Wednesday, September 22

Is it just me . . .

Or do you find this odd as well . . .

I've been looking for a chiropractor for a while (in my spare time) and talked to one at my local farmer's market who said that he was good friends with my former chiropractor (that I really liked but he's too far away now) and had a similar practice.

I got excited about that, made an appointment and went to see him for my introductory appointment.  During my initial discussion with this guy (at the farmer's market), I explained that I prefer someone who is not new agey and who just cracks me and gets me on my way and he said that was his practice.

So, I went in and they did all of these things that my other chiro didn't do -- x-rays, some weird machines, etc. It was making me a little uncomfortable but I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. I went through the question and answer session where they kept trying to put words in my mouth -- "So, would you say that makes you feel frustrated?"

"No, it's just a little annoying."
"Isn't annoying the same as frustrated?"
"I'm going to put down that you are frustrated."
"I'm not frustrated, that's not what I said."
"I'll just put it down, it doesn't matter."
"If it doesn't matter, then why put that?"


Then . . . it got really weird, in my opinion. On my way out, they wanted to schedule my follow-up appointment to go over their findings. I made the appointment and then they said, "Oh, I want to let you know that it's very important that you are on time for this appointment because we shut the office down for this type of appointment."

I asked what they meant and they said that they make sure there are no other clients scheduled, they lock the front door and turn off the phones so they can make sure the doctor isn't interrupted.  I pointed out that their treatment rooms had doors and asked why it wasn't as simple as me being in a treatment room with the door shut and them just not interrupting. They had no answer other than that this is their preference.

So, I come in, they lock the doors, turn off the phones and shut the blinds and the chiropractor and his four assistants focus all their attention on me?  I don't think so. Scenes of a brainwashing flashed in my mind, the Stepford Wives, etc. It creeped me out but I thought I'd think on it and I did and the more I thought about it, the creepier it seemed to me so, I cancelled.

That was a week and a half ago and they've called me twice a day, everyday (except weekends) since then and emailed me a few times. I explained that I didn't feel that it was a good fit and that I was going to continue my search for a chiropractor but they kept calling. I responded to one of their emails saying the same thing and now the doctor himself is emailing me.

Is it just me or . . . are they creepy?


Spidey said...

i think the whole thing sounds creepy and bizarre. there would be no reason they should have to shut down the clinic. i would stay away and if they keep calling and stalking you, i would tell them if they don't stop you will report it.
i would also block them from my email.

Mrs. Tree said...

I vote for extremely weird and not a good practice environment. It's like scientology. They should have been able to come up with a better explanation for shutting down the office than "preference." The fact that they keep contacting you like a stalker is just one more indication that they aren't to be trusted. Maybe you should find an Osteopathic physician who specializes in OMT. The same result without the quackery. And if the chiropractor keeps contacting you, tell them you are going to report them.

Jilly said...

sounds crazy, you should report them anyway. who knows? you could have ended up in a hotel room without a kidney : )

maybe you should call the Dr you used to go to who this one suppsoedly knows and see if the old dr knows wtf was going on or known someone in your current area who isn't crazy you can try out?


vq said...

I've had OMT several times--my ex bro-in-law is a DO, and it's VERY helpful for back and neck pain, and clearly, DOs are FAR better trained than those wacky chiros. DOs, after all, are real doctors with hospital privileges and the ability to prescribe appropriate medications.

I am very suspicious of chiropractors. I had a neighbor when we lived in Orlando whose chiro had convinced her that spinal adjustments would "cure" her children's recurring ear infections. The poor kids were miserable with pain. I mean, for heaven's sake, that's bordering on criminal.

UrbanStarGazer said...

Okay, whew. So, it's not just me. It was so creepy to me but they seem to have clients so I thought maybe I was overreacting. I can't imagine anyone not being creeped out by it but . . . to each their own.

Jilly -- I know, right? One of my co-workers said something similar -- that maybe the tests were to see if I had anything worth harvesting. :)

I had never heard about Osteopathic physicians but will check it out. My back and neck get ginked up from bad posture, using a mouse all day, etc., and I do need something.

Thanks for the support and suggestions! :)

vq said...

But now I almost wish you'd go to the appointment so we could find out what it is they DO behind those locked doors!

UrbanStarGazer said...

I know . . . I would but, I need all my organs!