Wednesday, June 15

Tree Question

What are your thoughts on A lot of the free ebooks we're downloading for the nook are from smashwords. Some are crap, some aren't. What do you think ----should a writer put work up there just to test the waters?


Sonya said...

Hi Emma. I think most books will not get a lot of attention on smashwords, unfortunately, due to the sheer number of people posting there. However, if it's part of a bigger strategy, to put the book there and maybe up at amazon too, it couldn't hurt. I worked with an author who put her book on smashwords and amazon and she's had a few sales. It certainly couldn't hurt to try. If the author gets some notice and is reviewed on blogs or goodreads, then it might be easier to get a publisher to give him/her a try. If you've read some good free smashword titles, it would help the author to post a review somewhere. That would be the first step out of obscurity.

emma said...

Thanks for the info/advice TRee!