Tuesday, May 24

Bobby Baby

Happy 70th Birthday, Bob Dylan!
Long may you raspy-sing and inspire!


sparky said...

oh man! how the times do change. I got to thinking about the guy who introducedme to bob dylan in i guess it was 1962 since it was dylan's first album called just Bob Dylan. Of course i have listened to dylan over the years in his various incarnations but here's the thing , this guy who turned me onto dylan was a guy in high school who was on his way down south to participate in what were called the freedom rides. so, just out of curiousity I looked him up on facebook and lo and behold i found him . Jesus. what a shock .

at any rate happy birth day Bob.


emma said...

He's Rolling Stone's number 2 greatest music artist of all time. The Beatles are number 1. as it should be.