Monday, May 28

Happy Memorial Day

It's been so extremely hot here in Indiana. The humid was in the 90s, the temp's been in the 90's--awful. I was pulling weeds yesterday and had to stop every 15 minutes to cool down.

On the TV front:

Poor detective Linden (The Killing) what a mess she is. Fired, in a psych ward. Doesn't sleep. Doesn't eat. She's like the Seattle they're filming in: Gray rainy and dismal. After all of this crap, they'd better find Rosie Larsen's murderer.

That's all


Sonya said...

Our weather this spring has been weird; hot, cold, and everything in between. But the snow is already almost all melted from the mountain peaks.

Today I had a cement truck in my back yard; they were pouring a new patio. I'm looking forward to a whole summer of patio days.

Good to hear from you, Emma.

Sonya said...

PS--We've been watching The Killing. I'm looking forward to its being over. Breaking Bad starts up again on July 15; don't forget to tell your husband!

vq said...

I've been a little disappointed with The Killing this year. That is, when I can manage to take my eyes off of Joel Kinnamon. Which if he's in a scene, I can't do...

emma said...

BP can't wait for BB Tree

Verbie, that man is mesmerizing!