Saturday, July 21

Maybe the Mayans were right . . .

2012 has been a really . . . event filled year so far. We're only mid-way through July and here are only the MAJOR events that we've been through so far:

1)  We entered the year trying to figure out why Scouty was suddenly crippled.

2)  In January, George landed in the hospital for a week because his blood sugar shot up super high and they couldn't get it to come down.  They finally got it down to the 200s -- much higher than they wanted but . . . much lower than it was -- and sent him home and he's been insulin dependent since.

3)  In March, a close cousin of George's lost her battle with cancer. George went back East for the funeral where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

4)  In April my sister had a heart attack while on vacation in New Orleans. They found a huge blockage so went to put in a stint and she had another heart attack, on the table. Her recovery is remarkable though. She's doing very well now but has two stints in her heart (I can't post anything about her heart attack on Facebook cuz she doesn't want people to know).

5)  In June, my beloved Scout died.

6)  In late June my aunt had a couple of strokes but she was lucky in that they were fairly mild and no significant damage to her brain.

7)  My work is super tumultuous. There was a merger two years ago and the company hasn't done well since (thanks to the idiots on the other side of the company) and the investors have now taken over the company. They made a big power play in June to establish themselves as the jerks in charge by firing all of the executives on our side of the company including my boss and the founder of our company. I very much doubt that the company will survive.

8)  Last night, George's nephew was murdered. 22 years old.  Shot in the head while he stood in front of the barber shop where George used to get haircuts as a child. We're still in shock and don't have many specifics.

What next?

2012 sucks.


Sonya said...

Wow. That is a lot of bad news, Urb. So sorry to hear about everything. I won't be sad to see 2012 go by the wayside.

sheila222 said...

And with the shooting in Colorado, Sonya, I have been watching the news to make sure you weren't involved and saw no New FB postings from you- I have no idea how far you are from this area. And I don't know what has happened to Jilly either. So folks, while we may not be in touch very often, at least occassionally, please poke your head up so we know where you are. I don't know that I miss the old Book Shelf, it was important to me then, probably not so much now. But it doesn't mean that the denizens of it are no longer cared for.

schell said...

Sorry to hear about all your bad news, Urb. That's a lot in ten years, let alone one!

Sonya said...

sheila, I live about ten or so miles from the theater. Aurora is a suburb to the east of Denver. I didn't post on facebook about it because that's all that was on my feed and I didn't want to add to it, but I truly appreciate your concern, and I care about the denizens too. So thank you.

vq said...

Awfully sorry, Urbs. I hope you're at the end of this rough patch.