Thursday, May 5

dear broards:

i cannot wait until i am off these hormones. i am not fit company for ANYONE. i don't know how women do this for years on end trying to get pregnant. I've been doing it for 2 weeks and I'm nearly ready to give in. i feel like kathy bates in "fried green tomatoes" but i'm 29 for pete's sake! I was fine most of the day today, until I saw a random dip-shit comment left by some moron someone left at my blog. perhaps i should just take a break from everyone except the people who live with me until i can learn to be nicer while on hormones or me and the guy give in and i quit the pills?

unstably yours,


vq said...

Jilly, don't leave us! You can unleash your inner bitch on us any time you like--we can take it. Hell, we INVENTED inner bitches, after all.

UrbanStarGazer said...

Wow . . . you're already 29???

Sonya said...

Jilly, hang in there. You know we're rooting for you.

Urb, the years pile on fast. My kids are 20 and 18. They were just 7 and 5 when I realized the internet had been invented.

sparky said...

sorry to butt in jilly but i cant seem to access the site where you get a new password at the other site !

please mention this problem over there , thanks , allan

sparky said...

never mind jilly , thanks in advance but i figured it out and made a password..........allan