Wednesday, November 24

Let the holiday season begin!!

  i have today off. ahhh.  i must go out and get my dessert for tomorrows festivities. i am looking forward to spending the day with family.

  I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving.


Sonya said...

Spidey, you always think of us on the holidays. I wish you the best of times and a better 2011, a little bit early.

UrbanStarGazer said...

Thanks! Hope you have a great Spidey Thanksgiving.

vq said...

So my Popeye's turkey plans came to naught. When I went to "pick up" a turkey yesterday (a 15 mile drive, I might add), they laughed at me and told me they'd been sold out all over southern California for days. Apparently, they have something of a cult following, and you have to get on a reservation list to even get one.

So I had to dash out yesterday and buy a very small turkey, which I thawed at room temperature for the entire afternoon to get a jump-start on the thawing process.

Damn. I was SO excited about not having to cook a freaking turkey this year.

Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless us every Broard!

Jilly said...

bummer verb. the popeyes turkeys here are always sold on reserve, there's a big sign in front that reads "reserve yours today."

i made tuna steaks and pork chops. i didn't feel like turkey this year.

hope you all had a good holiday and if you go out shopping tomorrow, you find a nice parking spot, the crowds are kind, and your wallets aren't too dented.


vq said...

Gotta admit--my little 8 pound last-minute turkey turned out GREAT, probably the best turkey I've ever cooked.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday weekend.