Thursday, February 17

Sorry to hear about your company. I hope your store isn't one of the 200 closing :(


VeggiesaurusRex said...
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vq said...

Whoops--posted as Hallie!

Anyway, as I was saying, I am bitterly sad about the closing of the Borders in Yorba Linda. We have very few stores, and it was a real social hub for our neighborhood. It's going to be a big loss for us.

Jilly said...

there are many borders stores near me. overall, i enjoy borders more than barnes and nobels, the organization is so much better! except for the crappy bathrooms, borders is a better experience.

i keep smirking at the headlines that "unemployment is down!" b/c those numbers are all from the holiday job rush, now that we're about to hit spring, everyone is laying off. Also, many people have just quit looking and no longer count as unemployed.

Jenny Robin said...

In December I had 15 stores. 2 of those closed in January. 6 more are closing as a result of the bankruptcy.