Wednesday, June 1

June 1

1. What do you hope to accomplish in the month?
2. Do you like it will happen?
3. What's your favorite summertime June memory?


vq said...

I hope to lose five pounds before I leave for vacation in early July. Talk about setting the bar nice and low...

sparky said...

today a woman offered me an old wooden, double ended , three masted, 37 foot sail boat. oh yeah , for free so i have to seriously think about it. if i were younger i would have jumped right on it but the boat needs a ton of work and vast sums of money and at 64 i'm not sure i could deal with such a project.

sheila222 said...

I hope my daughter and I can find her an acceptable apartment close to her school for the Fall.

It had better happen.

June has always been a time of passages for me,, graduated HS, college, vet school, married,, all in June.

Catz said...

June seems to fly by for me. I take it as it comes.

Jilly said...

i'm going to atlanta on the 7th/8th, so i plan on having a great time. i will see dr martin luther king's house, the botanical garden, and the aquarium.

i don't know if i have any specific to june memories beyond school getting out (as a student and later as an educator). right now i'm enjoying some of my garden plants being ready to harvest.

i would also like to complete a shawl or blanket sometime before fall. i have only completed one large project since december.

a last mini-goal is to read everything i currently have on my kindle. i'm half-done this venture, but i can see me getting greedy and DLing a bunch more stuff w/o starting on the stuff i already have.

emma said...

JIlly, I ordered a NOOKColor a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it. Trouble is, so did BP and now My NOOK is "his" so I'm ordering another one. Have you checked out Google ebooks---lots of free classics to download!

Gail said...

I hope to be able to keep my grass alive with a little help from the rain gods. I didn't need the state climatologist to tell me we are in a severe drought, I can just look outside.

Yes, I'll love it to happen but not holding my breath.

The rest of the month, I'll continue to obsess over my HS reunion in August; will I go, why should I go, and if I do go, do I expect a different outcome from the last one? I didn't much like these folks when we were IN HS and I doubt if any of us have improved with age.

Jilly said...

emma, i've only paid for one book for my kindle, the rest were free via amazon. the only thing i dislike about the kindle is that i can't get library books on it. i think there is a way for me to checkout a pfd file, put it in my pc, fiddle with that and then put that on my kindle, but really, i'd rather just request the book and wait my turn. you only get to borrow e-books for a short period of time, and i don't want to spend my short period of time tying to get the file to open on my kindle.

to date, the kindle was probably one of the best gifts my guy has ever given me. i did like the nook (and nook color), but the kindle was a great surprise and suits my needs perfectly.

i've actually been working my way through first hand historical accounts of prairie pioneers in wyoming and manitoba. detailing about how they figured out how to make eggs last 3 months in a bucket in the cellar and how to make ketchup out of choke cherries and all sorts of other small things.

a friend of mine just got the newest ipad and she loves it, but has a few problems using it. although, she insists all of her issues with the ipad come from her age (she's in her 90's) and not with the equipment itself.

Sonya said...

My only June goal is to get the kids settled in and try to really enjoy the summer while it's here. I've been reading a lot and doing some work. I love summer.

UrbanStarGazer said...

1. What do you hope to accomplish in the month? Getting moved and completely unpacked.

2. Do you [think] it will happen? Yes to the former, no to the latter.

3. What's your favorite summertime June memory? Every June my mother and I would have the same conversation:

Me: Why is it so cold and foggy? It's supposed to be Summer.

Mom: June is always cold and foggy here in the bay area.

Me: Nooo!!! It's always sunny and hot!!!

It took me 20 years to realize that we have that conversation every year so, she must be right.