Monday, September 7


I just got back from a 4 day camping trip with my guy, the baby and his brother (my second child). 4 days in a tent on the beach wasn't so bad. We went to the eastern shore of VA and stopped at chincoteague island and the part of assateague in VA on the way back home. It was a long drive, but we had fun and i'm a darker shade of white.

Anyway, early this AM on the way home, I saw a mom-and-pop road side stand that was selling firewood. Normally I'd glance at it and away, as we don't need firewood, but I noticed that this place had recently burnt down. I commented that they're not selling firewood anymore. The little brother called me insensitive (this is rather ironic from a guy with two emotions: hungry and tired) so I asked him why. Apparently as I was contemplating the irony of a firewood store burning down, I missed the large spray painted sign that read "KKK BURNOUT."

So yes, I was rather insensitive. I wasn't shocked that an hour later we passed "Dixiland" a store three feet from the MD line that sells alcohol and tobacco at "discount" prices and happily advertises how sad the owners are at the end of slavery and segregation. What really got me was that when we stopped at a red light and looked at the store, most of the customers were black. After I get my pictures sorted, I'll post the sign for you to see.

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Mrs. Tree said...

That's depressing. However, I wouldn't say your remarks were insensitive since you were talking privately to people in the car. If you'd said it to the victims, that might be a different story.