Sunday, July 17


I can't, for the life of me, leave a comment on your blog. Every time I've tried over the last couple of months it asks me to log in, I log in, it brings me back to your blog, asks me to type in the word verification and then takes be back to asking me to log in.

So, here's my latest comment:

The party sounds like fun! I agree, get smashed on your birthday -- just eat something and drink a bottle of water before you go to bed to prevent (or at least mitigate) a hang  over.

The last several years before my mother died, whenever my sister and I would show up at her house together she would say, "Oh look, it's the bitches!" and laugh her head off.

It was funny but funnier how funny she thought that wasy.  :)


Jilly said...

blogger has been acting weird for me for months with the same issues you described, and sheila has mentioned similar problems too, so i guess it's just the down side of free.

thanks for the well wishes. if we do anything, i think it'll be in august, as we're all so busy right now and i'm slightly insane from medications and rapid random swelling. that combo doesn't bode well for alcohol and family.

if we do have vodka watermelon, i will post pics as soon as the computer comes home from the fix-it store.

30 shall be a great year for me, i insist upon it!

Catz said...

blogger's not updating the blog roll when there are new posts to blogs either. I noticed on some blogs. Plus I have the same log in issue on some blogs.

Catz said...

yeppers blogger's a pIA lately.