Sunday, September 19

Christine O'Donnell on AIDS -The Daily Beast -

Shocking... Sarah Palin backs this witchy whackjob. (she admits to dabbling in witchcraft)

Christine O'Donnell on AIDS -The Daily Beast -


Jilly said...

i love when she implied that people almost deserve AIDS. No one deserves to suffer like that. I also liked how she insisted that when people find out they're at risk for things like heart disease, they change things, and people who are at risk for AIDS don't, so heart disease deserves more money. Let me tell you, everyone I'm related to is at risk of heart disease and diabetes or have one or both of these conditions and none of them have changed anything.

does it matter how someone became ill? The fact is that people are ill and taunting them with "you deserve this" after the fact doesn't do any good. helpt he people get better or shut up.

Comparing one illness and suffering to another is like comparing apples to oranges. We all suffer, and most of us will become ill with something at some point in life. We can only hope that we are able to get better or pass on without too much pain if getting better isn't an option. Does it matter if one person is ill from AIDS while another has cancer or hepatitis or TB?

I dislike people like this woman, and for several years quit going to church because of people like this, but there's nothing I can do about them but recognize them and move on with as little contact as possible and try and teach my daughter to be better than that.

Mrs. Tree said...
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