Wednesday, September 9

are you listening america?

pres. obama is stating the facts in his presidential address. are you listening america? are you listening republicans? are you listening insurance companies? are you listening FOX? rush?

fix what doesn't work. wow... who'd of thunk it?


UrbanStarGazer said...

EAsier said than done.

Spidey said...

of course it is. but it doesn't mean we shouldn't.
S. Carolina Republican Joe Wilson calling the president a liar during the speech was totally unprofessional and rude.

emma said...

America doesn't listen anymore

vq said...

Sadly, the lowest common denominator of America listens-- to those rabid talk radio guys. I really think those guys should be rounded up and run out of town on a rail. They do nothing but foment discord and conflict. I really hate them. As long as they're out there stirring up the redneck contingent, we'll never make any progress as a nation.

Blank Field said...

If only the congress people who boo'd Bush during one of his State of the Union addresses had carried out the logical extension of their emotions and run him out of town on a rail! Then we could have had some Change!

Everybody wants what they want and compromise isn't really compromise, just like when you're negotiating the price of a chess set in a street market in Mexico. Both sides haggle until they reach a point where they can live with the deal the've struck, and each side believes they took advantage of the other. But now the agitators at both ends of America's political spectrum are against any compromises, which is why things are so ugly. They used to be fringe, but are moving towards having more power. And that's in both parties, the adherents of which both want pretty much the same thing: Power and reelection.

In other words, same old, same old.

The likelihood of any of you needing this health care reform is low, so I admire you for wanting to share your good fortune with those who do need it.

Spidey said...

my health care costs are already high to cover those who don't have coverage. don't shit yourself or me.

Blank Field said...

Spidey, are you saying you are in favor of the projected legislation because it will lower the cost of your health insurance?