Monday, November 1

Guy buys a parrot that is constantly using foul language. Really horrible stuff. Finally the guy gets fed up and throws the parrot in the freezer to punish him. After about an hour, he hears a faint tapping sound from inside the freezer and opens the door. There's the parrot, wings wrapped around himself, shivering. He says, "I swear, I' ll never, ever curse again. But can I ask you a question? What did the chicken do?


emma said...

This reminded me of Schell:

An old Jewish man is walking along the beach when he sees something glittering in the sand. He picks it up - it's a bottle. He brushes it off and a genie pops out.
"I will grant you one wish," the genie says.
"One wish?" the old man says. And from his back pocket, he takes out a crumpled old map.
"You see this?" he says to the genie. "This is a map of my homeland, Israel, and right next to it is Palestine. They are neighbors and yet for years and years they fight and kill each other. My wish is that you bring peace to my homeland and Palestine."
The genie says, "Oh, my, that is a very big wish you ask for. And though I am a very magical genie, I don't think even I can grant that wish. Do you have any other wish?"
The old man says, "Okay. How 'bout that my wife Sadie should like the oral sex?"
The genie thinks a moment and says, "Let me take another look at that map."

Sonya said...

Nice to see a joke on this November morning.