Sunday, February 27


Are you rooting for anyone in particular on the Oscars tonight?


Peter said...
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Peter said...

I haven't seen any of the movies so I have no dog in the fight. It makes watching or not an easy decision

Peter said...

Sorry about the double post

Sonya said...

I totally love Anne Hathaway, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they do. True Grit and The Social Network were two of my favorites for the year, but I have no real allegiances. We always tape it on TIVO and start watching half way in so we can skip all the boring stuff and commercials. Much less painful that way.

emma said...

I do the same thing with the DVR

Peter said...

I just realized that all of you might be wondering: Peter = longhair75. My blog ID seems to have changed with the change in my Google ID for business purposes......

Jenny Robin said...

I haven't seen anything this year. But I am now officially unemployed, so I plan on seeing a lot of movies this week.

schell said...

I'd like to see The King's Speech win best picture. Plus, it's the only one of the movies I've seen.

vq said...

Mighty nice to see you, Peter! (I was wracking my brain trying to figure out who it was! Doh!)

Peter said...

Hi there, Verbie

Gail said...

I'm rooting for them to be over already.

Hi Pete! Good to see you :)

vq said...

Hallie just sent me a picture of Helen Mirren's gown.

She is a goddess.

Sonya said...

My god, that was a terrible show, wasn't it? But I loved seeing Colin Firth win.

Ded said...

tortioI didn't have a dog in the fight, eight. But if I did, it would have to be Brad Pitt.


emma said...

This year's Oscars was one big SNOOOOOOOOZEEEEEEFEST. The hosts were awful. The opening was awful. That "anti-Hugh Jackman duet" was horrid. Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock's calling out each nominee to personally say how wonderful each one was (Best Actor and Best Actress) was both cloying and annoying.
Scarlett Johanssen looked hideous.
Melissa Leo's dress was ugly.

On the good side:
The stage setting was beautiful.
Helen Mirren's dress was fab, as was Gwyneth Paltrow's.
Randy Newman was funny.

Thank God this awards season is over.

PS: Someone tell Jesse Einsenberg that it's okay to smile. Jeez Louise that guy looks morose

Sonya said...

Randy Newman may be funny, but seriously, all his songs since the 1990s on are just one basic song. Terrible. None of the songs were good. They should cancel that category.

How about when they brought out Anne Hathaway to introduce Hilary Swank to introduce Katherine Bigelow to announce the director's award? Waste of time. (I didn't fact check the spellings of these names, FYI). Awful. Kirk Douglas was kind of cute, but I also was kind of uncomfortable. It seemed like a sympathy ploy.

Where were the jokes?

Gail said...

Billy Crystal was probably the best thing about the Oscars. By the audience's reaction-yes, I know they're actors and can fake sincere-they were glad to see him too. Poor Kirk Douglas. Yes, he's an icon, but bringing him out was just uncomfortable to me too and his segment lasted WAY to long.

And just once, I would like to see a winner who sounded like they had actually thought about who to thank or whatever if they win instead of rambling on and on while looking like a complete idiot. Just proves that actors really do need a script.

Jenny Robin said...

I saw part of the show, and I agree with Gail. Many of the winners are desperately horrid without someone to write them their acceptance speech and someone to direct their delivery.

I remember when Tom Hanks won all those awards for Forrest Gump. He made a point of thanking different groups of people at each award ceremony. I think it was at the Golden Globes where he thanked all of the extras in the film, particularly calling out those who stood out in the bitter cold in Washington, D. C. for one of the scenes.

He had obviously put great thought into his acceptance speeches and made them brief yet meaningful each time I saw him on TV.

Maryetta said...

Sorry, I'm a little late with this. I too, wondered who "Peter" was. Jeez Louise! Hiya Pete!
Of the 10 nominated movies, I've seen two of them. "The King's Speech" and "The Black Swan". "The King's Speech" was great despite its technical flaws. (The Queen Mother would NEVER have kissed the King IN PUBLIC!) and "The Black Swan" was just weird. (Although production design and set decoration was fabulous.
My roommate said that Anne Hathaway's co-host was High. And one of the commentators afterward said he was High. Hoooookay.
And why is Annette Bening dressing like a 90 year old??
Billy Crystal was great. I wish he'd come back to host the Oscars next year.
And Emma is right. Just announce the best actor/actresses for God's sake. Commenting on the performance of each of the nominees is over the top. And they've done it that way, in one form or another, for three years running. It is time to STOP!
Sorry I was late with my comments, gang. Gyweneth Paltrow's dress sucked eggs.
Still love Randy Newman after all these years. Y'all know he wrote "Mama Told me not to Come" by 3 Dog Night, don't you??

I'll return next year with coments for 2012. And btw, I can name all 84 winners of the best actress/actor since 1927! What can I say? I have WAAAAY too much time on my hands.