Monday, March 21

Extreme Couponing

A new show called Extreme Couponing premiers Wednesday, April 6 on TLC. Now that I am out of work, this appeals to me, as I have some time on my hands. As we all know, time is money, so maybe I'll pick up a few pointers and save a ton of money on products.

I remember we had a venomous shelfer who was big into couponing, so that is the one downside in this whole affair.


emma said...

Respighi, I might check it out but to tell you the truth unless the coupon is $1.00 off or more, I usually don't bother with them. And I hate when I get in line behind a woman who pulls out fifty million coupons and the cashier has the scan them all

sparky said...

my first experience with coupons was many years ago. i was behind a young couple buying ,oh, maybe 50 jars of baby food. then the cashier rang in a bunch of coupons and said 1.45 please. so of course i had to ask how all that baby food cost almost nothing and the couple said "coupons". Oh i likely said and never gave it much more thought for years after. many decades passed and then i met "yeast infection", the shelfer you refered to Res and she turned me on to the ins and outs of using coupons that you both clip and or buy at coupon sites online.
apparantly if you work at it a bit you can buy 100's of dollars of groceries for pennies .

i never really never did it as it's just not my kind of thing but from what i learned about it,it does work and well, good luck Res with your job hunting ,gardening and couponing,allan

Catz said...

I have a friend who does the coupon thing. She clips and prints. I went grocery shopping once to see her in action. Her grocery rang up to $200.00 plus change and after coupons and sales she gave the cashier $50.00 and still got a little bit of change back. I don't remember the amount after coupons but she saved a lot. I don't have the time for such dedication after work. she works and does that too with kids and a hubby to take care of.

emma said...

I have never referred to Respighi as "yeast infection"..or any other Shelfer for that matter

what the hell?

Jenny Robin said...

Emma, he means Bidet. She had an alternate screenname that was YeastInfection or something close to it.