Wednesday, July 20

The Talk

I taped this talk show because Roseanne was going to be on it. Those women--Leah Remini, Julie Chen . . Sara Gilbert are so boring. They try too hard to be warm and chatty.

Other than the fact that Julie Chen is married to the head honcho of CBS, how did she ever get to host a show . . not one, but two mind you . She does Big Brother too. Holly Robinson Peete is boring too. The only one with any semblance of pizzazz is Sharon Osbourne.
The talk is just a low rent knock off of The View.

My rating: Blech.


Jilly said...

did roseanne have anything good to say?

emma said...

Nah . .she was just hawking her own show

Sonya said...

I watched The Talk once and was horrified at their "mommification." It was beyond gross.

Catz said...

it is a knock-off of the view. it's ok.not that all that good.