Saturday, April 2


If you're not watching this season's Survivor, you're missing one of the all time great reality characters: Phillip, the former federal agent (?.) He hunts crabs with a spear in his pink "tighty whiteys," talks about "honor, service and country" and likens himself to the tiger and the gorilla via tattoos he sports, and complains about being treated around the camp like a "red-headed stepchild."
He's very entertaining without meaning to be.


schell said...

He's like a bad accident. I can't stand him, yet I can't stop watching him.
I want Matt to take it all!s

Peter said...

Have you been reading Jeff Probst's blogs after each episode?

Jenny Robin said...

I anticipate Wednesday evenings for Idol and Survivor. I DVR Survivor and watch Idol live. I can't believe I'm this engaged with TV, but I am.

I was deliciously thrilled when you-know-who was voted off early in the game.

And Phillip is indeed a freakazoid. He is not mentally balanced, and I don't think it's an act. I know they do psych tests on those folks, but I can't help but thinking he has had a mental issue at some point and is still reeling in the aftermath. He is entertaining because he is so annoying.

I'm sorry, but Ralph is dumber than a rock. When a person is that kind of challenged, they can't help it, so it's frustrating and sad.

It's also funny how everyone caters to Rob. They need to get rid of him fast, or they will all soon find out they are expendable.

Peter said...

Friend Jenny,

The tribe should have voted Rob out at the first opportunity. He has had lots of time to hone his skills and, now that the merge is here, can make a pretty good run at individual immunity from heer to the end.

sparky said...

hey , wrong show and all but that fat chick breaking that guys leg was almost as good as watching the mid east wars ..........