Friday, July 1

Happy July 1st!

What's new? What are your plans for this long holiday weekend?


Sonya said...

We're going to Las Vegas this afternoon. Hot fun.

Kathryn said...

Working, of course. (When everyone says, "We have time to have fun! Let's go to the casino!", then I am one of those who are at the casino working.) On the plus side, I get time and a half for working on Monday. (Next year the 4th will be on a Wednesday, which is our Saturday night; fireworks, here we come!)

vq said...

We're headed to Mexico for a week! Fun!!

schell said...

In a moment of extreme weakness, I let my sisster persuade me to host a birthday party for my mom. So, today will be spent cooking/cleaning, and tomorrow my house will be over run by old people.
But Monday, MONDAY will be mine. All mine.

emma said...

schell don't forget the tea!
Have fun Tree & Verb.
Kathryn, hope people tip you well!

UrbanStarGazer said...

We hung out at home. Went to my niece's for the fourth -- she moved into a house about 4 blocks from us. We didn't go to a big firework show as usual, instead we bought some fireworks to shoot off at home but . . . lucky for us, a neighbor has a pyrotechnic license and he was shooting off professional level fireworks so we got to see a huge fireworks show from my niece's front yard.

It was actually a lot of fun.