss her already and still can't believe she's gone. We don't know what took her and I thought about doing an autopsy but, I'm not sure I want to know. She is gone. I will love her for the rest of my life.

Friday, June 1